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One of the main obstacles Steem and other cryptocurrency struggles with, is mass adoption.

Every Steemian has invited a friend, family or acquaintance to be part of the Steem blockchain as a content creator, an investor or a miner - but 99% of the time, the onboarding process fails them. The person we invited becomes skeptical or loses interest and then never ends up joining.

What is Cryptocurrency?
Where does the money come from?
I don’t believe a social media can pay you for posting.

These are only some of the questions we face when inviting someone to the platform. The problem is, most of us aren’t an expert on these topics and most of us are not a salesperson, so the results are understandable. If not even our best friends trusts in the platform and what we can achieve with the blockchain; they will never join the platform.

Even if they end up joining the platform, most of these new Steemians lose interest because finding a community they are interested in being a part of, a Decentralized App that fits their needs, or a tutorial account to get tips from - is almost impossible due to the browsing interfaces we have. There are two possibilities:

  • The person who invited them has to spend hours explaining how to post, use tags, browse, find a community etc, or...
  • The new Steemian ends up lost in an ocean full of plankton, minnows, communities, DApps, a trending page full of useless posts and too much information to process.

What is Steemonboarding?

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 8.19.49 AM.png

@steemonboarding is the first coordinated effort to bring Steem to the masses with a concise marketing strategy. We will provide the tools for the community to sell the idea of Steem to potential users in an organized and focused way. Starting with 10 languages and looking to expand to more than 20, our team will work towards mass adoption.

We know there’s already a lot of tutorials in the Steem Blockchain but they get lost between hundreds of posts, and new users end up finding a mismatch of information that is not in any kind of logical sequence. There are many great initiatives on the platform to help new users, but there has not been a coordinated effort to give them a smooth onboarding process. We look forward to working alongside these efforts to strengthen the overall new user experience. We will mix all of these ideas and bring some of our own to develop the ultimate website for anyone who wants to join the Steem blockchain and its different front ends, communities and DApps.

In other words, the Steemonboarding website will be the perfect tool that any Steemian can use to successfully invite, onboard and even train their grandma to become part of the Steem blockchain.

Step One:

Through a series of 2 minute video tutorials (in the user's preferred language) displayed in a friendly and simple interface, any outside potential Steemian can understand the basics of the crypto world and the Steem Blockchain. Anyone who wants to invite a friend, can point them to our website and we will make sure they are well taken care of and have access to all the information they will need to get started.

Each video will have its own text explanation below (in the preferred language) for those who are more keen on reading rather than watching videos

Step Two:

After watching the videos, if the user is interested in being part of the platform, there is an option to take a ten question test (out of a 250 question pool) regarding the subjects of the videos. If the user passes the test, we give them an account for free. We’ve been claiming accounts for a long time and we already have around 500 ready to give away.

We are currently working out a way of avoiding bots answering the test and mining accounts from us. We were thinking of a 5 minute conversation through a pop-up window on our website or perhaps asking to cross reference another social media account. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

The User is now a Steemian!

But only a rookie Steemian who only knows the basics and has no idea about how to blog, engage, join a community, use a DApp or the basic non-written rules of social interaction in the platform.

Step Three:

There will be an option to login to Steemonboarding using Steemconnect. When the Steemian logs in, they will have access to a new batch of videos.
These videos will explain what is a community, what is Steem Power and Voting Power, tips for making their first post, how to use the tags, how to use an exchange etc. What every Steemian should know before immersing into the blogging community.

Step Four:

In the website, we will have a specific tab dedicated to explain how each of the DApps work, how to use them, what benefits they offer to the Steemian and why people should use them.

There will be one final tab that will feature every community on Steem that wants to be featured. To browse this tab easily, the Steemian can order the communities by topic, by alphabetical order, or by specific language.

The Mindset of the Onboarded Steemian

One of the most important parts of the onboarding process, is the mindset the new Steemian will have when their journey begins:

  • Long term thinking: the rewards are not for grocery money next week or the summer holidays in 2019. They are their retirement in 2030. Holding and Powering up is the best long term thinking.
  • How to get started from scratch and build from the ground up - but also present the idea that investing fiat in Steem can be a potential growth path to help build influence.
  • Community engagement and DApp usage is key for a satisfying and meaningful user experience.
  • Avoidance of Bid Bot usage except for when visibility is key. Clarification of when visibility is key.
  • The role plagiarism and abuse have in the community.

