Improving my gold foil cards collection - my biggest deal so far

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Hello Splinterlands Maniacs :)

My biggest goal regarding my cards collection is to have as many gold foil cards maxed as possible. It would be ideal to have them all maxed, but since I'm not a whale and probably I never will be it will be very hard to do. Maybe someday...

Anyway, I'm trying to do whatever I can to improve my gold foil cards collection day by day. That's why when @cryptoeater reached out to me I was more than interested to hear him out.

At first he wanted to buy my regular maxed Alpha set, but since I knew that he is holding a lot of gold foil cards, some other idea gets to my head. Why not trade my maxed Alpha set for a lot of golds that I still need to maxed my cards?

So, after talking with @cryptoeater for almost the week we finally made a deal last Friday :)

And what were the details of the deal? I simply give him my maxed Alpha regular set worth something around $2000 and paid $75 extra, and he gave me the gold foil cards listed below:

20 BCX Goblin Shaman
20 BCX Kobold Miner
20 BCX Fire Beetle
20 BCX Giant Roc
20 BCX Spineback Turtle
20 BCX Pirate Captain
20 BCX Sabre Shark
14 BCX Crustacean King
20 BCX Goblin Sorcerer
20 BCX Rexxie
20 BCX Minotaur Warrior
20 BCX Flesh Golem
12 BCX Cerberus
12 BCX Serpentine Soldier
12 BCX Medusa
12 BCX Frozen Soldier
12 BCX Water Elemental
12 BCX Stone Golem
12 BCX Earth Elemental
12 BCX Stonesplitter Orc

All those gold foils are also Alpha edition ones.

That allowed me to maxed out at least some of my gold foil commons and rares. Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? :)




Please share in the comments what do you think about my deal with @cryptoeater? And what was your biggest deal so far?

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I can't tell about my biggest deals, You know :)
Nice trade. Collection grows!

Wow, that is a giant deal :D

Wow that looks really impressive! Now you can put up a good fight against endgegner.
Need more gf summoners? Especially the legendary ones? Let me know, I am trying to sell them off.

Yeah, I need them, but not sure if can afford theme right now ;)

Wow this is crazy !
Congratulations on that deal :)

Well since the market came out I haven't done any deals, but before the market my biggest deal was trading a GF Lynna Natura for a Lightning Dragon. (It was a really good deal back then, but sucks for me now)

That's some insane amount of money into this game! Meanwhile I keep wondering why I keep losing with my base cards lol. GG.