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It's about 2 Months (59 Days to be exact) since I joined Steemit! Wow! Judging by the amount of stuff I've consumed(learned) here it surely feels like a year now. And the changes too, I started in HF20 era and now I'm in the HF21/22 era. I must say when I joined 2 months ago I had no idea what HF20/21/22 meant, I mean I knew what a Hardfork was from my experience with other blockchains but not a Steemit hardfork. So when it happened a week or 2 ago I was very disappointed in what it introduced (especially the reward system), I even blogged about it here I'm really glad for the support I got from fellow Steemians in form of advice and tips on how to embrace the change.

In the 2 months I've also come to understand what Steemit Tribes are and how they work. I've also joined a couple of Tribes 😁 although I haven't been active much but I will soon 😊. What I like most about Tribes is that they bring together like-minded people who share either common interests or ideas about life. It doesn't really mean dividing the Steemverse but rather forming different organs than make up the Steemit Organism thus improving its efficiency.

In my Genesis Post I forgot to mention my interest in Web and Mobile Application Development. I'm kinda scared to call myself a developer yet since I've only been involved in a few projects and I'm still learning a lot. I've just finished the JavaScript course I was talking about here and now I'm into React ,actually I'm learning the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node). Reading @yabapmatt 2years Anivessary post I was so inspired to take part in improving the Steemit Ecosystem. I was surprised at how much you can achieve in 2 years and I wanted to match that, I know I can't really match that (mainly due to lack of resources at my side) but there are ways at which I can be involved. So I'm currently on the look-out for projects on the Steemit network that I can be part. Recommendations would be very much appreciated.

My achievements so far 😁 It's not much but a nigga is trying 😂😂😂

The Journey Continues 😊😊

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