Long story short: We will onboard people with a long term, non abusive and community engaged mindset who will know the importance of investing as a way of contributing towards the Steem blockchain.


Investment from Steemonboarding

In order to successfully onboard someone, we will support them through their first month on Steem while they adapt, find their own niche and become part of a community. Essentially, we will help them find their place in the platform.

To be able to support these users, we invested 10,000 Steem out of our pocket and powered them up to have some significant voting power. We know it won’t be enough if we do things right and onboard tens of people daily but at least it’s a start.

A Steem Power delegation from anyone who believes in this project, would be of tremendous help to be able to support these new Steemians. We brought them here, we want to see them succeed and become a positive and healthy member of one the DApps, be part of a community and actually invest money and time in the platform; we will support them through a very small curation team.

This potential delegation will be used mainly to support the users we onboard and any posting, curation or liquid rewards will be powered up to grow the account. That way in the future, we'll be able to support more recently onboarded users. Since we are a new project, part of this delegation will serve as leverage to fund some development and a team.

Business Plan

After several conversations with some people in Krakow during this past Steem Fest, we are currently considering several options to make this project profitable and self sustainable and so far we have several options. We will make a post very soon regarding this specific topic.


Road Map for 2018 and Q1- Q2 2019

This is the announcement post and we are already including a short term road map because we want to be transparent, but we also want to be held accountable. After all, this project is focused on helping the communities and the DApp. We want to work for you and for a common goal.

  • November 16, 2018: Announcement of the project. Whatever feedback you have about this idea, please leave it in the comment section.
  • November 20, 2018: Translators and Video makers recruitment process. We already have English, Spanish, Cantonese, Korean and Filipino. We are searching for at least 5 more languages. Details of this process will be posted on this date.
  • January 15, 2019: Beta version of the website online, testing phase begins. All the basic intro videos in all the languages will be available. The DApps and communities section will be browsable.
  • Q1, 2019: Website fully running and onboarding through our website available in ten languages.
  • Q2, 2019: Marketing Campaigns, onboarding contests and more to come. This will involve the Steem community, so each and every one of us can successfully onboard potential users in a matter of minutes.

The Team

First of all, we want to thank everyone who took the time to have a conversation with us and give us feedback, tips and recommendations during Steem Fest. We already had the idea but you guys helped us a lot in making it a reality. We want to thank @andrarchy, Steemit Content Director, @starkerz from @oracle-d, @elear from @utopian-io, @fredrikaa from @steempress, @blocktrades, @heimindanger from @dtube, @hansikhouse and @voronoi from @sndbox, witnesses @gtg, and @crimsonclad from @followbtcnews witness team and @kevinwong. Thank you all for all your input.

Let’s reach Mass Adoption!


@anomadsoul and @coruscate

Steem Onboarding Founders

Image 94.PNG

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Congrats @steemonboarding team! Now that's the power of SteemFest. Meeting in person to identify complex pain points and then pushing forward (together) to solve them. You have our support and enthusiasm!

With respect to feedback - you're tackling some of the biggest issues that this blockchain faces - onboarding / education / retention. Leveraging IRL users (of multiple languages) to relay information is a powerful thing that most other blockchains simply don't have the opportunity to assemble. Luckily, Steem has that opportunity. But it's also incredibly challenging to organize. Due to the overwhelming diversity of this community, boiling it down to simple points and perspectives will be very difficult. It's totally doable though, and you guys are the best out there to make it happen.

As you begin establishing the rules for your videos and website - we want to stress the importance of a user interface to properly relay complex topics. Keeping video quality and your website clean and simple is key - which will ultimately help you guys - because new apps will be coming out or updating all the time / it will be important for you to maintain up-to-date content.

Kudos to you both! Our team is excited to see your hard work come together. We'll DM you a few precedent websites that might be useful to look at for inspiration as you continue storyboarding and building! Steem on!

Thanks so much for all the input and feedback we got from you in Krakow, definitely gave us the courage to try and tackle this issue.

Indeed organization will be one of the most difficult parts of the project, luckily Lea is a master of organization! We are grateful to count with some "important" users in some of the languages we want to attack first, we hope it´s enough to be able to regionalize the onboarding content without it missing the key points.

The easy to use and simple interface is on our minds but we know you guys have a lot of expertise and experience in that topic so we will definitely be reaching out to Sndbox for advice there.

