The steemit awards

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3 categories are now closed.

The defender of the truth and the Person who connects the most steemians together/most inspirational.

As I feel time is of the essence, I shall be awarding/rewarding/helping the steemian who wins the latter two categories today. I stated 10 steem would be awarded in each category. And received two donations of 4 and 2 steem from cmplxty and angryman. Some nice people called the also sent me a pack of steem monsters, and I thank you kindly. (@bashadow donated 5 of the steem gold cards too.)

The winner of the two latter stated categories are crypto.piotr whose post I resteemed this morning here.

I am going to go back on my word with regards to 10 steem being the prize, just for these 2 catergories, and up it to 50, so 25 steem for each category and pay that now, to crypto.piotr My wallet is visible and anything can be checked.

I have also sold some of my BTC to further fund this account, and to distribute to the community as I see fit. I am not scrooge and it is Xmas, ho ho ho.

Also there will be 2 gold steem monsters winging there way to crypto.piotr for him to sell, keep or give away at his own free will. Please let me know which 2 you want, I will be contacting you via your wallet, and it will be encrypted.

I am also going to shut firmly my goblet (my slang for my mouth) with regards to the worldwide shit show we call corporate, crony capitalist earth for the duration of the seasonal holidays.

Lets get happy, lets reward the excellent, and lets ignore the ignorant. Steem on my friends and make the world a better place, all my love, and have a superb day.

I have been invited to a xmas do today, the vodka will flow in silly amounts, I may not be back online later. :-)

@shepz1 has a quick beer, to settle down for some fun time.

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Thank you so much to show your support @shepz1 .....This is an incredible idea from @crypto.piotr because since I met him on Steemit community he is helping me and other people too much, and now for his lasted post for ºººº VENEZUELAººº is great.....

As a result I want to show my small cooperation ....

I sent him the only I had in my wallet just 0.296 SBD and two transfers of 0.025 and 0.041 Steem ... As you can see my small wallet for now is empty but really HAPPY...!!!

I would like to send more but my reputation is very low for now....!!!

For giving, you just received 10 steem.

A couple hours I recieved ONE GIFT from Santa claos and Xmas, and this was 10.000 Steem..... And I´m really impressed, without words for this...

So, it doesn´t matter if my account is low again but I want to give you this gift @crypto.piotr as my support, I will never forget how much you are helping me, also I want to mention to an incredible person.

And I´m talking about @shepz1 ... both are really amazing and thanks a lot for all the support, right now I´m trying to transfer those steem to your account @crypto.piotr to help to your incredible project for VENEZUELA...

One more important thing...!!! HELP from both means everything for me, and more incredible it means RESPECT.

Thanks a lot ...!!! AND LET´S DO IT .....

Most welcome my friend.

Thanks a lot and keep in touch forever @shepz1

Respect my dear @edgarare1, respect


Thank you so much @crypto.piotr ...!!!

Congrats @crypto.piotr cheers mate

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Thank you.

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Awesome man! @crypto.piotr does a lot for people on here, I don’t think I’d be as involved or on this platform as much as I am without him! Congrats!

He’s also from Poland, the country where you are residing so I thought that was nice as well!

Cheers bro, he does connect, and he does inspire, and I do believe you even voted for him.

I certainly did! I suggested creating the category with him in mind

:-) and so it was.

Such a kind comment @cmplxty

You just managed to put such a huge smile on my face buddy


@shepz1, The words which is conveying the message to make this world better place is really great because these are not just words and in Steem Economy we are experiencing this change and here we are giving value to humans and their emotions. Keep up and continue this boosting work. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you very much, and have a superb holiday season.

Welcome and thank you so much. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Very hung over today, though will survive, I hope lol. Thanks friend.

We all are just surviving brother, but for sure we will going to move under new brightness under the shelter of Decentralisation and i believe that people will live in this shift not just survive. Ha ha. 🙂

I agree, Piotr is doing much to further the community. Merry Xmas!

Thank you kindly.

Awesome to hear @crypto.piotr has won these all important categories. Enjoy the holidays and Im thinking since i can't have a white Xmas I can have a white Russian Xmas. Cheers

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Thank you my friend, he is very deserving, and was nominated by other people and also myself, and as this is about everyone, he took the popular vote and has been rewarded.
A black Russian is also superb, vodka, Tia maria and coke. :-)

Thanks @skramatters and @shepz1 for showing your apprecion :)

It's worth to remember that we all work as a community. I'm just a small part of it. I only know how to "glue" valuable people. But without you guys there would be nothing to "glue" together :)


Enjoy the vodka my friend . Have a nice Christmas .

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

1 broken ankle later and 1 very sore backside, yep it was good all the same, and my own fault. :-)

😱😱😱😱😱. No way! Ah here . That Polski vodka isn’t strong stuff 😂😂😂

40% proof here, but and a big but, they serve it you in a short glass, and as soon as you drink it in 1 go, the glass is filled again lol. I am used to mixers, not bloody shots. :-)

Congratulations to @crypto.piotr. Mate enjoy the xmass do :)

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Cheers bro, looking forward to it, except for the neat vodka part, but hey, I will man up and take it lol.

That's the "spirit" :)

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You have a very serious echo, echo echo lol.

Yes I sometimes have issues with the partiko dapp. Fixed now thanks mate.

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All good bro.

Dear @shepz1

I am honored to be mentioned by you. I hope that by working together we will really build strong community on Steemit in 2019:)

Enjoy your Xmas and Happy new year

Thank you my friend and the same to you too. :-)

Congratulations to you @crypto.piotr for winning this!!!! You definitely deserve it :)