Splinterlands - imperfect-one's June summary

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Hello Splinterlands Maniacs :)

The June is over, so let's see how I did in our favourite game.

My personal goals for the last season was to end up in top10 in each of seasons played during the month, earn at least 120k DEC from playing, win 500+ Steem in the tournaments and improve my gold foil cards collection. Let's see how it did in the past month!

The Seasons

My expectations were high, but the reality turned out to be merciless. I ended up on 8th place in Season #16 and 51st place in Season #17. The last season was like a personal failure for me. That is all I have to say in this matter.

The Tournaments

The plan was to win 500+Steem, and I did it. It wasn't easy, I skipped a lot of tournaments that I didn't want to skip, but from the bright sight, I fulfill my goal. Very positive aspect of this month :)


As you can see I was able to get a paid score from 52 tournaments, winning 4 of them, took second place 5 times and the third place 10 times. Nice! :)

Collecting DEC

Long story short - I was able to win 141699 DEC in June. Wow! I expected less, my goal was set up to 120k. I'm proud of myself :) I'm starting the new season with total DEC 214654!


Improving Gold Foils collection

Well, what can I say, I think the June brought me the biggest improvement of my gold foils I will ever experience. I already posted about it here and I don't want to tell you the same story again. If you are not familiar with it, just read my preavious article :)

The only thing left is to plan my goals for the Season #18. But I will leave that for myself for tomorrow :)

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Nicely done, I think I may have won around 500 STEEM in Total in all the tournaments I have played.

#spt #battle #palnet

You won 543.99 STEEM so far to be exact ;)