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Not Signed Up? Join UpvoteBank Now

Welcome to the 2504th Daily Edition of the UpvoteBank report.

Steemit is one of the fastest growing blogging platform on the internet, which is great!! But this also causes some problems for new users, that work very hard on creating the perfect posts, day in and day out, getting no or very little attention.
That's where @upvotebank comes in!! We help by giving out “free” upvotes up as big as up to 10 times your own voting value!!

The idea is that you should not change your behavior, and not think about this service....it will use your vote when you don´t and upvote your posts when you have saved up some upvotes.

Bot information

Members1057 (1260)
Total 24h vote value9.976$
Default Min. VP for upvoting90%
Current account maxUp to 5 timers you own vote value (10 times for members with an upvote value below 0.005$)
  • Random upvotes are given out, if there are un-used voting power.
  • The default min. vp can be change on member level, by using the command "min. vp: xx%".


NameVotes received last 24hVotes in bank


The system supports the following commands that can be typed in a comment on any posts from @upvotebank or thue the wallet.


Use this if you what to be apart of this. (you can allways leave again)


Sends you a message with your current upvote balance and account information.


Using this together with 1 SBD (thue the wallet), will remove our post comments (ads) forever.


Sends you a message with a link that you can follow if you what to leave UpvoteBank and remove the systems rights to use your vote.

“min. vp: xx%“

Sets you minimum voting power for upvoting. (you can see your current setting by using the “balance” command)

  • Setting this low will drain your VP, but quickly give you upvotes to your account (great if you post several times a day)
  • Setting this high will keep your VP up, but take you longer to get upvotes to your account (great if you post 2-3 times a week)
    (We recommend setting it between 80-95%)

How do you sign up?

We are currently in BETA and are looking for Steemians that can help us test the system. So, for now it´s "free" to register :-)
To register do:

  1. Type “register” in a comment on any posts from @upvotebank.
  2. Wait about 30 sec. and update the page. Our service should now have validated your blog and added a reply to your comment.

If your blog has passed our validation, you will receive a message with a link in. You have to follower this to grant the service access to use your vote. When you follow the link, you will be asked to login to approve. We DO NOT in anyway store your password, the permission is giving to the system thru steemlogin which is a trusted steem partner.

As a member, one of you votes will each day go to upvote our daily report, all profit goes to running this service and power it up, os that we can give more back.



For more information about the UpvoteBank Project and how to join click HERE

Please re-streem this post, we need more members :-)

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