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I've been doing the ten thousand steps a day program for most of the year. My pedometer has a seven day memory. So far there has been only one day when it recorded under 10,000.

I decided to start riding my bike as well. I live on a hill. I fear that if I cycle down the hill, I won't make it back up. So, I've just been doing 2 KM a day.

I have not been writing down my activity. I thought I could add daily activity to my daily #TheDiaryGame post. So, here is that table with my last seven days of activity. Yes, I paced around one night to get the step counter to read 10,000.

DatePedometerBike DayBike Total
2020-08-16101822 km16 km
2020-08-15103252 km14 km
2020-08-14100006 km12 km
2020-08-13111022 km6 km
2020-08-12110902 km4 km
2020-08-11120751 km2 km
2020-08-10113901 km1 km
Total7616416 km-

While getting on the bike I realized that my brand new shoes were wearing down quickly. I did not budget for a new pair of shoes this year.

The really stark realization is that this pair of shoes cost more than I've earned on SteemIt since I joined in 2018.


As I stared at my shoes I realized how incredibly greedy I've been. I participated #TheDiaryGame because I thought SteemIt would give out rewards for vacuous diary posts.

I wasted time examining the curation of the diary game and felt sick. The curators are just giving the rewards from the event to each other.

I think it would be fun to create a tag based game where the curation rewards were given out fairly. So, instead of being angry at the curators, I wrote about how I would create an honest curation program on my main site.

Basically I would do the following:

  • I would create a page on my personal site with the rules for the challenge.
  • I would create a database on my site to record the entries.
  • I would download all of the posts for the game and record the information in the database
  • The curators would read the posts and drop a curation score in the database.
  • I would have a bot do the voting.

By preparing a database in advance, I could assure participants that their entries would be recorded.

The bot would be able to drop votes throughout the day. It would adjust the voting percent as needed. For example, if there were only 10 participants, the bot would vote at 10%. If there were 20, it would drop to 50%, etc.

Anyway, I designed a fun tag based challenge to use on a blockchain based system like SteemIt. After my bad experience with #TheDiaryGame, I am not sure if I would want to do such a program on this platform.

But Back to the Diary

It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit today. During my bike ride yesterday, I passed a person who was wearing a ski jacket with a hood, a face mask and ski pants doing his daily walk.

The guy looked both frightened and miserable. I wanted to tell him that he was in a park with very few people. The changes of his getting COVID19 in this park was near zero.

The fear mongering about COVID19 is doing a great deal of psychological damage. A guy was wearing a full ski outfit on one of the hottest days of the year and feeling fear as he passed people like me. The guy actually stepped off the trail as I passed as if I were some sort of diseased monster.

I, of course, have been taking the opposite approach to the pandemic. I figured that I want my immune system to be strong if I catch COVID19. I wasn't wearing a mask and was in a t-shirt and shorts hoping to catch some rays and create some Vitamin D-3 from direct sunlight. COVID is not hanging out on a hot paved path in midday.

I don't want to live in fear; So, in a little fit of social resistance, I found a secluded spot and caught some rays in the buff. That turned some the cholesterol in my rump to vitamin D.

I been wondering of late about the psychological toll that COVID19 is taking on so many of my fellow travelers on the planet.

The guy was wearing a full ski outfit, goggles and a mask to cover his face on the hottest day of the year because the media drove him into a state of hyper anxiety.

I used as the editor. I set the post to powerup 100% like a good boy. I hope I wrote 300 words. I don't expect to receive curations for any of my entries into the Diary Game.

I'll see you again tomorrow if my account is not deleted.

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