Steemit Weekly - 09-30-2018 🍴Forky Edition

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Steemit's Weekly Scoop

What's the 🍴fork got to do with it? Do with it?

This special forky edition is brought to you by the forked editors. Let's roll it out shall we?

HF20 Movie Preview

Click on image to visit the post.

This is a gem and would make you forget you can't post, vote or comment. Thanks to @markangeltrueman for the joy you brought to the platform.

How you pulled it together is a work of art, worth lots of positive RC.


From 30 to 15

Click on image to visit the post.

You'd wish you're 15 again. But since we're talking forky edition, it's the 15-minute rule.

TheMarkyMark lays out how the 15-minute rule affects comment rewards. If anyone is willing to experiment and document how it actually works, give us a shout out.

Also check @vimukthi's RC version if you have a few more minutes to spare.


75 Minimum Workable SP?

Click on image to visit the post.

You might need to ask @tcpolymath how he came up with the numbers. But so far, you need 75 SP to vote, post or comment (3 days might have changed by now).

Read through the thread and find out what happened to @netuoso and why he started commenting with nettybot.


New Comment Service for Low RC Accounts

Click on image to visit the post.

Great businessmen make something out of a problem. So check out this new service and figure out how you can comment through TheMarkyMark's service. Make sure to encrypt that memo.

Not interested? Here's a freebie entertainment from the owner to make the doom and gloom a bloom.


Fun Guy At His Best

Click on image to visit the post.

If you haven't heard about it yet, @berniesanders made it to a Coindesk article for being outspoken about the platform.

Whether you like him or not, he generates the most "engaging" posts from light to heavy to 'wacky'.

His latest post is worth a visit. Chime in and join the bern.


OpenMic: What the (Hard) Fork

Click on image to visit the post.

@Steevc made this song prior to the HF20 update. There's a question on the lyrics you might want to answer...

Oh what the fork is all this about?
Is it something to make me shout?

Curious now? Sing along Steemians.

EHU7q5Iz.gif EHU7q5Iz.gif
That's all for the HF20 week! And for our weekly parting food for thought... This too shall pass

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We don't write the news. We just report the news.

Weekly LIE editors:
@lovenfreedom @iamstan @enforcer48

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I had a dream about replaying the witness since this is what we've done every day of the week.

I replayed twice in one day man.. lol, I had just finished replaying 0.20.4, and .5 was ready so I just started it again.. lol

Didn't you have to replay even before the Sept 25 update? How long does it take for your server to replay?

Almost a whole day. All the replays have melded into one giant weeklong replay in my mind.

Groundhog day?

That'll be right in time for STMs.

I think the only one that didn't need a replay was .3

Thanks for the mention. I aim to raise a smile and seem to have written a few songs about Steemit over the last couple of years.

You have more than a few original songs that are funny and catchy. Thank you for making Steemit a better platform.

But so far, you need 75 SP to vote, post or comment (3 days might have changed by now).

Has definitely changed, I have an alt account with 53SP, and it can do quite a bit, (that of course is today, no bets on abilities tomorrow):
100+ votes
100+ transfers/powerups

Thanks for the helpful update, we're glad the 75 SP didn't go up for a functioning new account. We will have to look around for few days old accounts and see how they are faring.

What the fork?!! This was great and hilarious - no fake news.

No fake news here. Only real drama.

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