Sharing 100% Bot Earnings with all our Delegators.

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To All Our Delegators,

"To Be Trusted is a Greater Compliment Than to be Loved" - George McDonald

You all have trusted us, supported us, and made us strong enough to give back to the community. Thanks for your unprecedented support and faith in us. Be it a small contribution or large, the only thing that mattered to us is your trust and you have shown plenty of it. We will always remember each and every one of you that supported us in our journey. We have also increased your payout from 98% to 100% of the bot earnings since few days back. Also, any new delegator that wishes to join us will also receive a share of 100% bot earnings.

We hope that our future services will continue to delight you as always. Stay tuned for more exciting things.

Thank You So Much

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I have Evidence that you guys need to Clean up your Act!

Due to huge downtime of steemit servers for the past 10 hours, all the bids came at the last minute along with the bid placed by @ppagoda. Thus his bidding round got a negative ROI of -57%. For proof, you should visit and check the upvotes and transfers of the round in which @ppagoda got an upvote on his post. If you still need to discuss with us regarding your issue, you can contact us on our discord channel and we will be happy to help you.

Bad Bot
No other Bid-Bots have this Problem. @therising have broken every Bid-Bots Protocol.
Greed, I would say. Trying to add All Time-Out with one Single 100 % Total Upvotes.
negative ROI of -57% ?? Eh !
I will not use nor Recommend Usage @therising
The Evidence are there !

No protocols are broken. First understand what protocol is, how the bid bots work and how the ROI is decided. Everytime when you get a positive ROI with our bot, then you are happy and one time a negative ROI comes and you are pissed. Bidding is not meant for guaranted profit. So first understand what you are doing. I would not recommend you to use @therising if you don't even know how you are using it.

I have a Present for you
Do what you want with it..

Hi @therising, can you post the calculation proving that you are indeed distributing the percentage of earnings that you claim to be distributing ? Such a post will for sure only increase your trustworthiness.

In that post it might be useful to compare the earnings from the bot with potential earnings from, for instance, leasing out SP. One argument I can think of to delegate to a bot rather than leasing out is that the lease is by design of shorter duration and each time it ends one loses 7 days without the SP and without any gains

Anyone can verify this by checking one thing: just check our wallet balance and SP at the time of last payout i.e. 12:30 PM UTC...then at the next payout if the wallet balance is same given that SP is same or slightly increased due to inflation , you can confirm that all the earnings in the 24 hrs are distributed. Thanks for asking.

Am asking return 5 sbd mistakenly sent today. In the memo there was a link to the post that you have already supported previously. Thank you for your cooperation. Either support any new post.

I have already refunded you 5 SBD.

! Thanks a lot.

amazing nice post or comment

Hey there guys--I hate to bother you, but I just bid $30 SBD on the bid bot this morning for this post:

And I never received the upvote that was promised. I'm not sure if it was a glitch, as I know you are a trustworthy business. Would you kindly please either refund me my $30 SBD or ensure the upvote of $59 that was shown on the activity list at the time of the finalization of the bid?

Thank you and let me know if there is anything I need to do! You guys are a great program.

Hi littlescribe. Thanks for letting us know about the glitch. We gave you a $60 value upvote.

Thank you! I just saw it. I appreciate your attention to the matter.

Wow. I must admit I never expected such a professional approach of @therising. Im nicely surprissed :)

i'm very sorry for such a late reply. have been away for several days but Im back now :)

Im sorry I couldnt help with your link

hellow @therising i sent you 1 sbd yesterday for this post . but did not get either an upvote or refund . please check it and refund


I have refunded you 1 SBD. You must have sent the bid when the servers were down. Anywayz, apologies for the inconvenience.

thank you so much ...

delegated again. Have had some issues with delegation tool and passwords, so I kicked myself out of the game...all sorted now and wish for a hardworking bot;)

Thanks for your contribution, cektop

I posted this link 9 hours ago. With 2 sbd. link Sorry I have been wrong. this is the correct link:

I'm sorry but we cannot refund for wrong link in the memo.

