#ToVeganOrNot @kennyskitchen What Defiles Us Is Not the Food, But the Word of Our Mouth!

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To Vegan or Not? A big confusing question! Many non-vegatarian people have stopped eating meat and others dead animals because of confusion of thinking. Beef is banned in some parts of India whereas it is the main food of some people in South India.

Do We Really Live by Food Alone?

Does food defile us? They say that eating dead animals defiles our spirit. They also say that eating and killing of live animals is a sin. Is that so? Do animals and human beings share the same spirit of God? So, many questions and so many beliefs. To Vegan or Not is a question of right or wrong. Is it right to eat animals or wrong to do so?

Nature includes plants and animals and they both have life. Whatever grows has life. So, why to be partial with plants and not animals? We can eat plants, but not animals because it defiles one when we kill an animal. Does it defile us when we kill, uproot and eat the living plants?

What Defiles Us is the Word We Speak and Not the Food We Eat

We live ONLY by the Word of God and not at all by the food we consume. What we consume spiritually is what makes our life. That is the ONLY true and living input in our body, mind and spirit. Eating vegan or not does not really matter as long as we LOVE it! LOVE, Unconditional does not see evil in those who eat food of any type because true love does not see wrong doings. It has not guilt and it does not even depends upon the right or the wrong things of the world.

It is only by the word of God that we are alive and hence the Word purifies us. The food is a matter of adding health to the body. So, if killing animals is not a merciful act, then, what about killing the plants and other micro-organisms. In Jainism, they cover their nose with a cloth, so that the micro-organisms do not enter their nose and die.

What is True Life?

True life is something that we live being led by the spirit of God and not what the animals and plants live. Nature is secondary when it comes to living this life within. The true life is the life within and hence it really does not matter what we eat. The people in the slaughter house are not wicked. They also know the love of God and they love their family and children too. So, love is known by the true Mercy and that happens only when we know the Grace of God. That is true life! God's Grace Within.

So, do animals and plants live in real? Is blood the sign of life? Do you know that even plants breath and eat like us? They grow like us too. Then, are we still sinners when we kill plants? There are many micro-organisms that are in the air and we kill them daily in some or the other way.

So, it is not about killing anymore. At the time of need, there is no rule, no law and when it comes to love unconditional, there is nothing that defiles us except our own thinking.

Think Gracefully and That's It!

If, you think that by not killing the animals, you are merciful, then, I think, you need to know the Truth because only Truth Sets You Free and nothing else. Mercy that comes from the Grace of God is Pure Peace at the end. If you are hungry, God provides you with the food for fulfilling you and when you love to eat non-vegatarian, He will not miss to provide you with the best and health animal food too.

On the other side, do you greed to earn money from the leather and the tusks of the animals? The greed within can make you wicked. We live by our thinking and virtue that we have within. A merciful heart would never want to kill animals for greed, but can kill animals for the need.

To Greed Or To Need?

To Vegan or Not question can be transformed as "To Greed or To Need?" or "To Greed or Not?". I have seen people who had mercy on their pets and forgot to be merciful with me. So, we need animals or pets for killing the loneliness of the soul, however, when we receive the Grace of God, we know the truth that we live by God's unconditional love ONLY. His Love is sufficient for us and we are not more dependant on pets or nature for association. That time, we have FREEDOM to consume animals, plants and even the micro-organisms because we are FREE of the fear of loneliness too. Remember that truth always needs deep thinking and dedication to understand it.

Life by the Grace of God and Not by Food We Eat

What is important is to remain in the Grace of God and by doing this, we do not see evil in anything. To Vegan or Not won't be a question anymore when we live by God's Word and not by food we eat. As I have grown in the Grace of God, I have observed that my health and beauty has enhanced with the Word of God and not with what I have been eating. I have no diseases and no health issues up til now and in the Grace of God, it really does not exists at all. Food that we buy, cook and eat with love has no conditions to be applied, isn't it?

Love unconditional and eat unconditional! In being unconditional, we have the true freedom!

Article purely written by @puregrace
(I am not influenced by any books, religion or any person. Whatever I have written is from my pure senses of Grace, Mercy and Peace being led by the spirit of God of Grace only. My intention is to love the world unconditionally and not to condemn it in anyway)

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