a place to enjoy real coffee

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friends are enjoying a break, I want to introduce a place I often visit to enjoy a lot of food and drinks we can feel together, the main drinks are coffee, sanger epresso, arabica coffee, milk tea, types of juices, special food for evenings are widely provided quickly because the cooking kitchen is prepared with excellent service.
this is the menu list provided by the restaurant we can choose the menu we like, after seeing the food we like, after we write on the paper to order, immediately the waiter comes to take and prepare this meal
coffee epresso coffee is made from selected coffee, put coffee beans into the machine, then processed into a glass seloki, so the foam and aroma of coffee comes out, the waiter serves our place with brown sugar as a pair of coffee.

there are several coffee makers, but to make filter coffee only one is trusted so that the quality of the coffee is maintained.
There are several places where you can enjoy dishes, all of them are filled with customers, some bring families, you are with friends, young people come to watch football matches while enjoying food and drinks.
behind the restaurant there is a place to cook all kinds of dishes ordered by customers, so that this restaurant becomes sterile from the fishy smell and smoke from the cooking kitchen.
I was enjoying a cup of coffee while waiting for rice to eat dinner, if a friend wants to come, immediately record the address, immediately come to the location, with family and friends.

thanks you for visiting my blog.

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Restaurant Information

lampoe merah kupie
simpang empat, Tempok, Teremdam pemko, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia

a place to enjoy real coffee
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Sedap. Tempat pun cantik.

Thanks you so much

Nice place to have that delicious coffee with friends.

Thanks you

Great place to hangout with friends.

Thanks you, @celeo769