Steemit Weekly - 09-16-2018

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Steemit's Weekly Scoop

Suddenly, news picked up last week and we had many articles to choose from for this weekly compilation. We hope many more Steemians post Steem-shaking content we can feature!

Now on to our weekly's headline!

Have a New Year's Resolution for 2019 Yet?

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Is it too early for a new year's resolution? Not really.

Steemerica is for those who can't attend the SteemFiesta in Peru or SteemFest3 in Poland this year. Why not save up now for a big 2019 meet up in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.

Lots of juicy initial information for this big event so hop on to the post, get involved or stay up-to-date by following @steemerica.

Thanks to @SirCork for dropping it to our Discord weekly-scoops channel!


Post Something Anon - Here's Your Chance Hurry Before It Goes Invisible

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This is your opportunity to post anonymously in Steemit. From the looks of it, many have logged in to this fourchan account and had fun.

Go have a look.... and have fun!


Because He Cares

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Last week, we featured Steem-UA. It's making a come back thanks to @trevonjb's 22,222 SP delegation to the project, which he declined rewards.

That's the gist of the post, but we found drama in the comment thread.

Thanks to @FreeBornAngel for dropping it to our Discord weekly-scoops channel!


Is This A Battle Simmering?

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If you're new or haven't come across these two, now you have. They are some of the big players on the platform and this is an eye-wakening for

  • shit posts
  • alt-accounts

No need to be disgruntled, just sit back and have some popcorn.


2 Years of Steemit Journey

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What's it like to be an early adopter?

@apolymask shares his journey. He's a Steemian who's been here in the platform since it started (6 months after the first Steem block was produced in March 2016).

Congrats and Steem on!


Vote and Chime In - Witness Corner

When a witness goes the extra mile to hear from you, please respond.

@GuiltyParties is running a poll for what would get people interested in the Steem blockchain. It currently has 42 votes and need more input.

No bid bot upvotes on this so share it for visibility.

Click on image to visit the post.

@TimCliff is another witness who cares about Steemit. Request for feedback needed.


Contest: Steemfest3 Free Ticket Giveaway

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For those who are intent on going and have difficulty raising the funds, here's another ticket up for grabs courtesy of @pharesim.

The only thing you need to enter the contest is comment what you can do to make Steemfest3 better for all attendees.

EHU7q5Iz.gif EHU7q5Iz.gif
That's all for the week of September 9 through 15!

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Post Something Anon

Handing the key out is a stupid way to do it. If you want a dedicated account for that, you would need to make a form that anyone can use that posts using the account. That way someone can't just login and change the key and ruin it for everyone. 💩💩💩

Is This A Battle Simmering?


Vote and Chime In

Already did 👍

That would be on the creators of that account. shrug.png

I see Bernie is quite happy to give himself big rewards for shit posts. Lots of hypocrisy around. These whales could do a lot of good, but choose to take the money. I'll admit I don't follow all they do, but I've had a bad experience with one of them and he lost any respect I had for him

We will never agree with everything they do. The question, then, becomes what common goals could we use their leverage to achieve before addressing their own demons.

Perhaps Bernie calling out Transisto is not such a bad thing? It keeps a certain level of reality check in place.

I think everything is part of what you attract and what others seek
I've noticed that there are users who publish things with little coherence, and that probably this one gets a vote that weighs their profits and then the interesting thing begins because others, seeing that they get votes of weight, start voting for those users only because others do it and because they are looking for someone to vote for them and believe that this would be a good way to collect those votes
then this user attracted the vote with weight and the rest came for the interests of the other users
But in spite of everything, what I believe is the meaning of work, while you work hard, intelligently and with a concrete goal everything else comes by itself, all good work has its reward


Thank you for your inspirational words! We hope we can attract more quality Steemians like you to read our little digest.

your welcome!! muuuuuuuack...
just believe sweetie!!