Steem Seven Curation Report | May 21, 2021

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We are currently supporting many users, both newcomers and content creators who need a little boost to keep doing their job. The Seven Team is committed to trying to reach large numbers of users wherever they are, whatever their language. Here you will find a list of posts supported the last day.
Logro 4 por @alexander062 - Consigna: Aplicando formatos
Flowers Photography SteemLions " Rose and chrysanthemum photography.
Sé constante / poema
Canto a Capella Week 4 "Delirio" por @rhonbastardo
Titulo: 6to Reto Mi tesoro es: "Mis Primeras Alpargatas" por @raimar2302
Contest: Garden Photography Week 1/ 10 Steem prize 🏆
"Ricordo ancora il primo giorno a scuola..." Dedicato alla cara Maestra Sotgia by @acamusiger
The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #069 (Figurin Box) (PowerUp 100%SP)
Daily Report as Greeter Helper on Newcomers Achievement Program (17/05/2021) By @Psicoparedes🧠
Don't Let Your Smart Phone Camera To Steal The Moment 5% t0 SL Charity
THE NUMBER 4 10% for SL Charity
My First Delegation...! 5% to SL-Charity
Apple M1 🍎 5% to SL-Charity
Carne guisada con papas, acompañado de arroz y tajadas.
Do you know Proverbs?
LEARN ABOUT STEEM: Witnesses. What are they? Why should we support them? APRENDE SOBRE STEEM: Testigos. ¿Qué son? ¿Por qué debemos apoyarlos?
Steeming Charity Petition A strong widow mother in need By @Psicoparedes🧠
STEEM PLANTS CONTEST: week #13. !🌿 Jobo la India de jardín. Por @rmm31
Anuncios - Programa de contenido semanal de "Steem Venezuela" para Nuevos Usuarios!
Concurso ¿Sabes de Fórmula 1?, demuéstralo… Edición 4 por @alexandergudino
PROYECTO: Tareas Escolares. 🏡 // 📗 Día 6 💼 // O.M.S. y las Enfermedades.
6to Reto Mi tesoro es: "Mi oso Tiano" por @angelahbl
The Diary Game 19-5-21 Me despidieron del trabajo pero la vida continúa
The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #069 - negativo o magnífico
Sing And Play Week 139 - "Venezuela" - Pablo Herrero y José Armentero Cover Piano by @daniel2001
The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #069 - los colores perfectos

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