'Lazarus Pit'

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The first thing that came to mind when I saw this pool was ‘Lazarus Pit’. Of course, this is nothing like the ‘Lazarus Pit’ in the DC Comics. It’s uncanny how the mind works.

As I neared the pond which is surrounded by Bismarckia palms, I saw the most beautiful of reflections.

Although the water was live – meaning, it is flowing water, the flow was so gradual, there were no ripples. It is as if the water was still.

Hence, the reflections looked like they were reflections from a mirror. It was really awesome. This is certainly one reflection that took my breath away.





<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< th (1) - Copy.jpg~th (1) - Copy.jpg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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The trees are wonderful and the reflections are really amazing. Great capture! ;)

Thank you. 😊

You're welcome! ;)