Steeve Update #2 - New Features: Read Next, Editing, Profile Page, Improved Signup and More

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Hello, dear Steemians and Steevians!

This is the second update from the Steeve team, we want to share what we have accomplished since the previous update. If you don't know yet what Steeve is, make sure to check the intro post.

Read Next

Steeve is very much about recommendations and the most significant feature added in this respect is the Read Next section that you will now find under selected stories just above the comments section.


Editing and Deleting Content

Up until now, it was possible to only add content. From now on it is possible to also edit and delete stories and comments. This is another must-have feature that will make your interaction with the blockchain easier.

Profile Page

When browsing your feed and recommendations, it is just natural that you encounter a new user that you want to check out. You can do so directly in Steeve from now on, the URL format is the same as for Steemit and other platforms, e.g Only the blog section is available for now, but that is probably the most needed one.


Improved Signup

New users were getting confused about whether to click Sign Up or Sign In, so we changed it to a single button.


Other Issues

All issues are listed in the issue tracker under a milestone, but let's list all new features here:

  • #5: Make it possible to edit comments
  • #7: user profile: Add blog
  • #18: comments: Do not fetch comments that are not shown
  • #21: Add recommendations to the story page
  • #25: Improve the signup process
  • #27: security: Add noopener noreferrer to links
  • #28: Make it possible to edit stories
  • #29: Make it possible to delete comments
  • #30: Make it possible to delete stories
  • #32: profile page: Add follow buttons

Big hug goes to @noisy for reporting security issue #27.

What is Next

Changes do not spread well throughout the web application right now. When you vote on a story opened from your feed, the story card in the feed is not updated. This needs fixing.

Making it possible to upload pictures through the editor is also a very high priority.

We also want to improve the profile page, which is rather sparse right now.

Adding a mana bar would be also nice so that you can keep track of your voting power and resource credits.

Last but not least we are constantly working on improving our recommendations. So as you interact with Steeve the recommendations should gradually reflect your personal preferences more and more.

Support Steeve

The best support for now is to actually log in and try Steeve out. Let us know then what you think! Use comments or the issue tracker.

We need to spread the word throughout the community, so don’t hesitate to resteem this story. Don’t forget to follow @steeveapp for more updates to come.

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I think... the biggest issue with Steeve will be... to convince people to chose everyday Steeve over other interfaces with traditional trending pages.

IMO gamification is a solution... like visit Steeve 3 days in a row, to unclock extra feature, visit Steeve 7 days in a row, you will get X!

We will think about it, thanks ;-)