Synthetic Exchange Token : Trade Without The Risk of Liquidation with Leverage

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Synthetic Exchange Token

Synthetic Exchange Token offers an economy that enables you to trade without the risk of liquidation with leverage. Trading with the leverage of most traders and every trader is familiar. The probability of a margin call is totally eliminated and offers you the chance to maximize your earnings. Crypto traders were not able to use ETF with leverage before, unlike conventional traders. TES's goal is to offer a null-limitation risk by leveraged investing in the cryptocurrency world.

Join Synthetic Exchange Token

The set targets can be achieved in many ways, besides the constant price estimation. The present price is produced by the Chainlink price update synchronization.

  • The set targets can be achieved in many ways, besides the constant price estimation.
  • The present price is produced by the Chainlink price update synchronization.
  • Because of non-standard leverage, a 3x asset pair has a spread between 1.5 and 4.5x.

How will TES Tokens be bought and sold?

All TES assets extracted from Ethereum guarantee 100% liquidity without any initial bid at the current token price.

Platform burns tokens when marketed using this concept. A commission of 0.4% carries all tokens bought and exchanged from the smart stock, and all tokens are distributed by those who put their tokens.

TES Token What is it?

TES operates in the TESECO ecosystem as a result of the generation of a commission for the acquisition and disposal of properties and the receipt of a benefit for storage for all activities. It should be noted that project management would be centralized, which ensures that TES is not a symbol of management. Under the work schedule, TES-staking will be possible immediately after the TESECO launch. After the manual order for delivery, the measured percentage of tokens is transferred to Connection holders.

What more steps are there?

The next move is to distribute TES and a small paper to Chainlink token holders. Start a roadmap and test network. Simultaneously the TESECO team anticipates a couple of 3X ETH/USD for the first "TESECO" resources Long and short.

What about TES Token?

TESECO is a universal suite of financial tools to enhance the investment's profitability. TES-Ethereum trading will gain up to 50% commission.

A high degree of security provides the TESECO Platform. Investments have to improve safety and the TESECO team is aware of that. The TESECO platform protocol pays particular attention to operational safety.

TESECO Platform Features?

A new multi-platform facility. To monitor your finances, you don't need to be on the computer. You can access your investments from your phone with the TESECO Platform program.

Token TES Tokens distribution

TESECO has the missions of providing investors with access, in accordance with the ETF concept, to leveraged decentralized properties. See the distribution table of the coin. The key role of the TESECO team is to establish the project as the basis of this percentage allocation.

  • 30000000 TES Tokens public sales attribution of 30%.
  • The allocation for dApp development is 25% with TES Tokens 250,000.
  • 15% of the Dev allotment squad with TES Tokens of 15000000.
  • 10% Airdrop distribution of TES Tokens 10000000.
  • 20% Bounty award of 20000000 TES tokens for the initiative.

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