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As I posted before, I don't want to be the battleground.
As you already know, @oldstone is my Korean language account.
I am writing essays on the current issues relating to Korea.
I was shaping my idea to write columns in newspapers and journals.
I do not want to be disturbed.

To @ranchorelaxo and @haejin,
Thank you for your upvote, but please don't vote for @oldstone.

To Justice Fighters.
I gave all my voting rights to someone who votes instead of me.
I do not intervene in his voting process.
Actually I don't know whom he votes for.
I do not vote-trading in your definition.
Only I manually vote for some cases who are writing excellent posts.

As I posted before, I am powering down my SP to some amount I can write without being disturbed

My last account@widsomandjustice is a research center.
I'd like to make the research center in Steemit space.
Several people are participating in studying Korean war.
It was my plan to set up an online research center using my SP.
I paid some money to the authors.
Without self-voting, it is impossible to maintain this project.
Now I give up and am powering down SP of this account.
I will use this account non-paid base small place.

Leave me alone, please.

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Given that your posts on that account can still make more than most people make in a week should you be so upset? If people just cancel out the haejin votes you still do well. You have the option of not posting as much to get less downvotes. Haejin has wiped out many of my posts for no good reason. I hope he will get bored and leave, but I will call him out as a bully anyway. He seems determined to wreak Steem after losing his ill-gotten income. I have no sympathy that he has lost millions of dollars in potential income.

Have to agree on this one ☝️. You have the option of not posting anything with your alt accounts. As you can see, those hated whales upvoting your content are maximizing their profit to the highest way possible especially on regular content self-upvoting producers. And those downvoting you are fighting on the contrary. The best way now for you is to stop posting using your alt accounts if you don't like to be on a battleground of hatred.

I don't get how his rewards getting reduced prevents him from posting. The only thing getting 'attacked' is his author ROI. That is not decided by him.

Exactly. He cannot complain about what he has made, but nobody can take rewards for granted.

“Powering down so I can write and not be disturbed” ummm DV’s are that disturbing to his writing?? Riiight...

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Well said!! Even with all the DV’s, between his multiple accounts posting, he is cashing in very well. Yet he claims it’s just for “fun” hmmm interesting????

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I really like that you continue your blogging
Voted and resteemed it

I tried to DM you, my friend - I am really saddened to witness your turmoil - I love your posts and want you to continue. I don't think what's happening to you is typical of the steemit community which is positive and supportive. I have never agreed with downvoting and haven't used this option and never will. I think people should vote for posts they like and leave a comment if the post touches them in some way. I always leave a comment on your posts because they always touch me in some way. Please don't give up, @slowwalker - persevere - this will pass.

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@slowwalker welcome back
I like to learn more about culture and religion information you share here.

Hi @slowwalker

I really hope you continue with your posts and pictures from Korea. It's time they let you have peace because they got you where they wanted. What has been done to you is very devastating when they downvote you to zero. And they should not come here and explain to me why they did it because they have already done so.

They've beaten you under the belt and we know who everyone is.
Some are witnesses behind this and I think we all need to see who witnesses will be trusted in the future. I am moving on my witness polls now. There will be changes on the witness list soon from others as well The boomerang may return

Sad to see that you have to power down. Resteemed :-)

That is so ironic to see this post from you MR Walker. When you have a huge account or two (just learned now @oldstone) it's hard not to get big up-votes and a lot of attention. Us small but hard-working bloggers like myself have always appreciated the support from guys like you. I have not stopped by in a while, but I'm stopping by now to thank you for supporting my efforts here on the steemit platform.

I see that you've been up-voting most of my blog post lately, but then again I guess it was the guy you passed the voting responsibility on to. Regardless you would up-vote me yourself over the past year and it meant a lot to me. Keep up the good work, keep supporting us little guys, and lets see the bear market end and steemit start to grow once again.

Frankly I have not left because of support from you and accounts like yours and that should mean something in general. Thank you and happy holidays!

From Koh Phagnan Thailand

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

This is truly a tragedy @slowwalker! Where will we be able to follow your writing? I have enjoyed reading and seeing your history about Korea...you will certainly be missed. I don't understand this downvoting thing...so sad.

Sorry to hear all these things. Don’t be upset. Move forward with confidence.

Don't fear for that! They will stop, just ignore and post your valuable contents and support minnows as well!


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I am interested in your wisdom and justice league. The name is cool. Also I like studying the 6.25 war too!

There is a chance in Korean Government now to make peace. It will officially end the war if this happens.

I don't expect you'll be left alone until you stop powering down.

I don't expect you'll
Be left alone until you
Stop powering down.