Hello therising,

any reason for stopping daily payouts since yesterday?

I have transferred your missing payout on 30th June which was not credited due to some error. All your remaining payouts are transferred exactly on time.

thx a lot;)

hello how are you with much humility I am writing to you in order to get some positive feedback. in some of my posts as I do or what I would have to do to be able to have any of their votes......


hello how are you with much humility I am writing to you in order to get some positive feedback. in some of my posts as I do or what I would have to do to be able to have any of their votes......


Amigos no tengo aun un upvote de su parte podrian ayudarme o reintegrar para volver a tranferir al bot gracias ![Screenshot_20180503-123044.png](

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hi, i send you 2sbd and you don't upvote my post.

Hi hortioso. Your post has been upvoted. My sincerest apologies for the delay as there was some server problem.

Help upvote in my post "Spirit 2018 for the steemit promo, (give your support to the steemit promo team)".

I sent them 1 sbd 3 hours ago and I did not receive the vote and they did not return the payment. You can support me with that please.

Hi oscar2vander. Your post has been upvoted. My sincerest apologies for the delay as there was some server problem.


bro please give me upvote

I want to delegate you 100 SP. Send me the delegation link.

Thank you so much for your contribution.

please give me upvote

On a 100sp delegation, how much do i receive daily according to the current steem prices.
An estimation.

As per current STEEM prices, you may receive approx 0.8 STEEM (30% APR) daily

Thank you, i will delegate. A you droping me the links or i use steembottracker?
And do you have website for therising, guess it would be more handy.

You can use steembottracker. Thanks

Greetings to the best @therising !

A little comment to give you strength, you are an impeccable service, nothing to say, continue your good work.

Thanks for your kind words @lartist-zen.

i also sent SBD to @therising and i did'nt receive any vote.

Your 1 SBD has been refunded.

thank you

Great Service 100% upvote

Hi, I delegated on the 13th. I didn't receive a payout yesterday but though nothing of it as maybe it was due to only delegating for 1 day. However people who have delegated for lesser amount of time than me have received a payout today.

Am I registered as delegating, because I am?

You have not delegated to us. Kindly check your delegatees.

I delegated 70SP but didn't know of the minimum so I pulled it out. Thanks for reply though.

What returns can be gotten for delegating 10SP?

I'm sorry but the minimum delegation amount is 100 SP

Thank for your feedback. I'll be back when I grow :)

Hello I sent you 1 sbd and did not receive vote. Can you refund me that?????? 8 hours ago Transfer 1.000 SBD from jecminek

Your 1 SBD has been refunded

Does it include the curation rewards as well? Or only the SBD? Thanks!

100% of the liquid earnings as well as liquid curation rewards including both STEEM and SBD are distributed. Only curation rewards gained in SP can't be distributed without powering down. And since we are full fledged Steem supporters we won't power down anytime soon.


i have not got upvote, check your wallet !!

please in my post upvote, I have sent you 1 SBD

Your post was upvoted in your voting round. Votes occur every 2.4 hrs. Please don't message here until your voting round is over

Help upvote in my post "Spirit 2018 for the steemit promo, (give your support to the steemit promo team)".

Check your wallet

What is nonsense , hello Hero i send 2SBD But you giving me vot 3.80$>> This is not legally role,So chek this my post please given me full upvote,

It all depends on the bidding round. The returns in your round was negative due to some guy transferring a higher amount at the last moment. I'm sorry but that's the way all bidding bots work.

Hello bro.

I need your support.

How can I get that.

Will you please tell me that.

I am here to support you.

Please leave me a reply.

Contact us on our discord channel for any support.

He's not a bot but that was actually random spam. Afaik he doesn't even know @therising is an upvote bot.

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Hi guys, what's your refund policy? Because I just send SBD without memo, lol.

Auto refunded, awesome, <3

You said in your other post I can delegate as little as 100 SP, but I can only delegate 70 SP. Will it not work?

