Open Letter To Steem Community

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Hello Steem Community!

With so much happening in Steem right out the gates for me and everyone at Tron and Steemit Inc, such as the launch of Communities and a soft fork 22.2 we weren’t expecting, I feel it is important to show you guys I am here and ready to begin building with you. Our team, the Tron folks and Steemit Inc together, are an amazing group of talented people and they are working hard behind the scenes to get our plans together after the acquisition process, which always leaves some open ended questions. It is my plan now to make sure we begin communicating with the Steem community and make sure we are a positive force in making Steem and Steemit 2.0 great.

We have so much to work to do to make the power that it really can be. And there are many ways we can get it there, from bridging TRX, TRC10’s and TRC20’s into Communities to marketing and growing From invitations and referrals to simpler and instant signups. From new listings of STEEM on ALL the greatest exchanges to integrations in critical hardware products. From bringing more influencers to the community and creating more content. There is so much I still want to give you from documenting and marketing my vision for to connecting with the passionate folks here in this community. Steemit team is also regrouping together in San Francisco this coming week, meeting up with the TRON’s developer community teams to discuss on the executable plans.

As such I want to make sure that together the team and community are a positive part of the communications that help to grow this ecosystem, and for that I would like to invite a group of our top 50 Witnesses to our first STEEMit 2.0 Town Hall, which we will hold tentatively on March 6th, 2020 (meeting logistics to follow). At this meeting I am hoping to hear from many Steemian Witness voices to learn and understand how they think we can grow Steem together, and how Steemit Inc can communicate with the witnesses on a regular basis. During the days leading up, I think we can post more information about this event with the help of any community members who tend to run town halls, and they will help make sure we are super effective. Please let us know who we should connect with in the comments! :)

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Nice to meet you.
Welcome to. @cjsdns running
I think you are wise and appreciate your skills.
I will be happy to participate if it helps.
Thank you.

Big support to @cjsdns
I am from Hong Kong and it would be nice to know more about this community
I joined to steemit thanks to @dobartim who opened door and new vision to me
It is nice to see changes going forward with @justinsunsteemit Steem And Tron wisdom
I hope for the best to all our communities
Steem Tron On
@steemzzang you have my support

So Justin how is this working together in a town hall fashion that is going to be super effective working out? I have seen some shit not age well in my time but this has gotta be near the top.

watch out for grey hairs bro

Never gonna happen in this glorious mane.

Be careful bro, Ned will sell you in a heartbeat to the highest bidder 😂

This is a great step. I often host witness forums in a discord group called the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty network. I'd be happy to assist. PALnet can be reached at and my avatar can be found in the top right as aggroed. Let me know your vision of how it would work and we'll try to accommodate the best we can.

This would be great. Aggroed's shows are very well run, and an established way to hold productive discussions.

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Third! I'd like to listen to the discussion even after it is over with... DLive 🤦‍♂️

No use it uses steem . DLive neither uses trx or steem we should avoid it for now, @justinsunsteemit will learn about the bad blood between steem and dlive, and we will have justin realize Threspeak is he real community run group, while dlive was announced at steem fest only to leave steem? It was betrayal plane and simple, and a lot of greed, and dlive needs to be cut off from tron, or, i guess they KNOW they are theyre giving it back? well if justin sun didnt know now he knows

anyway I would like to remind @justinsunsteemit that we already have ready to go to list a TRX STEEMP we can have on tron, we can just name it STEEM, and it will be just like the EOS STEEMP we had created,


The @newdex-io site for tron already has DEC which is on steem-engine already

Together we will bridge Steem and tron using @someguy123 and @privex and steemenginex which already bridges steem to eos and telos, trx will be next and then erc20 STEEMP as well! Steem will be omni present! as a token on all the dpos chains and its going to havesome sort of hybrid witness voting gateway management one day.

You understand that I’m thirding to him joining @aggroed on PAL right? I 🤦‍♂️ To DLive!

PALnet always document and publish everything! Thoroughly does he take upon his position of witnessing, he’s one of the first I have supported. They were my starting grounds for learning Steemy things and though I have ventured from the nest I intend to support my roots.