I´m so proud to be a Sndbox ambassador and to count with your support in this odyssey. Steem on!

Now that's the power of SteemFest. Meeting in person to identify complex pain points and then pushing forward (together) to solve them.

Could not have said it better myself! This ain't no small potatoes.

Really pleased to see the announcement after our discussion~ this is something that I and many others spend a lot of time trying to help after the fact when we have new users join! I can say that though I'm nothing special in my efforts and between the hours spent in off-chain communities, delegating, radio shows, mentoring sessions; it's still not much of a candle to all of the stuff forward facing community members like you guys do... it's harder to shift someone's momentum than it is to simply help them get moving.

While we manage to turn and rejuvenate a few people (or maybe even a lot), starting people from all over the world out with a better idea of what might be really different cultural and steemy societal norms in mind is the perfect idea for underlining that this isn't just any social site. It's also an interest driven way to get people used to the idea that there needs to be a bit of "proof of brain" and that there is an underlying cost to be able to use the tools this blockchain affords without scaring them away or making it too high.

Please let me know if I can help with any content or liaising! You guys are taking on an exciting task that deserves a ton of support.

Oh pish posh. You're right up there at the top, Crim. No one holds a candle to YOU. And that's a fact. But yes, these two are doing something pretty unbelievable, and I'm excited to just be breathing the same air.

Yeah they are right

Thank you so much for your support of this project @crimsonclad! You are one of those great community leaders that does so much to make the Steem world go round and we are excited to hear your enthusiasm for the project.

This comment means so much, especially coming from the master of the minnow orientation and plankton onboarding. Thanks so much Crimi! We would be delighted to attend one of your radio shows and speak more about the topic and listen to your opinion about it!

Definitely, if we can be more in touch and get your continuous feedback we would really appreciate it!

We´ll get in touch with you soon, there are some topics I think you might be more than delighted to jump in and help us! :D

this is amazing for anybody, i hope you can show to entire world

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

What a great initiative! Getting new users is definitely not an easy job, and we deeply respect the fact that you are taking small steps towards this mission!

Partiko is focusing on the lower end of the onboarding funnel by building a world class user experience that can retain new users and help them more easily become successful, and we see huge potential in us working together.

We will support your mission every step of the way, and please keep us updated for your latest process!

Onwards and upwards!

Posted using Partiko Android

It means a lot to have your support, we will strive to do the best we can to onboard people and channel them towards the different DApps of the blockchain!

Again, thanks for the support!


It means so much to have your support @partiko!

Thank you for the great introduction. You have a very good concept and are aware of the issues which need to be solved on the Steem blockchain. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet you in person at Steemfest³.

I think one of the biggest issues we are currently facing on the blockchain is the low price of SBD/Steem and the difficulties that come along with joining Steemit. I really like how certain initiatives have grown out of the ground the last weeks and @steemonboarding is a very good example.

From personal experience, I can tell that most of the new Steemians loose interest fast, as the platform is simply too overwhelming. Every good app, website or game has some introduction of how things are working. Steemit, Busy.org, and Steempeak are lacking of it.

I think there has to be much more done in order to establish a successful blockchain. However, steemonboarding is a very good initiative, which I fully support.

If you need a translator for German videos, it would be an honor for me to serve with my knowledge. I've done several translations for Utopian already and I'm quite sure I could handle them as well. Have you ever thought about making steemonboarding open-source and let you help through the power of Utopian.io? For a well established German community, which you might integrate on your website, I think @theaustrianguy would be a good contact.

It would have been great to meet in Krakow but there were so many people and so few time! I guess we have an appointment then next November :D

Right now is the best time to onboard people because think about it, if we onboard them during a pump, their expectations will be huge and when a decrease in price comes, we´re going to face a lot of quitters...

The key here is to work together with the DApps, we onboard the people with the right mindset and we channel them to a community or DApp, which in turn will show them they can be part of something bigger and that they have a place in there, sense of belonging is more important tan short term rewards. If a new user feels like they belong, they´ll stay no matter the rewards.

Thank you so much for the offer for the German translations, soon we´ll make a post regarding that topic, please, make sure to apply there (which we´ll be very grateful for).

Thanks for the huge comment!

