The Steemit Awards 2021

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Last year we launched the first annual Steemit Awards.

Now the Awards are back for a second run.

As before there will be awards in three categories - Best Author, Best Contributor to the Community and Best Community.

The winners in each category will win very attractive votes from @steemcurator01.

The Steemit Awards Categories

This year the Awards will be in the same three categories as last year...

Best Author

This will be for the individual who has consistently produced the highest quality posts.

Their posts might be on any subject, and in any language.

Best Contributor to the Community

This will be for the person who has made the greatest contribution to building the Steem community.

It might be through their work as a Country Representative, as a developer, or through setting up and running a Community, or organizing contests or other events or projects.

Best Community

This will be for the most active and successful Community.

The Community might be new or old, and might represent a country, or cover a particular subject.

It is not just about numbers of members, but about community activity such as running contests, encouraging and rewarding quality posting, retaining existing members and welcoming and helping newcomers. Building sustainability and self-reliance through growing a community curation account is also important.

The Steemit Awards Prizes

For each of the three categories there will be five winners who will receive the following prize votes from @steemcurator01...

Communities will need to have a dedicated community curation account to receive the prize vote.

The Steemit Awards Nominations

We are inviting all members of the Steem community to make nomination posts.

You can nominate yourself or others, but you can only make one nomination for each category, and you should only make one nomination post.

For each category nomination you should explain in no more than 250 words why you think the person or community should win the award.

Nomination posts can be made in any language and must be submitted by 11pm UTC on Sunday, December 19th, 2021.

The posts should include the tag #steemitawards2021 as one of the first 4 tags.

You should also include a tag for your country such as #italy or #indonesia.

The Steemit Awards Winners

The Steemit Team will review all the nomination posts, and the supporting comments on them.

From these posts and our observations over the past year we will select the five winners for each category.

We plan to announce the winners by Friday, December 31st.

We look forward to reading your nomination posts.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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Hi @steemitblog, that is a good tradition to continue Steemit awards nomination. As our community WOX embraces many countries and we curate around on Steemit that is why I did not put a country I have put #steemit, that is the place where we are live for last few years :)

wow, best wishes to you. Love it.

Great all the best

hi good post

Sounds good. I'm curious about the nominations. If people will be writing about the quality instead of nominating their friends (or themselves), I may find a few new users to follow.

Yeah same. There are many quality creators now.

Hai hello


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U are right dr

Good project


yeah you are right

Right you are. And so I did.


Hi @steemitblog, that is a good tradition to continue Steemit awards nomination. As our community WOX embraces many countries and we curate around on Steemit that is why I did not put a country I have put #steemit, that is the place where we are live for last few years :)

Thank you for this event. This is really interesting. Here is my nomination post.

Nominations for Steemit Awards 2021

I hope to earn those 100% from the curator.

Very interesting! May the deserving one get the vote from @steemcurator01
I will be posting soon.

I am glad to participate in this contest
,win the 1st prize,buy tickets to travel
to moon along w/ my cute traditional Indian wife , celebrate our wedding anniversary at moon in this chilled cold
and invite Elon musk to our cocktail party
in the moon and I sold my entire
Stake steem to Elon musk on high premium and earn tons of dollars and I build a beautiful temple on the moon:-)

Follow me and I’ll follow back 😊


done , follow me pls , thanks


Just did!


This is great development and it encouraging for all the members of this platform. To the moon we go.

Aquí la comunidad Steem Baseball dice presente: Steemit Adwards 2021- Steembaseball


Excelente comunidad.


Wow, it sounds good, I really feel at home every time I open this app, there is no discrimination, everyone can join even if they are from different countries and cultures, here in steemit I feel at home, and very homey, I learn goodbibes here, it makes me feel soo good, this is really helping me for my vocational course, thank you soo much to all stemians, especially those who created this brilliant steemit,

good post

This is a very good decision, it will show that every user can participate in all these competitions. And you will get a golden opportunity to prove yourself the best. I am very happy with your wonderful initiative and I will try my best to participate in this competition.


Great.,and I think we should have a moral courage to appreciate the best instead of nominating our friends. Because they deserves appreciation for their awesome content

I am willing to follow and participate with this program, greetings from me @garuda.steem 🙏


i'am in..maybe lucky to a winner..


this is my first day on steemit and i like it it's better than facebook and Insta


Sounds great! 👍

Nice development
Thank you ma

Esto es un alago y un incentivo, para los desarrolladores de contenidos de calidad dentro de la plataforma y valla que hay un sin fin, de excelentes contenidos, a demás del desempeño y arduo trabajo que vienen desarrollando las comunidades para ser autosustentables.

Pronto mis nominados 👍👍👍

This is huge and awesome, it's a good one let's get it started everyone.

A great ide..
Is it okay if I write it in Indonesian?
thank you @steemitblog

every language is okay

Thanks bro..

thanks for this wonderful site

Is our nomination post what is going to be rewarded or the persons we nominate ?

Of course it is the person or community which is to be rewarded.

Мой пост номинация ;)

Всем добра!


Esta es una iniciativa hermosa y motivadora para todos los usuarios. A todos aquellos que puedan participar les deseo mucho éxito en su recorrido, Dios los bendiga al igual que todo el equipo de trabajo de @steemitblog.

Es fantástico ver que este año regresa está iniciativa, de esta forma reconocen el trabajo de los mejores usuarios y comunidades de Steemit. 😁👍

Question? In which community should I make the nomination? On @steemitteam or in @steemitblog?

