How about start posting again...

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Hello Splinterlands Maniacs :)

I'm not new in Splinterlands community. Some of you probably know me already. We are approaching the current season end and I feel bummed out due to my results in the game. In fact, this may be my worst season since the game started...

And because I don't feel like playing more right now, I thought why not to try to start posting again? I haven't written or record anything about the game for a few months now and maybe this is time to change it?

So, I will simply try to post about all the themes around the game.

Let's start with something simple. I thought that completing the daily quest today will cheer me up a little bit, but it didn't. Why? Just look at the pictures below.




Nothing special... But tomorrow is another day, right?

Look forward to hearing from me soon. I hope in the much better mood ;)

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Everything is relative. My cards for today's quest.


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