Rofl at this GIF :P

The Gif king is here!! hahah Thanks so much for the support on this post my friend! <3


I want to smoke that role too :D

You had me at 'Marketing'! :-)

What an awesome approach, presented by two of my favorite steemians. Love it! In fact it's something we've all been waiting for: a sustainable onboarding and education concept. However, sometimes it just requires people who don't only talk about it but start to take some actions.

Great to see that Steemfest was apparently able to help sparks of enthusiasm jumping across and turn brilliant ideas in real concepts.

Count me in for whatever type of support needed, I'd be delighted to contribute to such a great project!

Loved and resteemed ❤️

Your support means so much to us @surfermarly! Thank you for showing such enthusiasm towards the project.

You're more than welcome. WE have to be grateful for you putting so much efforts into such an important topic :-)

Thanks Marly! We´ve had this idea for a couple of months and after some talks at SF we knew it was the perfect time to drop the dice :D

Thanks for the offer, we most definitely will be reaching out to you soon :)

Simple STEEM videos in multiple languages are absolutely needed. Thank you for starting this effort!

I want to point out one key element of the mindset of the Onboarded Steemian that was missed.

Popular YouTube, Facebook, etc. users risk being shut down without warning or forced to pay fees to keep blogging. While that doesn't affect most people, it is always a threat to everyone on a centralized platform. Instead of focusing on earnings, one focus is that the user OWNS their social media account. It can not be taken away despite their political beliefs and they will not be forced to pay to continue to use their account or simply denied access to their account for reasons determined by the centralized social media platform.

This is important to onboarding by justifying to those popular bloggers that they need a forever account that can't be manipulated by centralized platform. Models, actors, popular bloggers, youtubers, etc. are under this threat. Many of them have multiple accounts in the event that one account is shut down or they are denied access. If they are onboarded, then they bring many users with them.

The key to onboarding is leveraging the following of popular social media icons. Convince them to join and you will have huge numbers flooding into STEEM.

This is so true and thank you very much for pointing it out. The lack of censorship we have in a decentralized platform is one of the most important aspects!

Thanks you for giving us the idea of doing a programm focused solely to get "youtubestars, instagramstars etc" to our ecosystem.

Just started following you!

I'm so excited to see organized informational STEEM videos, I'm about to jump out of my skin. Thank you for doing this.

One recommendation about censorship. STEEM still has a form of censorship from the community. I wouldn't advertise it as a censorship free environment. Instead focus on the ownership of the account that it cannot be deleted or the user cannot be denied access. That in itself is a major stressor for popular bloggers. They still get censorship from users that choose to ignore them for inappropriate content or respond negatively. I know I'm splitting hairs. Just choose your words wisely when creating videos.

Anyway, exciting time to see a @steemonboarding effort. You should ask @ned to use his bridge studio to film the videos...

This is a fantastic project and hopefully will see new users come in and get up to speed fast. What I am hoping is that SF this year will be marked by community actions such as this.

AS you know, I have been pushing on another front that supports smaller users and those new onboards which would compliment this process greatly. What we need to be able to show is a community where content matters and develop healthy expectations without taking the 'user at any cost' approach that the youtubers push.

If then as they come in they are able to be shown toward the various dapps and communities that support them, they will very quickly connect and find a home among users who are much more seasoned. This doubles down on the onboarding process and provides additional users getting accustomed to the various dapps without needing to ever try blogging for reward unless they choose. Not everyone is a blogger after all.

If the development of the 'new wave' of Steemian is one that looks to embed them into the community first they are much more likely to become the community orientated actors Steem so desperately needs more of and their organic growth gives them earned buy-in which drives connection and the the sense of ownership.

What is going to be interesting is that this will not only be a support for new users, apps are able to leverage the process to find users who are suited to and encourage usage of their platforms.

Great work @anomadsoul and @coruscate

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm of this project @tarazkp! It was so great to meet you at Steemfest and your input means a lot to us.

If the development of the 'new wave' of Steemian is one that looks to embed them into the community first they are much more likely to become the community orientated actors Steem so desperately needs more of.

Exactly. Our focus is not necessarily to get 1 million random users for the sake of "growth", but to help build better Steem Citizens that will contribute to the eco-system.

You are most welcome and in this city we are developing we need to create valuable suburbs of healthy users. It takes time and trial and error but I believe we are able to make it work.

Slow clap

Awesome guys... precisely what we have been needing... I'm very proud of you both!

Thanks so much @meno!! We are so excited to have your support. We look forward to featuring Helpie as a community for new steemians to get plugged into!

