Manchineel Tree: The poisonous death-lover hiding behind a succulent fruit.

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Hundreds of snails have fallen on the shore of sand on the Caribbean island of Tobago Island. In the midday of the dark sunshine, the silk shovel on the sand, the shells gave birth to a strange oil painting. The beauty of this beauty attracts the sacrifice of snail collectors. Snail collection is also on the east side of the island.

At the beginning, the young woman who looks taller is named Nikola Stirland. This island has chosen to take a short vacation from the intake of a radiologist Nichola Employee in the profession. In a bowl made of Porselin, he reached the depths of the island to walk with his friends after collecting several snails and corals. The beaches of the beach showcase the prolific coconut tree in the depths of the island. In addition to coconut, there are some delicious fruit gardens in the islands of the island. The sweet flavor of the fruit hanging on the tree, the water of the tongue is bound to fall.

Nicola and his friends suddenly woke up to eat fruit. Many people ate at the hand of the fruit and continued to eat. Then why would you leave Nikola? He also picked a fruit out of green and threw his face. Suddenly, Nikola continued to swoop. His hands and feet became uneasy. Feeling fierce in the neck and the tongue. Friends got scared What is the sudden nikola? Right then, the fruit from the hand of Nichola fell into the sand.

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In 1999, Nikola Strikland bite as a toxic fruit. The locals called the Beach Apple, the fruits of a tree called Manchineel. But there is another name beyond that. And it is - Poison Guava or poisonous guava.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the name of the world's most dangerous tree is 'Manchinin Tree'. Its scientific name is Hippomane mancinella. The ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus named these trees as Hippomane. 'Hippo' means horse, and 'mane' means crazy. Then the Greek translation of this tree is a crazy horse. Theophrastus named it after observing the consequences of a horse being crazy after taking this fruit. Scientific naming parent Carolus Linnaeus later named this fruit full.

These trees are found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. These fruits, which are beautifully visible, are sometimes born in pairs. Looks like a bit similar to apple and pearl. The height of the Machinaline tree may be up to 40 feet in height. This tree is so poisonous that its bark burns in the fire and produces deadly toxic gases, which can lead to loss of facial skin including the burning sensation. Locals hunted wild animals with the help of this tree poison. They make different furniture with this tree in a special process.

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Thankfully, Nicola and her friends were saved like service. Due to very small amounts of fruit, poisoning did not show up. Nikola sent a letter next to 'British Medical Journal' the following year. There he talked about his travel experience and this toxic fruit. After suffering about eight hours of inhuman pains, he gradually got healing. But the most famous victim of this fruit was a traveler. Huan Pons de Lyon, the first traveler to travel to Florida, was the first European traveler to travel. In 1513, he fell victim to local Kalusa fighters in Sadlabal. After 8 years of service he came back again. But now this is more tragic consequence. A local warrior's arrow came on his left leg. The poison of Machinalini tree was frozen in the mouth of the arrow. As a result, he fell into the lap of death.

The fruit and essence of this tree contains poisonous substances known as Hippomanin A and B. There are also some other poisons that are not known yet, which are not yet known. According to scientist David Nellis, attacking some of the poisoning, some of the poison may take some time to attack the patient. As a result, if the initial toxicity is reduced, the patient may get sick again.

If someone is infected with this tree extract, then its effect can be seen in its skin. With this the patient will feel extreme headache. It is also known that many patients have missed their sight in a temporary way. Because of this, prohibition of touching the tree or bark on many islands has also been prohibited. And there are some signs of abdominal pain, vomiting, bleeding and other symptoms of fruit loss. Although scientists may think that death may happen, but according to statistics the risk of death is slightly lower. But in addition to immediate reaction, there is another harmful aspect of the Manchineel tree. The venom of this tree can cause tumors in the patient, which proves the possibility of killing the patient.

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But many of the scientists are afraid of the manchineel toxicity. Normally a tree produces poison in some parts of its own for its own protection. In this case, the toxicity of manchineel extract is considered logical. But the real problem is that the result of the bind fruit. Because, each tree is spreading its seeds through fruit for its own propagation. Eating the fruit of the botanical tree and spreading seeds on different places through mutation. From there the new tree is born. But the fruits of Manchineel are poisonous. It is understood from the translation of its name, that the result is not only man but also other animals, such as horses, poisoning. However, scientists have made some of its explanations through research. Like coconut trees, Machineel trees are also born in the coastal areas. So scientists think that the fruits of this tree spread on different islands by sea. After that, when the fleshy parts of the fruit are destroyed, the seeds are in contact with the appropriate ingredients.

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Recently, scientists have been able to discover new information through research. The local iguanas in the southern Florida region can enjoy the fruit of this tree safely. Because, these poisons are present in their body. Besides, Tampa monkeys can also eat these fruits. But according to the scientist Roger Hammer, the Manchineel trees mainly propagate through sea water. The medium of transmigration of iguana and monkeys is the medium.

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Even though talking about all the harmful aspects of Manchineel, there are many beneficial aspects of this tree. Sea freezing islands are often attacked by tidal waves. In spite of various storms, the soil from valuable soil is eroded. In this case, the Manchineel tree plays an important role as a protector. According to botanists, planting Manchineel trees in one row, it is contaminated with soil. Moreover, it is used to increase the efficiency of locals' hunting arsenal. In the Caribbean, carpets used to make furniture using this tree. To destroy the plant's essence, they carefully cut the timber of wood and let it dry in the sun for a long time. The local kaviras used as dried fruits in the Manchineel dry spray.

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Due to excessive toxicity of Manchineel fruits, scientists estimate that the probability of their extinction is less than that of other famous toxic trees. They have survived the storms of the sea storm over the years and have survived for years. It is not intended to harm the organism only by poisoning. Various developments have been made in the medical practice using poison. Especially, it has contributed to the production of safe pesticides or painkillers. But if you ever meet Manchineel, then do not forget to walk the opposite way.

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