If I was to suggest a video platform it would be @DTUBE where you can ensure the longevity of your videos with self hosting as anything else can be removed from the centralized hosting servers!

Point was to agree with @arcange that @aggroed should host. Have them do a online meeting in PAL where a system has been proven to be executed efficiently for the entire STEEM community to review, big point, FOR ALL TIME!

Aggroed is the man here on Steem. Brought us Splinterlands and Steem-Engine. I would definitely communicate with this man to get in touch with the community of Steem.

I think that @good-karma is also amongst the top witnesses.
He created and continuously developing eSteem, which is nowadays my favorite dApp on the Steem blockchain.

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This 100%! @aggroed already has a system in place and represents community concerns/questions well in these discussions. It would be great if it is a public discussion, so rest of the community can tune in too.

P.S. @justinsunsteemit you may find this discussion by witnesses interesting. It took place after your AMA.

I totally agree!👍👍👍👌

Yup. Aggy is the man to host and moderate such a discussion.

Nice haiku techslut 😂

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Ooooh curious Ilana is now curious. My main issue with onboarding creatives is that crypto and wallets and keys make them quickly run away away. Too complex.

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@aggroed would be a great contact for hosting a town hall on Discord. Many of the Steem community group together there in regular weekly and monthly meetings. He and others run regular radio shows gathering the community together including witnesses.

Starting to centralize Steemit users would be a great achievement. And the team of witnesses and the new Steemit team. Get together more than you have before. If possible..

  • And that the new project, be done with all social media accounts under the name of Steemit.. Because for example, Steemit's social accounts in Spanish on Facebook (Steemit en español, Steemit Hispano, Steemit Hispanohablantes, etc, etc) they are all abandoned.

As for discord. More of the same.

Half dead servers everywhere ....

I know that many of those present, of the witnesses hate the word centralization. But right now, Steemit is screaming for it. Centralize and reorganize.

Both the way of working and its users, as well as the contents of the platform (it cannot be that Steemit's technical content takes over the project completely).

This no longer looks like a "social network," it looks more like a forum about Steem and cryptocurrencies. Personally, I don't have anything against that (I love technology), but if the goal was to find a lot of users, I don't think it goes in the right direction.

Discord servers are a nest of dead users, everywhere.

Everyone talks about Steemit. But if you enter the servers, there is no life in almost any of them. Or there are a handful of participatory people (the same happens in almost the entire Hispanic community)

People simply come in to share their post and leave. Come on. An absolute garbage.. U Know

Perfectly, everything would be centralized in one place, but for that you have to work it.

Although it would be great, many do not like to "centralize" but it's a joke for four cats that publish. Are there about twenty servers that say they have 200? 300? 400? users and it turns out that I don't know if they reached 50 or 40 active users? I think I'm being generous..

Discord servers are a nest of dead users, everywhere.

Just like Steemit and the Steem blockchain. There are more than 1.3 million accounts, but most of them are inactive nowadays. They left Steemit and the Steem blockchain over the years. And most of the people, who remained, they focus only on their own posts, they do not care about other people's posts. They are selfish and greedy. Nowadays there are 23-32 000 daily active users, 40 000+ posts per day, but the average number of comments per post is only 1-3, and most of these comments are bot, bot-like, spam, spam-like comments. Many posts do not even receive comments. There are a lot of ignored/overlooked posts. This is very disappointing.

u-huh, i quit my autovoters i wrote up b/c actually about 80% or more of people i followed in my own scripts to vote on since 3+ years ago have quit, most quit when it went below $2 , the rest after apocalypse 21 and i hope the dip today doesn't mean the rest will follow

me, personally i dont have anything better to do and it would be awfully nice to see this marvelous piece of software achieving something other than the 20-people circlejerk from the start (you cant say it like that ! ... i just did ...)

at least somethings happening ! they were talking about communities when i signed up , the price was $7 , you had posts running in the $4000 , bots werent evil (they sold that software for over $1000 a piece and e'eryone happy with it at first)
and then nothing ... and now we get on guy with actual , real wall-street money and they can suddenly dust off the shelf and roll it out in two days and market it as HOT and NEW ...

not happy about the fact that the original inquisition is still state approved and now actually labels people on the U.I. for the world to see, that's like the same 5 deciding what good content is

this thing is less de-centralized than the belgian governments and we have six of those

i have spoken

i eagerly await the day when i can say

"steemit bought my lambo" ...


