Retweet for Steem Power - Week 1 Rewards Have Been Sent!!

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Rewards for Week 1 of the Retweet for Steem Power Promotion have been sent to all who participated! Thank you!!


500 Steem have been vested as Steem Power to the accounts below based on retweet activity and verified number of followers. Retweet period was from Wednesday, 6/8 - Saturday, 6/11.

Google Doc


For more information, please visit the announcement thread here.

To register, please click here.

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damn forgo to retweet more, will do ;)

I love this documentation. It's great seeing how we are being recognized and rewarded for helping. unbelievable actually.

This is freaking awesome. I need to get better at social media. I will.

Yeah, Checked my wallet and found that I had received some Steem Power. That felt really very good.

Register link not work

Updated, thank you!!

Будем участвовать и продвигать этот замечательный проект. Знайте Мы с Вами !!!

Cool!!! It feels great to get rewarded with Steem!

Thanks for the reward! :-)

Excuse me does the reward for retweeting is working or not still?
Thank you :)

Can you retweet to steemit itself?