Kids are there entertainment method

in stemkids •  9 months ago 

Am thinking that I was bored not until I took a scroll down to a bar lo and below I saw too kids dancing around inside the bar, and it’s was very entertaining and heart warming and everything was just too funny to my face.. later the father of those kids came in and one of the kids ran inside and was not seen by the father and the other kept dancing with so much joy the father stood for some few minute to watch and called his name and immediately he saw his father he was about running when the father called him back and said to him come let me buy you a drink you been dancing for some time now am sure you might be tasty the other kid had gone, he was not privileged to get something from his own dad but the other one stay and the dad bought him a bottle of coke to enjoy himself… and to him it’s felt so good and he is loving it.

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