As discussed in „Cracovia“, count with our support for this great iniciative.

Thanks so much for the support! The talk we had was great.

Thank you so much for your support of our project @cervantes!

Long story short: We will onboard people with a long term, non abusive and community engaged mindset who will know the importance of investing as a way of contributing towards the Steem blockchain.

That's the best thing I've read all day.

I didn't even want to come to the trending page today, I just ended up here, saw this, clicked, thought I'd be seeing more bunk, didn't see bunk. I'm not sure how to handle this. It's so new to me. Someone is willing to teach new people about realistic things? On the trending page? This can't be real. Is this real? This is real, isn't it? Well. Good job. I'm going to go give myself a high five now. That's like applause, but different.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support! ♥️ Coming from you - it means a lot.

High fives all around. 😉

Everything here means a lot. All of it. Good job and good luck with all this. I got your backs.

Thank you so much for the support man, indeed your approach to the Steem issues is one of the most sincere, honest and crude in the whole platform and we know that if you like this idea, we are going on the right path. Thanks for commenting, we'll go high five ourselves also! That's like a double applause right?

It's far more than the sound of one hand fapping clapping, so that's great.

Of course it's a good idea to have legitimate sources of guidance in plain sight, towering above the charlatans and their bogus advertisements disguised as help. I see many other class acts here under this post offering help when needed and I suspect this should all snowball into something good, for a change.

Definitely, IMO the main problem we have is that the "face" of Steemit we´ve had the past years have been more interested in their self benefit than the community/platform benefit. We sometimes forget that if the community grows, we grow with her; if we grow on our own, we won´t make the community grow.

Lets hope we can start a positive snowball!

Ha ha ha! I love your entire comment. You are so funny. Like, you think you're gunna see bunk. It's not bunk. And not only is it not bunk, it's the best not-bunk of the day/week/month/year. Hi fives all around.

Well. At least I got one laugh. Thank you.

You'll always get a laugh from me. And don't you know it.

What a fantastic idea! From a quick look through the announcement post it sounds like a great way to remove what is a big hurdle for a lot of people. I particularly like the idea of teaching Steem 'etiquette' to new users who often fall foul of issues such as plagiarising.

As a community leader with @thewritersblock I fully support this initiative and look forward to being able to contribute in whatever way would help.

Posted using Partiko Android

The etiquette part is actually one of the problems we have in every community and most of us spend countless hours trying to guide users regarding abuse and plagiarism. Onboarding them with a non abusive mindset will save a lot of time for the established communities!

Thanks for the vouch from the writers block, we'll not let you down.

It was great to see you again in person @gmuxx! We are so grateful to have the support of @thewritersblock on this project. Our goal is to help support other steem based projects and dApps by connecting quality steemians to your project. We are looking forward to working together!

This is great, this could be just the kind of site I can point to from my main WP blog/ integrated with steem to get people to actually sign up.

I’ve been thinking about designing some kind of footer to put at the end of posts which directs people to joining since coming back from SF3 - This is useful - just the kind of thing I need.

Great work. I’ll keep posted and look for what I can do to assist. I’m full on into the idea of onboarding more peops now!

If you haven’t already written the scripts, I’m am an expert in dumbing down complex stuff so ordinary people can understand it ( 20 years in teaching) so I may be able to be useful!

Thank you so much for your support of our project @revisesociology! We really appreciate the offer to help with scripts and will definitely keep you in mind! Finding people who are good at breaking down complex topics is going to be invaluable to this project. We will be in touch!

I'll look forward to it. Also, the best way to refine yr own understanding of something is to teach it!

Posted using Partiko Android

Sounds cool!

Small thing, but the Steem blockchain doesn’t have miners. We have witnesses, which are very similar, but it would not be good to use the names interchangeably.

You forgot to mention that you've shared this with some of your steem colleagues. Which I think is purdy spesh.

Thank you so much for your support @timcliff! It means a lot coming from you.

Yes, we meant witnesses as the miners, but you are right, while very similar it's not the same. Thanks for the tip and means a lot that a top witness like you likes the idea!

First post with no bid bots on trending after long time...

We have been so excited to see this project hit the top spot in trending organically. Thanks for your support!

We were aiming for exactly that and we are thrilled that the community responded with so much support and engagement! We are more than encourage to deliver the best project we can!