I'm sorry. The bible I just wrote. My mother .. IPouf? They make me sick? I get sick? I'm sorry again.

Good day ..

It's okay, your post was heartfelt and there isn't a lot of that to be had. Take care of yourself.

I liked your comment. This is true and informative. thanks a lot

Have not been on steemit for longer than two years or so. Can honestly say I love it and am always scanning for other posts of interest. Must be more with this mentality. I know because I look inside. The opposite would be sad to endure

You used to be able to make some steem commenting but there was a hardfork that changed that. Everyone here is a content creator and no one is a consumer, its one of those things that has to change for success. I can post the same post on Reddit I post here and get a dozen replies. No one comes to steem and just browses

This is the problem, which prevents Steem from being successful. If people would use the Steem blockchain naturally, then the Steem blockchain would be a successful thing. But people come here only for the money. And they think only about themselves. They doom the whole platform by their selfishness and greediness.

I think that’s because steemit is so out of date and has such a poor user interface. I admit to being a selfish poster on here I just don’t have to the time I trawl through looking for things I like when the rewards are so low. The stuff I am interested is hard to find. On fb and insta I am far More engaged. It’s just not very user friendly. You can blame users as much as you like but there is a reason people are not engaging. Steemit rly needs a huge upgrade in its interface and the way we see and engage in posts.

This is not just/only about Steemit. There are many Steem blockchain interfaces, such as Busy, SteemPeak, eSteem, and the real human comments are rare on all of them.

I never rly graduated off steem as it’s just too much to hAve all these differnt sites for the same one. I did like partiko and steemshot more but it’s just too many apps for me. I mean maybe this style works for some people but most people I think prefer one user face that’s great.

centralize users :p ...

i dont know what its about, im sure ill find out but all i can see is that the price is dis-agreeing with something today . I havent been on any of the exchanges today so i dont know if its a global dip or not, hence

we shall keep our opinion until it comes with backing :p

i was hoping more for disruption of the steemit quo, not continuation of the current 10 peple-wide protectorate and the 4 state-approved blacklists

cos thats just more of the same, and that has proven for 2+ years now : "not to work at all"

100% agree. The right word would have been to unify. I was just trying to make a small pun..

In the Hispanic community, there are too many communities; and all with a small number of users.

Perfectly, they could group together to get stronger. But it seems impossible due to people's selfishness.

I think. That we have a similar thought.

What seems clear is that Steemit needs a change in his methodology, or something like that.

And I find it very, very curious. That witnesses seem to want to go out to protect themselves before they even know what can happen.

That is understandable. In part, but ..

They should also be open to changes. For the benefit of all.

The project itself has proven not to work too well for now.

It is clearly stagnant.


Another "yes" to get @aggroed to host it. He has experience holding large discussions and have shown this from previous shows/forums

I second this!

Fourth! I want to hear it after it's done!

I honestly think if Justin wants to show that he's interested and committed to working with witnesses and the community, he should get in contact with y'all, not the other way around. He can't buy y'all's trust and cooperation, and it's not like y'all went into hiding. Personal outreach is considered important for a reason, ya?

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Great place for it and a non-witness host like @shadowspub should also be moderating to represent the community aspect that isn't witness oriented but here for the freedom Steem offers. That's her bottom line - it's all about the community.

I love this idea. Thanks for taking the lead on this @aggroed this community has lots of faith and trust in you. I’m sure with LOTS and LOTS of regular talks between Justin and our witnesses blockchain mountains can be moved. Justin can help us and we can help him which is exactly how it should be. One day at time brother.

Yo @justinsunsteemit its a fact that you have to flow with @aggroed on PAL our versatile community is pure and very close knit, its only right! MAKE IT HAPPEN MAN!!

Thank you

Bump for @aggroed to host/coordinate the meeting. He knows how to draw a crowd and keep the conversation on track

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What a bunch of bullshit. I’m not gonna sit here and blow you like the rest of these pathetic ass kissing witnesses who bend over at the promise of a conversation.

