Special Thanks To isteemd

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Hope you are doing great! It's been a long time since our last post as we were busy in other projects.

This post is a shout-out to isteemd.com for their outstanding work in creating transparency among the bots and the steemit community. We are fully supporting them and we will also donate some amount soon as @yabapmatt did to @isteemd to keep their platform running smoothly.

Bot Code Updates

In the light of recent events which led to significant downtime of steemit servers, we have updated our bot code to remove the non performing nodes and modified the failover function so that your bot can be as stable and functional as possible even during the tough periods.

Recently, we have received many queries regarding the bot code. Hence, we suggest you to be patient as we will answer all your queries as fast as we can and help start your own bot quickly and effectively.

To Our Delegators

Currently, we are managing around 1 Million SP and we can't thank you enough for all your support and contributions for making this feat possible. We hope that our services continue to delight you as always.

Thank You So Much!

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Can you please stop accepting bids from user @mehta.
He is on the @buildawhale blacklist and has confirmed that the photographs he publishes are not his own.
See this comment
Screenshot from 2018-07-17 16-37-38.png

Thanks for the information. I will check his posts and add him to my blacklist.

@soma909 it was me who asked and he mentioned that he has a collection of these photos which he might have captured thru his DSLR. He haven't mentioned that these are not his own. Seems it's incomplete information.

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Yaaaayyyy longest time. Been looking forward to your post for a long long time. Nice to read from you. Cheers

Good post for me to understand and progress. @isteemd I looked at your website. Are the stats in real time?
#resteem #resteemed #followedyou #upvoted

DId you skip a day of payout? July 29

It was due to a server glitch. I have transferred it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the quick response!

Hello dear friend, excellent content thanks for this information so beneficial to us, regards.


I wish, if I had enough to donate them. Btw, congrats for the excellence work.

Thanks for showcasing the website :)

No bro it's really an honour so thank you.

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This post is really nice and very useful...continue your good work and please follow me I will follow you back...👷...💲...This small step create a big community🚩 for you and for me...i think you understand...Thanks brother...👍

It's a great step for all steemians. Thanks @therising

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I just vote your post lets help each other to grow in steemit...

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I accidentally sent 3$ twice in one round, please refund the invalid bid.
Thank you.

Dont worry. Your bids were automatically added for the post and thus you got an 9.5% profitable upvote for your $6 SBD.

Danke schön 💗 prima

i also want to delegate some..

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Sir your post is very nice g

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Good post. I like the rising

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