This is fun to see. Hopefully we can talk about it on air and we can walk through how I can help you guys.

Thanks so much for the support @aggroed! We'd love to come on air sometime and chat about it. It would be great to get your feedback and thoughts.

When you get a chance, please make a simple video tutorial about keys
Here is a non-video example:

Also, The currency itself needs to have a safety built in. Only Steemit Inc can add a simple change that will allow the currency safety mechanism. It will help the new user experience with the currency immensely and aid with onboarding.

By the way, Quite possibly the best team for Onboarding @anomadsoul and @coruscate. Thank you so much for creating this.

Thank you so much for your support of Steem Onboarding @socky! Helping people to understand their Steemit keys and the importance of protecting their private keys is a topic we will definitely cover during the onboarding process. Thanks for the great suggestion!

Looks like you spoke to many of the right people at SteemFest, good luck with the project guys!

Thanks so much @abh12345, we think some of your analysis will come in handy soon :)

My schedule looks pretty clear so hit me up when you need something :)

Thanks so much for your support Asher! <3

@Anomadsoul and @Coruscate, this is a great idea and exactly what we need! I have trouble explaining people how I make a living, let alone to get them to sign up to something they have no idea of. Having a one stop place to get all the information they need in a condensed manner would be really helpful. Good luck on the project!

This is exactly the problem we all face, even those experiences users like you. When the moment of "closing the sale" comes, we don't know how to convince people to join the platform. That will no longer be a problem!

Thank you so much for your support @eveuncovered! I feel the same way with my friends and family. I've spent countless hours helping people to understand everything/hold their hand through the process for them to never do anything with it. It gets frustrating! I know countless musicians, artists, writers, photographers and other creatives that would love this place, but it's overwhelming to think about trying to onboard each and every one of them.

Glad to hear you connect with the vibe of our mission and we really appreciate having your support!

And to be honest, who has the time!?

OH! I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE this! Great work you guys! It just takes two amazing people and one Steemfest to put this all together (of course more than that, but you know what I mean). A great way to get people on the SteemTrain. Whoot!

Thank you so much for your excitement around this project!!

It was so awesome to meet you at Steemfest! ♥️

Likewise! Those days were just way too short :)

Hey, @steemonboarding. Very ambitious, but a very necessary and potentially extremely beneficial initiative.

So, it sounds like that steemonboarding will be a first contact site, then, for those who haven't already started the boarding process on STEEM? In other words, it won't be a part of any other front end, like a landing page, that will give them the basics and so forth. This will be a site that they will find on the internet when searching for, say, "what's steem/it?" or some other relative search term?

Something like this is well overdue. It sounds like a lot of work, but work that will be well worth it if even a few of the new users are well schooled in and oriented in the way of STEEM.

Thanks for your great questions! Yes - this will be an external site that is separate from Steemit.com.

To your point about keywords - yes, we will be utilizing SEO on the site to help drive traffic so more people can learn about Steem.

Thanks so much for your excitement around the project!

Hello @steemonboarding I was very excited to read about your plans to 'Bring Steem to the masses with a concise marketing strategy," and I applaud you for the time, energy and passion you have invested to bring it to this phase. I'm also greatly encouraged to see the tremendous support garnered and willingly given to date, and I wish you every success with your vision.

Your website is EXACTLY what is needed for new steemians, as it certainly is an uncharted maze of confusing and sometimes conflicting opinions when one first wades into this great platform of potential. Your strategies will enable people to position themselves well, by building strong, individual foundations for themselves whilst, achieving similar results on a collective level.

I love the sound of the 2 minute video tutorials and the fact that they will be available in multiple languages is fantastic. 'Long Term Thinking,' is the key!!!!!! And if that can be ingrained in the minds of new (and old) steemians, the possibilities are immeasurable..........and admittedly, beyond my present comprehension.

Thank you for your dedication, initiatve and drive. (U & R )

It will be a job for everyone! We provide the tools, the community uses the tool to bring the newbies, and we onboard them! It´s a community effort! Thank you so much for your kind words.

This comment was so wholesome, I didn´t know you, but now I´m following you, just because of this comment, Thank you!

Many thanks for your reply and the kind 'Follow' @anomadsoul It is lovely to meet you. I was drawn to your blog because of the positivity and vision you possess towards the future of steemit. Forward thinking........and more importantly, planning through to acting on those plans shows to me that you are prepared to, not just talk good ideas but to implememt them also.