You didn’t even understand what you were buying from @ned, did you?

Everyone seems to have forgotten how you’ve abused power in your own chain, abused employees, etc after a simple ass kissing post.

You made CLUELESS announcements that shows just how out of touch you are with Steem and what actually goes on here.

This pathetic support and immediate change in tone goes to show you these witnesses are only here for the money, not the chain. People don’t change overnight. You all should be ashamed at rolling over so easy when you know damn well he’s going to try to kill this chain and all support for it while we move to China chain.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The only reason the most of those crack pots voted for a fork was their fear they might need to get a real job once Justin took over. I will love seeing them bend the knee one after the other and doing all kinds of mental gymnastics when justin writes them a check.

You nailed it.

I agree with you. Most of the top witnesses don't care about Steem. They just care about how much blood they can suck from Steem. Steemit had become a garbage can for a long time, but none of the top witnesses cares. As long as they can get paid, they won't care about Steem. Who cares?

We got his attention, let's see what he knows about the chain, what he has to say, and what kind of commitments he can provide.

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Thank you Bernie.

Edit: Note for everyone here. Please notice all the replies from @justinsunsteemit. Maybe the witnesses and Justin can communicate by post.

Took me a bit to figure out that there are none 🙈🙈

I was kinda shocked about all the mega fakeness here.

lol then steem would be semi transparent and not all cloak n dagger like

Ha! This comment of all the ones in this thread should get an award. Seriously have me rolling over here.

Go Bernie! Go! Am sticking with you in all these like a tick on a cow's tail.

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#lol capt

@captainbob, omg! thought it was you LOLOLOLOL


yep. I agree infact I am certain of it. the butcher's breakfast of BitTorrent acquisition, BTT or whatever & now BTFS is going to unfurl in very disastrous ways for jizzy Justine.

Menh, you bad. Bad as in badh. One thing I have learnt recently is that it takes courage to stand up and say what's on your mind, it also take mind to seat quietly and listen to abuses.

Nice to see your emotion directed where it is deserved, @berniesanders. My first upvote for one of your posts! 😎

Of course most of us we are here for the money lol. I am glad you are here using Steemit, whether you like Justin Sun or not that's fine. We need trolls like you to keep things interesting while using this platform even with all the negativity and bitterness. Btw this my first post. Its gonna be fun responding to some random trolls #bernie2020

Thx for opening my eyes. I changed my mind about you. :)

Tbf I'm not around as much anymore but I agree. He didn't buy trust or cooperation from witnesses, community, or chain, but that only lasts as long as we don't sell it to him. I'd say the first step to earning any of that is doing something concrete, rather than making promises and requests.

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talking should be the first step even if he had no idea what he bought. if there is a way to make a public contact about using that stake, why not do it?

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first vote from me to you!
do you still know me?
also @miketr (steemit-total)

You didn't even understand what you bought from @ned, did you?

No @justinsunsteemit only knows the name STEEM like $ in his eyes
But he doesn't know the name of the Community STEEMIT, he always says stimy :-)
What about the millions of STEEM from the @ poloniex account?

Ok, he has a problem with his nose

whether it is due to corrona or cocaine remains open ;-)

Better he get some !BEER ;-)

Maybe he just has a booger/bogie and is picking his nose like we all do. ....or are you so physiologically perfect you don't get gloop up your nose.?

Hey @berniesanders, here is a little bit of BEER from @investyourvote for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

first vote from me to you!
do you still know me?
also @miketr (steemit-total)

You didn't even understand what you bought from @ned, did you?

No @justinsunsteemit only knows the name STEEM like $ in his eyes
But he doesn't know the name of the Community STEEMIT, he always says stimy :-)
What about the millions of STEEM from the @ poloniex account?