I'm sorry felipejoys but our minimum delegation amount is 100 SP

Hola amigos. Envie 8 Sbd paraupvote y no recibi ningun voto si me pueden ayudar gracias.

Your post is already upvoted

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

No amigos no he recibido un upvote ..

No amigos no tengo un voto a favor por parte de ustedes..

Hola amigos ayer envie 8 sbd y no recibi ningun voto si pueden por favor reintegrarme lo transfeido se los agradeceria para poder enviarlo nuevamente al bot.

Your post URL for your 8 SBD transfer was: Check this post...It is already upvoted at the time of bid...Do not spam me by sending messages again...


Thank you.

nice, where's the picture from, China, South Korea, somewhere else ?

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Korea. ~

Built in 1395 I read, wow ! Survived a lot of wars ...

You are very interested in Korean history. Thank you. Great.


Good post i like it

How long does it take for the upvote? Sent 3.0 STEEM ( Not seeing your vote. Thanks

Your post is already upvoted.

@therising What's the return on investment?

Currently, the ROI is around 40% APR. But, it fluctuates depending upon the market.

Just have a question, how to delegate and undelegate my SP to your bidbot service?
I have around 13k SP, how can I calculate the estimate of monthly value?
Thank you!

As per current APR, for 13k SP you should receive around 14.5 SBD/STEEM daily... For delegation/undelegation kindly use this URL:

One more question please, I have 13k SP in my own and I also spent 2k steem buying power delegation(90 days) from blocktrades for another 17k+ SP, so when I do delegate my SP to you, can I be able to do all 13k+17k or just can do only 13k from my own SP?
Thank you in advance!

  ·  4 years ago (edited)


I came here by way of the message you sent to @firepower - The scammer tried to get me too!!! Got an account name out of them - As you can see by the attached screenshot - I knew something was up - I looked at your wallet to see if you had made any transfers to this individual - Nope!!!

I tried to look them up but am not seeing anything. I have used your service a number of times in the past month and would hate for any unsuspecting Steemians to get taken by the scam.

I knew the whole time that it was full of crap -played along just enough to get an account name from them. but again I cant seem to find them.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.50.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.52.33 AM.png

I have already complained about this fraud guy using my account name in to the admin firepower. However, no action is being taken uptill now. Could you please tell me the process to ban his account??

I have no idea - STEEM chat should be cooperative are they just not responding ?

Do you know who should I contact in STEEM chat to expedite this process urgently?? I haven't received any reply from firepower yet

I've got no clue man - working in some stuff right now - I will however have more time in a few hours / tomorrow morning - my apologies I'm on a deadline. Maybe make a post on your page about it - tag @firepower in the post - ask the community for help. Also Marky Mark juts made a post about plagiarist accounts using bots - I believe you were mentiond - he wants you to remove your votes and blacklist the users - just giving you a heads up.

@therising your upvotion is so good please upvoting my posts or comments please

Does flagging work in the steem chat ?

Could we message steem blockchain hosts ?

There has to be a way.
Fraud is fraud and ahould be frowned upon.

Yes @emwalker he is the same person who has today looted me with $2 SBD in morning
Hope I get them back I am not rich

I'm very sorry that you got scammed - didn't you think something was off when they said to send the money to another account?

Hi nothing was off I was just got confused he showed me this a/c will vote for me so I just saw the SP it was good but when I send the money it was refunded to my a/c so he asked to send it to his a/c then I send it
to him after that he was again asking for more money then I refused to send and he has not voted and
refunded back my $2 SBD and he is doing to others also.

Hi @therising here is a


about the ID @jesihana he has made
your name id in channel and
asking many people $$$$ SBD today he has
asked me $2 and promised to vote me back
$15 in return and shown your a/c id so I got
trapped and first I send you the money but
the bid was rejected so I send on his id @jesihana
but no vote come from him please do something otherwise
he will do this again and again and people will not give u
the real person money they will think you are behind this scam
you can check your wallet my id is @maujmasti

I have already complained about this fraud guy using my account name in to the admin firepower. However, no action is being taken uptill now. Could you please tell me the process to ban his account??

