Not going well

in stocks •  2 months ago 

HI Friends,

My Activision Blizzard stock has been a total bear lately and is its not going well:


I was considering adding as I think it will pop when the CEO steps down for sexual misconduct and the poor company culture. Its all about timing, so a quick run back up to $90 would be a 50% return from current prices - need to buy low.

Their development game delays (Call of Duty right now), plus ever expanding competition (including in play to earn crypto games) makes the company's appeal less attractive, but I still think it is a buy at the current price.

What do you think?

Thanks for coming by,

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Everyone has a focus on matters . We will have to wait, thank you.

Thanks for coming by!

For me investing in stocks has been rough, while I am still ahead overall with my individual picks, my ROTH IRA is still performing way better LOL. I would have been fine if I just stuck with my travel stocks that I bought at the bottom, but no, I had to start buying other stuff.

Hehe, I hear ya there. I bought a few new individual stocks recently and it has been a rocky start!

Yeah hopefully it will get better!