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Today might be lucky day for some of us as STEEM price and SBD got crazy turn around. I converted all my SBD into Steem.
And I suggest you check on that wave. Charts are going crazy today.

Poloniex issue

I wanted to trade it on Poloniex as it was such opportunity, but hey they figured out the niche of holy conversions so they disabled steemit wallet with publishing:

"STEEM is currently under maintenance or experiencing wallet/network issues. Deposits and withdrawals will remain disabled until a solution is found, which may require an update from the STEEM team. Any updates must be tested and audited before enabling."

What happened is that the SBD price jumped up and STEEM fall down. (What a surprise!)

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So if you look at the poloniex rates, you see you could of easily turn 254$ into 420$ with just few clicks. Almost double your money.

Such rate is super hypersensitive. In just a day, such a turnaround, especially when last time I checked rates it was viceversa.

From time to time I change STEEM into SBD and then when it feels good SBD into STEEM. I don't have much but I gain nice rates.

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Today I exchanged it under our market with nice 160/168 almoust 1:1. Few times I sold Steem to SBD it was 150/214 and around 150/206. Would of got far better exchange on poloniex if it didn't shut down our wallet.

Doesn't take much time, and doesn't make me bother with other currencies. I don't like to track to much stuff, makes me crazy and money hungry which I don't like.

My question is what is happening to STEEM?

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This instability in just one day chart doesn't look good. What's your thoughts on it?

Now, as we speak it is going even crazier, check the sell and buy price at the same time!

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 12.32.05.png

This is the day to have our eyes on charts!

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im new on cryptocurrency and i dont have an idea on trading reading this post made my head hurts.. good luck to everyone i hope you got some gains on your investments :)

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Thank you dear! It is not hard to get it all quickly as you go... You will know it sooner than you think while using steemit more.

Why is there constantly problems with Poloniex damn it haha.
I guess that is the best thing to do. Turn all that SBD to Steem. Make even more profit in the future.

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

I did so. It will be a great profit just in one day. Wish I have more lol

Remember me when you are a millionaire haha

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

LOL I promise! 😬🙊

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