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There is a user going by the name of @berniesanders who is using his voting power as political capital. Much like the real Bernie Sanders, he uses a populist approach in order to convince people they are being victimized. He provides no material support, aside from a screenshot here and there demonstrating that someone has withdrawn some STEEM to an exchange, and this is his reason for attacking them.

It is his expectation that he should have control over the behavior and resources of others, and he uses flagging against people who even comment on the posts of his "political" opponents. He's even doing this to people who are only just getting started and have simply responded to someone for teaching them something useful.

It serves as a reminder that there will always be weak, toxic people everywhere we go and that sometimes these people can gain power if we accept the story that we are victims.

Are you a victim?

Once you've done the work to climb within Steemit, build a following, and develop into a creative rhythm... would you like to be treated as though you're the bad guy at that time? At that time, should it not be your choice as to how to contribute to the development of the Steemit community, or would you like your hand to be forced by someone who represents the people who have come here for a free lunch?

I suggest flagging @berniesanders in return and aligning yourselves with the creative, productive members of the community. That's what this is about, not the bitter agenda of one hollow man.

@haejin seems to be the primary focus of the attacks, along with anyone who associates with him. I haven't been here a week yet, but I already have to pick a side.

Do your own due diligence, and decide where you come down... but if you believe in STEEM and a decentralized, free market economy, I think I know where you'll land.

Take care.

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There are various people here with a lot of power. Some use it to enrich themselves and friends. Others try to counter that so there's more to go around for the smaller players. I don't approve of all that 'Bernie' does, but he does some good work. I'm sure he used to have more SP. I think he has moved it to other accounts, so it doesn't matter too much if this one flags you.

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I try to stay out of such fights. I disagree with a lot of people here, but I just avoid them. I don't have enough SP to take them on. It's up to whales to deal with what they consider abuse.

So you'll let them walk all over you without complaint?

You have to pick the right fights

Surely this is a good one.

Well written post and I agree with you 100%. Post upvoted. I got hit by bernie and his bros on a trevon post and was like, "What is going on."

Agreed, 100%. It's a sad state of affairs. The steemit community could be amazing... the crap that @berniesanders is peddling is old and hateful. I'm here to be part of a global, creative movement. Great post. Following, resteemed, upvoted!

Thank you. Entitled have-nots never get far, but they can sure be a pain. If only his disciples knew their suffering is ultimately the source of their creativity. It is the mechanism by which we adapt. It is only the tyrant that would relieve people of accountability for their own struggle. It is precisely how to make people willfully subordinate, to fool them into delegating their voting power to a "hero" by demonizing successful people, and to limit their growth so they cannot effectively challenge authority.

Old and hateful is right. These are the barbarians at the gates as old as time. They exist in all domains. Maybe I'm off the philosophical deep end, but that element of humanity is pernicious and everpresent. It is the living expression of entropic disorder; a bastion for fools.

Us newbies around here may not yet comprehend the workings of this machine called steemit. It sure seems that there is a limited reward pool and @hejin is grabbing a disproportionate part of it. Personally, I have no use for his posts, but I also can’t blame him for taking advantage of the environment as it is now. Politics aside, @berniesanders makes some good points. I don’t buy the “fair share” socialist angle.
I have been here about a month. I don’t know enough to pick sides. I know this much though: the system is being gamed, upvotes can and are bought, the big players are early adopters and are highly compensated. There is a lot of useless posting with no content, no merit and no value. And I sure would love to see a DOWNVOTE button.

@hejin is no different than a child in a candy shop who has Carte Blanche. He can do what he wants because he can. That is THE ANSWER about him and those like him. There are no rules and even if there were he would find away around them. That his intent and his purpose to make $$$. He is not here for content or to make friends or earn a few bucks. If he gets stopped someone else will take his place..Sadly.

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I see your argument here with "innocent" people getting flagged, but from what I understand, they got flagged on haejins posts. Haejins posts aren't informative. It's playing darts with crypto. The bully act doesn't bode well, but I can also guarantee that any other approach would go mostly unnoticed.

Also, haejin and followers are flagging innocent people as well. At least that's how it seems. Also they flag people who disagree with haejin.

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Check out this post:

Request For Declaration Of Intent From @haejin & @ranchorelaxo!

I am curious what your response is.

Is really bad

Can you elaborate?

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good posting thn'x :)