for the record

in stuff •  last year  (edited)

before moederneukers (see ? you can say that no problem) get confused again and start retalliating to something that never touched them in the first place for all the wrong reasons

as to :

(out here in the desert not all that sounds russian is finnish)

nice playlist ...

since we're in the folk business today ?

im not promoting ... no affiliations either yea well

the only thing is

these things might be removed from history for the sake of correctness ... which makes all history a lie

thats all
i seriously have no affiliations with de zonen van rotterdam ... i had them on facebook, the guy would fit right in with some of those american factions you read about ... very driven character lol

i dont even have facebook anymore, so ... the cat sits on the roof and sees, if you cant be switzerland you'll never know the truth from all sides , will you

so let it be stated on "the" blockchain ... in case of doubt and confusion by illiterate correct idiots

(playlist :


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