Your nomination post can be anywhere - in a community or not in a community. We track the tag #steemitawards2021 .

apakah hanya satu postingan saja yang dapat kami buat tag #steemitawards2021 dan apakah kami boleh membuat tag #steemitawards2021 di setiap postingan kami dari sekarang..?
cc. steemitblog 🙏

🤩🤩How special, something that I think nobody expected but it is a real surprise. It is already the second edition of the awards and it will be good to promote this in the communities.

Excelente iniciativa, una nueva forma de dar a conocer a el trabajo y dedicación de los usuarios de steemit

Que gran noticia 😃 esto está genial, realmente es un na bonita forma de premiar a muchos de los usuarios que día a día se han esforzado por crear buenos y bonitos contenidos, veo que estará súper difícil tomar la desicion debido a que steemit cuenta con muchísimos usuarios competentes y creadoras de excelentes contenidos, no me queda más que desearle mucho éxito a todos los que sean nominados y agradecer al todo el equipo de @steemitblog por regalarnos momentos especiales como estos.

its time to rock, bring the best steemians, best communities, and best contributors...

I have a doubt, we should nominate the three categories in just 1 post or it should be in different posts per category?

Interesting! Time to award the deserving Steemians and communities. Will come up with my nominees soon.

I heard of it but I never knew is real because is an avenue to earn the year in a comfort zone because I deserve all the awards🙈❤💋

Exelente volver a tener una segunda edición, hay personas grandiosas haciendo un gran trabajo en pro del crecimiento comunitario y de los usuarios 🎉🎉🎉🎉


Hello! applicants for all nominations need to be reflected in one post?

Yes - all nominations in just one post, using the tag #steemitawards2021.

Interesting event, nice to read

Esto es sumamente grandioso, gran iniciativa que no conocía de la plataforma y me alegra ver esto.

Wao This is an Amazing Contest to create more content in every community. soon i will also participate in this contest

Feliz de que por segundo año consecutivo se realicen estos premios que reconocen a los mejores autores, colaboradores y comunidades de Steemit✨

Wow! This is really great stuff. End of the year reward for hard work on Steemit ☺️. I must say, this is quite impressive. Congratulations to the nominees and winners ahead. It's reward time!

¡Excelente! :)

Excelente que se premie al talento en Steemit.

Reputation and SP rule should be introduced. Because the competition can be manipulated.

We are only asking for nominations, not votes - so there is no scope for manipulation.

I was beginning to think that you'd left completely - are you just taking a break?

I don't know what to do now. I can leave completely, or I can come back.

Decisions, decisions... I like that you've simplified the options and been very concise in their description 🙂

WOW. Esto si me parece bien interesante, que se premie la calidad de los autores de contenido, esto motiva a mejorar más nuestras publicaciones y enfocarnos en ser mejores autores,.

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01, Great surprise, thank you! We will prepare a post for each nomination and maybe we will be lucky to win at least one! There are worthy members in our community.

Shouldn't they be a chance to vote for best cryptoacademy professor for the year too?
Because those guys have really tried

This so amazing ,it is good in such away that everyone can participate in it

This is interesting, i will continue to be active on Steemit

sound good, am new here will love to witness it

great idea

This is a welcomed development. Wishing you all a happy holidays.

Thanks so much @steemitblog you are always excellent in making steemit platform to move forward and ahead, this initiative is superb. Thanks.

very good idea !!

Weldon we will be prepared and also work hard to receive the award thanks

I love this development it's going bring out the best in steemians.

This is good and interesting, I will continue steeming

That really great decision to see more quality post & contribution my also soon this steemit award 2021


Thank you so much for this information. I will make the my entry soon.

Wow!!! goodluck everyone. 🥰

This is a great initiative. With this, steemians and community who will be awarded will be encouraged to do more and those who won't be awarded, will see a reason to sit up

Excelente propuesta, un merecido reconocimiento a todas las personas que se han esforzado mucho por crear contenidos de la mejor calidad, de apoyar a otros usuarios en su crecimiento y motivar a muchos steemians a participar de las diversas actividades que se presenten.

Goodluck everyone. 🥰

This is a good one from @steemitblog. The best receives the award. We win together.

Great initiative, we will see new talented nominees 👍

Motivating the hardworking is a very wonderful idea, I wish you all success

Please is it that winners will be pick from all community individually or the best community will provide all listed award winners?.

Besides we have over hundreds or less community in steemit blog that means all this community should provide there best content creator? ,while for representatives should be on country.
I need breakdown please!

Good idea.

Stay safe always to all stemians, specially to you steemitblog😊😊


This writer award contest is a motivation for me Steemians from Aceh. The challenge must be tested for successful problem number 10, the important thing is to participate in your own writing as best you can, if you don't win, don't be discouraged. Success sometimes has to be postponed for the future. Greetings to the Steemit Team who continues to do their best with a contest like this

Excelente, estaré preparando mi nominación. Nos vemos pronto...

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крутец! жаль я только вчера сюда пришёл


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Wow! This is really great steemit team. Thanks for inform


This is great news to hear by all Steemians across the globe. Thanks once again : @steemitblog. We look forward for members to to nominate Steemians who are eligible for these awards.

interesting and fair Steem
Performance in the Vodergrund that should make Steem
vote for power-up finish !! !


Very cool. Resteemed :-)