Steeve Update #1 - Browsing Mode, Starring Stories, Side-by-side Editor Preview, Refreshing Recommendations, and more!

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The team has been working tirelessly to improve Steeve since the initial kickoff, which happened not long ago.

Let us tell you what is new then.

Browsing Mode

Giving Steeve posting access just to give it a try turned out to be a bit too much for the more paranoid part of the community, so we implemented a browsing mode, in which you are authenticated against SteemConnect, but no permissions are granted to Steeve.


This seems pretty similar to accessing Steeve anonymously, but it is not the same. When in the browsing mode, you can do pretty much nothing, but you can still view your feed extended with recommendations given to you by Steeve, for free, as in free beer.

Stories Accessible Anonymously

At the beginning it was not possible to view any content anonymously. That was not very handy in case you wanted to share a link with somebody, so we made it possible to view stories without being logged in. Pretty natural, but this was missing in the MVP.

Starred Stories

It is possible now to star a story so that it is easy to find it later. You need to be fully logged in to be able to do that. The browsing mode will not work here.


Click on your profile picture and choose Starred to get to browse the starred items.

By the way, rumors have it that @void is using it to store cooking recipes.

Better Story Submission Page

When submitting a story, the content preview is now shown next to the form, in case there is enough space. This uses space much more efficienty and doesn't force people to constantly scroll down to see how the future story content will look like.


Refreshing Recommendations

The recommendation engine is being improved constantly. Most of the changes are not visible directly, but it is at the heart of Steeve. Everybody wants to get good personalized recommendations, right?

One thing we noticed is that people like to scroll all the way down to find new recommendations. And when there are none left they try refreshing the feed in the hope of getting some more. Until now this didn't help much. But from now on it will and Steeve will show you new recommendations!

We are setting up a limit on how many times a recommendation can be shown to you (currently 2x). So after being shown a particular story twice without you actually opening it you will never see it again and Steeve will show you something new.

The Rest

The following issues were closed as well so far:

  • #3 Remove /stories prefix from story URL path
  • #4 story editor: Add formatting help
  • #6 Invalid story links should show a proper error page
  • #14 comments: Hide comments that are deeper that N
  • #17 Trigger a snack bar when operation like vote, resteem, starring is finished.
  • #19 Story not formatted properly
  • #23 Story submission: Make preview scrollable

What is Next

We are constantly improving the web application and the recommendation engine. What is next can be actually found in the issue tracker. In case you would like to see a feature being implemented, create an issue or vote on an existing one.

Things are pretty dynamic, though, so god knows what is coming next :-)

Support Steeve

The best support for now is to actually create an account and try Steeve out. Let us know then what you think! Use comments or the issue tracker. We may create a chat room on Steem Chat or Discord soon, but we didn't get to it yet.

Also feel free to resteem this story and follow @steeveapp for more updates.


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There nothing that I can say here that really matters much to me than to sign-up with steeve and have my real feel.

Thanks to the Steeve dev team for such flexibility and updates on the dapp.
My shoutout goes to @hr1 who brought Steeve to my notice for the first time.

I really didn't know this application, however it sounds interesting, I'm going to give it a pass to see how you can take advantage of it, thank you for the information.

I really feel comfortable been one of the first 100 users of steeve app, and be able to make recommendations to this

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It,s very interesting post.

Can you message me in Discord: to give me a quick update on this thing? I don't understand what it is so I need a tl;dr combined with a good explanation of what it is.

Greetings. I did not know this account, I will explore it and give my own opinion.

Now days steem is going to very popular

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