✅ FREE $20 Steem GiveAway... Just Answer 1 Question ✅

in steemit •  5 years ago  (edited)

Hey guys... One of you will have the chance to win $20 worth of steem on the 8th of July :D

All you have to do is guess how much money is in this picture, upvote and resteem the post!!

The picture is a mixture of £1 & £2 UK coins.



  1. Post your answer in the comments (the closest answer wins)
  2. Upvote the post
  3. Resteem the post

All 3 conditions must be met to qualify... THE CLOSEST ANSWER IS THE WINNER

The winner will be chosen on the 8th of July at random.

That's really all there is to it... winner will be chosen and $20 Steem will be sent into your account.

Follow me so you don't miss future competitions :)



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  ·  5 years ago (edited)

my guess is £300

Awesome good luck @guyverckw

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Thank you, your the best 😍😍😍

It's a tough one but I guess 217

Lol good luck @ funkit


Thank you & good luck 😎

Are you going to cancel this one like you did the $50 contest you ran yesterday? Canceled the giveaway because it quote "didn't meet it's target"

It wasn't even up for a full day, had gotten 50+ votes, and you canceled it. VERY UNCOOL.

Sure I understand how you feel...

That sounds why I changed the rule on this. There's no amount of likes or comments needed, just simply a winnner chosen on the 8th July...

To be fair that post could have stayed up for the next 5 years and it wouldn't have met its target... just like I believe this post isn't going to get many more votes and comment now... so I have a set date of 8th July regardless lf how many votes and comments.

Hope you understand and thanks for voicing your concern

Congratulations @shaf1991!
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I'm going with 200£. Wild guess :)

Good luck @hmagellan

  ·  5 years ago Reveal Comment

i would £ 374! great idea for a giveaway! :D

Thank you... Please remember to qualify you also need to up vote and resteem

Good luck

oh yea almost forgot!




Hmmmm 363 ? :)

Good luck josh


LOL! Got me on that one! Nice!

All are coins here so we can say that there is no money!
:) just wanted it to be tricky.

Lolll nice one

i keep it cool at 375 before i lost count.... i await my reward..lol

Lol good luck buddy

£12 .03

188£ :)

Good luck


Thank you & good luck

Upvoted and Resteemed and Followed

Thanks Joey, Good Luck :)

hahaha smart dude :)

Thanks 😎 Not so smart if the post makes less then $20 hehe but it's good fun and helps people too

Well you could have made one of the requirements that they follow you to. So even if this post doesn't make 20 dollars you gain followers that could help make Steem in the future. 😀

That is true... i could edit it... but I don't want a fake following tbh... I only want the most to follow me if they actually want to...

I wrote at the end of the blog follow me if you don't want to miss other giveaways and competitions...

True. Numbers mean nothing if they don't check your content.

Yup that's what I've noticed too.

  ·  5 years ago Reveal Comment

Awesome Good Luck @olly


I guess 2300

Awesome, curious to know... how did you find this post?

l clicked in new tab and scroll there ..i foud your post..hehe

Awesome thank you for that hehe

you welcome

i think its £146

Thanks for taking part & Good Luck

Cool idea. I don't know which are 1's and which are 2's, since that's not my native currency, but I think this is a fun contest. That's why I've upvoted you. Enjoy. :)

Thanks for the upvote Steph... I will be following you on your journey.

You seem like an awesome person :)

Thank you, @shaf1991. I appreciate the compliment. I've followed you back. :)

Awesome thank you...

My pleasure, @shaf1991. :)


  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Good luck Nisha... don't forget to upvote and resteem to qualify

just a wild guess :P

They all are wild guesses lol



Thanks and good luck...

Cute kitty. Btw

  1. Great post upvoted followed !

Thank you... do remember to resteem to qualify.

Good luck


I think there are 168 all

Salam brother, good luck to you... where didn't you find this post?

I click new then follow upvote and resteem... I apologize because I want to learn to meet with his master in this way I can get acquainted. Salam and thank you

I say there is £1862

Awesome good luck


Awesome. Don't forget that an upvote and resteem is also required to qualify :)

Good luck.

Im guessing £150. Upvoted resteemed and followed. Follow back when you can🙂

Love your profile picture. Majinbuuuu my home boy

Lool yeah he is a boss aha 😎

Please remember that resteem and upvote is a condition.

i guess about 294

I Guess $400

I think its 100 USD,

Good luck @keyrioh

I guess 300 pounds

Tossing my guess in at £321 #upvoted #resteemed

Good luck @ninahaskin

Thank you! @shaf1991

63 USD

Thank you, remember to steem & upvote to qualify

Good luck!

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I think your money is 253


Thanks for taking part

Good luck @hotandrandom

£199. 🙏

Good luck bro!!!

$172.23 USD lol

Awesome good luck @blunderbabe

Fingers crossed :-)

A penny. Obviously

Thanks for the giggles lol!

My guess is £248

Thank you for taking part

Good luck @josferod2

I'll guess 447

Thanks for the guess & good luck @doctorcrypto

£362? 😊

Thanks & good luck @marcelli


Thank you & good luck @adveritas

Im not really sure honestly but ill take a wild guess....348(and that sign for the currency) lol

Lol that was funny I must admit!!!

The pound sign

Good luck

Glad you got a laugh out of that :) laughter cures the world

It sure does, thanks for the giggles

£76 (and, lol had the wrong post payout thing selected?...I'm assuming that's what had happened)

Yeah I selected the wrong payout... I don't understand it at all lol!!!

So I took the middle path 50/50

It's understandable, lol... and that's usually the best option (50/50)

The middle path the easiest route lol


Thanks for taking part

Good luck &a follow me for future competitions too

I bet 357 pounds.

Good luck bailey

325? Haha

Thank you & good luck :)


$20 Steem has been sent to your account. Thanks for taking part. Please confirm in my new blog that you have received the money as said.


Thanks @susansantiago & good luck.

183 hehe wild guess

A wild guess Is better then no guess lol

My guess is £430

Awesome, thank you and good luck :)


£255 is my guess.

I think its around £147. Thanks! Good luck everyone. :)

Thank you & good luck I hope you win :) ...

Gentle reminder, We must upvote, comment and resteem in order to qualify.


Thank you Fish :D good luck

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Not really interested in getting anything but it's fun to guess.
I'd say... 273

Yeahp I love taking partner in these too lol

Good luck

Resteem and upvote if you want to qualify anyway :)... I know you arent interested in the money but it would help with exposure.

£176. Cool and fun idea!

Thank you & good luck

My guess: £290

Awesome buddy, good luck :)

£542 hahaha!!! great idea

Lol thanks @Bwadbwad

I may going to do loads of these in future, upvote and resteem to qualify 🤑🤑

450 pounds in coins...just followed you..

Thanks Mikega, let's support each other on our journeys :)

Good luck

Don't forget to qualify for the competition, you must also upvote and resteem.

444 🙄

this is about 400


My guess is 150

Awesome thank you and good luck