Sweets in kalyan

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This is my second blog on Tasteim, and I am participating in this competition of Tasteim and all of you guys support me and this blog as you were with me in the previous blog.


Yesterday, after having dinner, my friends and I all came out of the house and sang at a sweet shop for some sweet food called Madhurima Sweets, here we all friends ordered our favorite cake it was good.


After eating the cake, we all wandered around for a while and returned home.


Very good sweets are available at Madhurima Sweet Shop and there is a very clean cleaning here. You can get all kinds of sweets here.


Thank you,

Restaurant Information

Madhurima sweets
Santoshi Mata Mandir Road, Rambaug Lane Number 4, Rambaug, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301, India

Sweets in kalyan
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