                 - randowhale

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey @slowwalker please don't give up for blogging. I don't know what is happening here. Some random new accounts without post always down-voted all the post not only you but everyone. I don't know what's their problem is. But you should ignore then rather than give more importance. Because of them I hardly get my reputation high. Every one can see that my account has low reputation. When I write blog post my reputation has been increased. However, these people coming from no where to make only down-voted my posts. Eventually my reputation has down again. I'm not giving up my blogging. So you can not either.

Keep motivate by doing what you love.

Have good time....

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Not sure why anyone is voting you down. Keep posting I have enjoyed your posts and pictures from Korea. It is refreshing here in the US to see these pictures. It sure beats the news here. When I was back in school mostly learned US history. I find it fascinating learning about countries from around the world.

I'm sorry.
But I hope you keep blogging.

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typo there @slowwalker, for @wisdomandjustice :)

@wisdomandjustice is my another account

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Thank you so much

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Hi @transisto, reading the previous post and current post of @slowwalker he explained that he is using Steemit for daily blogging of his study of Korean tradition, culture, history. Many users have their jobs and other daily commitments and for them Steemit is the place where they can relax, express and share their thoughts and just to be free. In many organization there is marketing department for promotional aims, no other social media asks the users to promote Facebook, twitter or Instagram.

Also saying that you can't understand Korean and judge it just by looking at the post makes me very sad and frightened. It is like discrimination for not using English language.

There is nowadays "google-translator" that helps to at least to have a rough idea of what the post is about before judging it. I would accept if someone can't agree with the ideas that been expressed in the posts but not because you can't understand the language.

I hope it does make a sense for you, I think while we are all a part of this little platform and inspired by Steem, we should try to find a golden middle to co-exist in harmony and only that friendly atmosphere will help us to make more people to come and join Steemit.

@stef1, I appreciate your candid comment. Let me make two items very clear. I like @slowwalker 's content. I also enjoy your original art. I think both of you are valuable to this platform. However, let me explain my thought process a bit clearly as I think with you it may be possible to have an intelligent conversation.

I did use google translate to read @oldstone 's post. The first paragraph runs like this:

The United States is struggling unprecedentedly to keep Gisomia. If you look quietly, there is something strange about Korea, the United States, and Japan in relation to the end of Gisomia.

But I am having problem understanding @slowwalker 's comment above:

I am writing essays on the current issues relating to Korea.
I was shaping my idea to write columns in newspapers and journals.
I do not want to be disturbed.

If someone just wants to write in shaping ideas, then why it is important who upvotes and who downvotes that post? Why "how much the post earns" matters?

Many of us have been trying to explain the mechanism of downvote on this blockchain. It is not taking rewards from anyone. It is just redistribution of rewards based on consensus. We do not have to agree on the quality of a content. Hopefully the net result of the cumulative positive and negative bias does that for us for 7 days and then at payout we have an answer.

Is this concept too difficult to understand? Because if you do not understand this it will be difficult for you (or any one) to understand governance on a blockchain.

I hope I am communicating to you in a pleasant way, as you do seem to be a kind and talented individual. Many thanks for your attention.

Hi @azircon and thank you for your reply. First of all I want to apologize for late reply but due to my work and family I decided to postpone it till now when I can have time and gather my thoughts. I can imagine how you guys, getting frustrated to try to explain why and how the downvote system works. I believe we all, do understand that and it is clear that until day 7 the payout is not the final reward that we will get that during this time it could be taken away if the post is considered to be not deserving the reward.

I think in @slowwalker's case his complete post was downvoted to zero and became invisible. I think that raised all the turmoil around. He has been told that his posts are all right and he should post but if his posts will be not be visible what is the reason to post.

I was thinking about the Voting system and what could maybe improve it, for example in order to avoid excessive Upvoted, there should be maybe the upper limit of upvotes like $20 daily limit no matter if the person is "Blocktrades" or any other small newbie.

The second that people should not be able to Self-upvote

Maybe limit posting to max 2 a day

If those restriction will be set up from beginning on then people just need to accept it.

I think downvote is a good system but as you know yourself, we are all different, some people may use it fairly but some not and that is what we see around.

I wish you a nice weekend and I was glad to be able for express my thoughts...

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Do you have a thumbnail ?

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Why it matters

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Ever heard of instagram? In my opinion too few people want to read your stuff in korean.

Anyway you're not addressing the main point, which is. :

If you have a long-term plan that can explain how rewarding these type of content will bring value to steem in the form of mass user onboarding, external views and demand for the token then I won't just take these post at face value.

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