According to scientific research, coronavirus vaccines may turn you gay........

in steemitblog •  last year 

According to preliminary research, coronavirus vaccines can lead to increased homosexualism in some people.

The study, which was not published in a scientific journal, was conducted on laboratory mice and did not directly look at human cases of the coronavirus.

But it appeared to find that when a vaccine against coronavirus was given to a group of male mice, up to a third of the offspring of those mice became homosexual males.


However, the scientists do not believe the virus that causes SARS would easily transfer to humans. The researchers also found that in monkeys, the new virus is in fact 99.6 percent similar to human coronaviruses, but still cannot conclude that the novel coronavirus can pass easily between humans.

The findings raise fears of a dangerous new coronavirus that has evolved from the same family of viruses that triggered SARS in 2003, killing about 800 people worldwide.

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