Fake ID is Banned from Congratulations


Hi @therising thanks for your reply I think @firepower is not online if you are on discord your can contact him in IndiaUnited channel the link is in my all post you can enter from there I am also there can give all
the proof which is needed in this case.

invite me in our discord group

are you muslim?

Yes brother you can catch me from my post there is discord link ok

Thank you for your work! I wish you all success and new achievements! Prosperity and good luck!

Hello! I don't understand your method. I just sent you 1 SBD. Please explain this better.

To know how bidding bots work, please visit and see all the details besides each bot.

Hi I sent 1 sd and the link in the memo but it is just sent back to me. What am I doing wrong here?

yep false alarm, the refund memo has just appeared

Sent you guys an inquiry on your Discord channel yesterday about a missing delegation payment, still waiting on a response.

Your payment was released 3 days ago.

Yes, thank you

Is your distribution for new delegators down?

No...not at all...Each and every one of our delegators, new and old is receiving high payouts exactly on time every single day.

Hmm I delegated and nothing happened for three days. Maybe I should try again.

Your steemit account shows no delegation to therising. Kindly check and try again.

Yes I removed it because I didn’t receive anything. I will redelegate soon.

Minimum delegation amount is 100 SP

Got it

Hey @therising, what is the current daily return for a 100sp delegation? Is there any way to keep track of that?

Current return is around 36% APR. However, this is not fixed. It fluctuates depending upon the market.

I sent you 3sbd.
Total 5 times 15sbd.
But I received 5.15 per session.
I thought I was going to get 7.82sbd, but no.
Is this normal?

You received the percentage of votes in all of your five posts as per your bid.

Not even x2

Is this normal? ...

Steembot site says $ 3. is $ 7.8 in profits.

you vote me even x 1.7
I am a loss.
Please reward me

Voting depends on the bidding round. Sometimes you get a high profit, sometimes a bit loss. That's the way it works.

Hi @therising greetings, I have been using your services for a long time and it seems very good, but tonight I made a transaction for 3sbd and got a vote for the same amount, and it seems like an eeror, because the last one before esat was for the same 3sbd amount and I got 9 in vote, please can you explain me, or change the way of work. Thank you

Hi @rubenmedina182. Thanks for using our services. The way this works is when you got $9 vote for $3, your bid round was profitable since there were less bids than the bots vote value. And when you got $3 vote $3, the bids were more than the bots vote value resulting in a slight negative return. So your profit and loss depends on the bidding round in the end.

Can you please check your bot? I was just on it and the payout was not what it says - it came in quite a bit lower than it should have been. Also the bot is running too quickly to be at 100% - something is wrong. Thanks for looking.

Thanks for letting me know @fitinfun. Actually, the 144 minutes to 100% voting power is not exactly accurate. It fluctuates around that time. Sometimes, its a bit lower and other times its a bit higher. As of now, the bot shows around 2 hrs 25 minutes left for the next vote. Anywayz, thanks for using our service.

Do you have a way to look at the votes for the time i was on your bot? the tracker said I should have had a big profit but the actual vote was a big loss.


loss I send my steam dollars as much as 4.503 SBD power vote just 5.32 regret I send 4.503 and cooperate with @therising hope others do not ever send SBD to @therising not according to promise.

Hey! I send you 7 SBD for a vote, but hasn't recieved one yet? :)

amazing please you vote me

How can i delegate here ?

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

I want more information about your services. I'm interested.

I came to your side. I have already looked at some bots. You are one of the grateful, I am happy.only a few thanks to their customers

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

loss I send my steam dollars as much as 4.503 SBD power vote just 5.32 regret I send 4.503 and cooperate with @therising hope others do not ever send SBD to @therising not according to promise.

Do you even know what $5.32 stands for?? It means you got 2.66 STEEM and 2.66 SBD for just 4.5 SBD which means you are at a profit not loss.

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