It shows real confidence and we all need to hear that to help keep us motivated because it is not always easy to put the time and effort in somedays to do what is required to be successful. I'm not knowledgeable about cryptocurrency but I do believe it is the way of the future. After becoming addicted to sleeping pills and anti-depressants for many years due to chronic insomnia, I found the strength to complete rehab from home and as the fog lifts, the real me is slowly re-emerging and I'm enjoying life once more and allowing the creative part of myself to make up for the lost years.

So, steemit is valuable to me for different reasons than perhaps others but I'm always going to support those who want to build a strong community (within my capabilities.......and as time and energy allows) and am encouraged when I see people willing to help others fulfil their dreams too. I wish you and your team every success.

Wow. Wow. and Wow.

This is like my dream come true for the platform. You guys have truly hit the nail on the head.

Resteemed, upvoted, and followed. To be sure. And if there is any way I can help, please let me know.

Thank you so much for your support and excitement @littlescribe!! We may actually tap you on the shoulder at some point - I've definitely thought of you a few times as we were mapping things out.

Well, you know I'd drop anything for you guys. So just name it when the time comes. Until then, I'll be spying on your progress from my secret hideout.

Any initiative to help onboarding and especially keep new Steemians on board when they struggle with the start is an initiative I support of course.

We need German language as well here - surre you talked to @theaustrianguy at #Steemfest already who has produced some tutorials in the past. Count me in if you need any advise, support or helping hand @anomadsoul.

Thank you so much for your support of the project @uwelang! German is definitely a high priority for us to be in the list of 10 languages we initially launch with. Thanks for recommending @theaustrianguy for this.

The german translation is already in progress and about to finish ;)

Das wundert mich jetzt nicht Du Tausendsassa :-)

Cool, habe gerade überleg im nächsten SteemZeiger darüber zu schreiben....

Kann ja nicht schaden

Glad to hear - will check you for updates, exciting project.

Looking forward to this!

I will share this with @promo-mentors and #promo-steem. We need a centralized marketing effort, I think it will speed things up a lot to mass adoption.


I like that you guys have thought about this. And it's something we need for more projects. Let me know if I can help.

Thank you for sharing it with one of the most numerous communities out there man! Centralized idea and execution, decentralized commnity effort to bring the idea to the masses! I think that´s the key part of this, some centralization that depends on a decentralized conjoint effort.

We still need to figure out some stuff about sustainability but we´re on the right path, we´re sure of that. Thanks for the offer man, you know we´ll take your word up on that.

Oh wow!

This is a great idea... a first stop for new people.

I've been thinking a lot about the process of onboarding my own community, and the various ways to explain it... there really is a huge learning curve for someone, especially if all they know about crypto is that Bitcoin is used by thieves... so a resource like this will be super helpful.

I'm sure you've had conversations with people... but potentially the people/applications that have been collecting Discounted Accounts might donate them to your website? Also @steemhunt has developed an API that can be used by all Dapps that are onboarding people to ensure people aren't using the same phone number, etc to create accounts at each Dapp. I can get you more details if you're interested...

Let me know how I can help!
Good job guys!

Thinking about this more... you'll actually be solving the onboarding issues I was trying to work out with my own project... and I'm sure for many other projects as well. Make sure you integrate the SteemMonster's Steemkeys metamask thing.. I really do think that'll be integral for everyone's ease of use between Dapps.

Definitely, when they don't know anything is complicated, but when they know only negative things about crypto we are swimming against the current.

Yes, at some point we think there will be RC delegation as an option, hopefully we get one of those too. If not, that option you mention about other accounts "donating" their claimed account would be amazing.

That steemhunt API sounds interesting. We'll send you a PM on discord, thanks for the tip!

The metamask password holder sounds interesting, we'll look more into it with the Steemmonsters crew, thanks for all the tips!

It's steem keychain a chrome extension.
You put your keys onto your browser and don't need to send them over the net.
(No need to use steemconnect)
It's fast and simple and lovely, but
So far only steemmonsters.com and peakmonsters.com are compatible.
Steempeak.com is working on integration.

^^ This guy knows what's what! ^^

Here is the initial post.

I love how steempeak has integrated this. It's a godsend, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here are the details of the Steemhunt API:


Thanks so much for all the tips and great ideas @aussieninja!

