What is success. ????

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What is success. ????

The young people there is a false notion. This is the famous daughter of a famous actor to add, Singer to add, 6 10 honors and successful living. The people's praise, Many seem to be recognized successful living. This example incorrectly, to the bow of the following events will tell.

The women's marathon race held in the city on the planet. The purpose of the contest will be a contest 0, about three out of more than 50 women.

The goal of the first female child who attained in the final competition a record 3 hours and 53 minutes to less than a few seconds. Today, expect a record to be 3 hours 50 minutes, or 3 hours, 51 minutes.

The second target for the female child to join the competition. Because the marathon, he had never been before. So his record is not important. In order to run.

One third child goal Marathon 0 catch. How can run to test how they went.

The referee has to send out a gun. The contestants who have run away from there in a rush. I, who have lost the way. Because the way that those who can not run half whereof products.

Frankly, one of three remaining runners are running with 20 people.

After over 3 hours contestants into a goal to cut the ribbon fits spins. That's who. Four out of three women. And four other female runners. The first part of this He can. 3 women were even in the first 6 volunteers.

So, they are swept away you go. They have not won a prize, but they lose their success, respectively. Why did you decide to do.

The first one of a few seconds than his previous record was less able to enter his goal off.

The second woman was able to run up a goal off.

The third woman is able to run for about 400 meters before the goal, so to speak. He even went so very glad that you can run. The goal off.

What does this story. Everyone have their own ambitions. Goals were not much different. His goal is to say if you can complete successfully. Always the first, Always, Always the people praised successful idea in mind hide it.

Success = the accomplishment of an aim or purpose (work = success goal completed). People praise the work that will be success in the performance I'm not saying.

Set goals possible. Try to reach this goal. If you have arrived in a successful person. There is no need to determine the success of your public. If you know your mind, you will be more willingness to set objectives

What is the secret of success. There is no magic-oriented methods for success There are no shortcuts, Lottery tickets, you can 0 purchase.

The ability to strive for success in the long run Psychological fitness,
AT WORK 0 Yes Training Concentration and hard work, know who are winning. There are no secrets.

See Chester Carlson. He is the inventor of the photo technology successful person. He failed, however,
We reject the idea before his company 20.
He was a zealous, Psychological had struggled for 7 years.
The company's innovations 0 purchases. After that, he was successful as the Xerox Corporation

Or watch Julia Child. She had received a French cooking book. I worked for five years with two collaborators. But eventually we had rejected the manuscript publisher. She tried again next year. Maybe again rejected manuscript. But Julia refused to give up. An additional eight years Bookstore Julia's cookbook was published. The book had sold millions of copies.

If you want to succeed, Success secrets that will make you stop looking for something outside. Instead, Into your vision during your turn. Whatever you need, you'll find everything. You're the secret to your success. But the things that are necessary for success, if you think you have no Think again.

You are special Volunteer organizations, See or internet blog. poets, singers, artists, Athlete The hacker, The walls, the artist owes loyalty Learn about them.

Determined, Perseverance The action will see the hard work and outstanding. And these are also your own. When these things out how
Are kept.

Successful people are their strength, their interests, They put their 0 Yes. They had difficulties, England were back, Resilience to disappointing.
Stop looking for the secret to their success. The secret to your success is really start realizing yourself. "All I can do anything," said Moliere.

Find your work to your heart. You can do anything will.

(10) Whenever the success of a good friend steemit end post can thank


The most successful surf words

(1) correct, The righteous, (Honest) as money.

(2) a deep breath.

(3) smartly dressed.

(4) enthusiastically work.

(5) to save money to live like a normal person until meal. Do not boast.

(6) needed. Can look to save money each end.

(7) Get enough sleep.

(8) and sometimes dancing and down.

(9) to ensure new thinking.

(10) by gently speak meaningful words.

(11) Use the money when compared with intelligence. Do not waste.


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