Truck hits overpass and crashes: Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash

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I love it when this appears in articles about crashes or crimes of some sort where it is very obvious what the cause of something is. It's funnier to me when there is video of someone committing a crime and it is clearly them yet after they are captured they have to be legally referred to as the "suspect." Yeah, i think a video of you committing the crime is pretty suspicious.

Recently there was a rather bizarre accident in Texas where a tractor trailer carrying a quarter of a million eggs managed to spill the entire load onto the street making way for the world's largest omelet.


The crash happened in the middle of the night so no one was hurt although I am sure it scared the shit out of the driver. In the end it is a really massive mistake on the part of the driver because while I am not a truck diver I would imagine one of the first things that you are meant to pay attention to as a driver is the clearance / height of your truck and not try to go under bridges that are below that height.

This is exactly what this guy did as the overpass ripped the roof off the truck and threw eggs all over the street.


Apparently, cleanup crews worked as fast as they could but were unable to get it all cleaned up before morning traffic in Dallas began so people just got a bunch of egg all over their cars and apparently it was a "sticky mess" as you would expect with 250,000 eggs thrown all over the highway.

People should be careful because when I was a kid my car got "egged" in the night and because I didn't clean it up right away it actually took some of the paint off of my car. This was a while ago so maybe paint technology has improved. I don't know. It would be worth looking into though if you were involved.

The reason why I consider this story "dumb" isn't because the accident happened, although I am sure that the driver is in a lot of trouble for ignoring the height restriction of the highway and destroying his cargo but because of the fact that all the article I have read about this the ending is the same

The cause of the crash is under investigation

What is there to investigate? Truck crashed into overpass and threw eggs all over the street. Nobody is denying this. I hope they didn't put a CSI team on the case.


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