NFT Gurus !! Gimme some advise

in teammalaysia •  5 months ago 


So I grabbed a bunch of LANDS from TheSandbox Game and this was done almost 2 years ago. At that time I bought it for a relatively small amount considering ETH was "cheaper" compared to what it is now.

Been getting offers for LANDs since Sandbox has gotten a lot of hype lately especially with the "Metaverse" boom.


The question is ...
When do you sell ????

Seeing it still below the Floor difference I'm not going to sell it yet. But is it a good idea ? i'm still new into selling NFTs and have sold some at a price which was pretty low .. my darn collection of CryptoKitties are still in my bags.

So when would be a good time to sell ? Any tips ???

Cheers all .. and have a great day ahead.

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