Hello @steemonboarding! Great initiative!!! Most impressive!!!

Me and @adelepazani, made some high res promo-stickers (300 Pixels per inch .PNG files) feel free to print them or use them. I can even make a version for this specific project if you would like...


Wow greate article!
Thanks for using the @postdoctor service!

This sounds like what we need. It's vital to get more great creators on board and support them as they start out. We can't do much about the state of the Trending page, but we can point people at the actual good stuff. I know others are working on making it easier to find the right communities. Unfortunately the obvious tags are often useless. I hope to see this project take off.

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm towards the project @steevc!

It was great meeting you in Krakow man! Thanks for the support. We will focus some of our efforts in making the community finding an easy task :)

I'm working with some communities that I will promote. Looking to get some new people on Steemit soon

What an incredible project! This couldn’t have come at a better time for Steem and Steemit, and it couldn’t be run by anyone more capable . @coruscate and @anomadsoul have a proven track record of successful execution on multiple projects on the Steem blockchain and there is no doubt this venture will work just as well. I foresee this being the most successful project ever put forward by this collaboration, and possible ever period. Great work team :)

Wow. What a huge compliment. And honestly, not overstated in the least. I am 100% with you on that. These two know how to deliver. They're not just pretty faces.

this looks like exactly what i need for steemsavvy. i have this entire training platform but no way to help on board.

would you recommend that i tie this in somehow. maybe send people to onboard via my lessons?

would love to touch base with you guys about this. huge program and potential. so awesome to see.

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I'm glad we had a chance to connect in Discord! Thanks so much for reaching out and I look forward to seeing how we can collaborate in the future.

Nice work! When the next wave of adoption hits, this will be a very valuable resource. Looking forward to seeing the site in action! 😎

Thanks so much for the support Dan! Thanks for all of your feedback and thoughts when we talked about it at Steemfest too.

What an interesting project. I will leave a link to a project by @cryptoctopus https://steemdocs.net/, which may not be that much intuitive for new users but if it is maintained and new terms added over time, I would say it can live as a complement to your project. Though the content is in English only and I am not sure if they plan to add other languages as well.

Thanks so much for your tip on that @espoem!

LOVE this idea. I'm willing to contribute my help in any way I can. This is what Steem needs and I can see this getting a lot of delegation.

Let me know how I can help.

Thanks so much for your support and offering to help,Dave. If there was a spot for a "kick ass karaoke singer" on the team - you would definitely have it!

Seriously though, we appreciate the offer and will keep you in mind!

This a brilliant and heroic initiative. Major props for leading this vital charge and funding it out of pocket. A lot of people talk the talk, and expect results by throwing Steem on exchanges (think Netcoins), but this is real actionable quality solution targeting Steemit's greatest pain point.

I'll be following this closely and trying to brainstorm when you call for public support/ideas.

I also appreciate both of your natural leaf backdrops in your pictures for the win.

Well done both of you. Major respect.

hahah I love that you noticed the leaf backdrop in our photos! I actually had a different photo of me at first and changed it for that very reason. You know me so well. LOL

Seriously though, thank you so much for your support of our project. It means a lot to us.

Hey guys

Not sure if this is 100% relevant but perhaps you could push the Engagement Leagues and the Red fish power-up League or the Minnow power-up league to your new recruits.

We have found that being a part of the above drastically improves engagement and retention.


Oh yeah, definitely on the agenda man!

Nice one :)

There is lots to consider, I think it'll take a bit of time to pull everything together. If you want to organise a voice call somewhere and invite curation teams/community leaders/those showing support for young accounts, that might be a good brain-storming talk?

Thank you so much for the great tips Asher! We definitely want to help connect people with not only dApps - but other communities that help to support and highlight new users. Those leagues could be a great area to send eager new users.

I almost feel like we might need an entire section just for "Ongoing resources for new users" or something like that. There are a lot of different pockets/communities of Steemit that do awesome work to help promising new users.

My pleasure :) I should say they all relate to me/paula/our witness and yes you are right, there are a tonne of pockets/communities looking out for new recruits. It's a huge subject, good luck!

Hey what a great project!

You can count on me whatever support you will need and I can deliver. As soon as I received my withdrawn delegations I will delegate a little amount ( but every amount is an amount :P ) to you.

I would like to support you with a german video series if this is on the plan!

Thank you for founding this and I am super excited for the future of the project and the onboarded users!