Ok, he has a problem with his nose

whether it is due to corrona or cocaine remains open ;-)

Better he get some !invest_vote

@investyourvote denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@investyourvote thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

yea aggy hear ye hear ye you and your cronies look more pathetic and weak than ever.. Soft fork yourself

I can only agree with it. It takes a lot of time to know what steemit is, what is bought and what surprises me most of all how hypocrite most, suddenly, are. Stick to your words and do not change because you are afraid you might not be needed another or you miss the big upvote. 💕

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Dear Justin, I want to express my opinion on the whole situation. Steem blockchain is a great investment if it's run in the business corner.
I suggested a long time ago to open a referral program and introduce changes, but if the main people are not ready to listen to the proposals of those involved in the business, then we have only a strong developer lobby and then the whole business logic is based on who has more Steem Power Power.

If there is a downvote with which the most powerful users control freedom of speech and opinion then censorship is introduced and there is no freedom of speech and opinion, and we know well that there is no development of society and business. Technical changes are important, but without business consultations with the whole society and with those who are not witnesses you cannot have insight into the whole.

If we want more decentralization then everyone should be able to move forward without any interference and impose rules in communication, blogging, etc.

There are many investors who do not agree with the management of current witnesses, you need to listen to all the options and do what is best for investors, bloggers, developers.

I wish you much success and making the best team possible, and making quick changes to Steem's value.

Instead of witnesses getting a position because of Steem Power, they should get a position because of the number of votes - 1 user can vote for one witness and all users have the same voting power. In that case, they would have more decentralization and positive change.

Whereas, big stakeholders create accounts upon accounts upon accounts upon accounts upon accounts?

Well said, it's the first time I understand "the power of the witnesses*

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Justin, I think this is the right move. I hope you realize, thru your participation in DPoS, that the Steem witnesses came together to take steps we felt were highly necessary to maintain the status quo and prevent major changes in the seem consensus due to the SteemIt, Inc. stake.

I would be happy to participate in discussions with you, and the rest of the witnesses, to best figure out how we can move forward in the best interest of Steem.

Surely, the morning sun is here with steem with the position aired by @Justinsunsteemit. This prompt response is important.

Lol. I was playing this last week. #throwback

Hahaha that game is a classic

Yeah well the status quo is what's killing the place.

Very happy to see your response. I really believe this is a match made in heaven if we play this right. Steem is a unique blockchain with an amazing community. Let’s work together to make this community as big and decentralized as it has ever been!

Great move by the witnesses as proven by the response. I’m still buying!


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I did buy some Tron! The more points of view I read the more confusing/clear/exciting/devastating/exhilarating this becomes!

Be patient. I have a feeling that we'll have much lower entry point for both. Steem and Tron.

I agree with your sentiments 100 percent. This is surely a win win scenario.

If played right. I was looking at some numbers the other day and see why he bought Steemit. Tron only had 900 some odd actual users which is but a tenth (if not less) than Steem on the whole. The fact is, despite him bringing the much needed money here and vision, we don't need him - he needs us.

Pls consider changing witness voting rules to avoid current and future such crises. Details are in my post
Agree with your stand. Below is my take and proposal to handle similar crises in future

The best would be via voice chat, a lot of the witnesses are scattered around the world, it would be a challenge to gather them in a physical location. The community holds numerous weekly chats on Discord, so you're welcome anytime to join us to discuss important matters.

And please keep the "Pop Network" in mind, moving ahead with Tron...

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

These meetings are posted by aggroed after they happen, stored on the blockchain. Isn't that good enough for you?

I only gave an idea. I did not even know that the meetings are posted by anyone on the Steem blockchain.

I just read Tron Tron Tron from your side.

I am not interested on the Tron Chain and this never change.

Steem is a book for writing.
If you want help to grow this book, just write your text in it. Vote small!!! Witnesses and do not promote your Chain in every second word.

I am out of Steemit.



Why not wait and see what happens? Why not be open for new things? I will never understand why humans always tempt to make hasty decisions before even knowing what's going on..

At least Justin communicated already more than Ned in the 1.5 years I'm on this chain..

Yes he talk about Tron. I am not so open for „new“ things, that is right, because new means not better every time. @ned create this chain, it another thing for me. Here we got a new big stakeholder, a new way to promote his own thing. Tokens from Tron on Steem??? Not for me. I do not need changes for every price.

Remember my sceptic later.

New things bring new options and opportunities. There are so many aspects which could finally change with the support of the tron foundation. Just take marketing as an example - The way the marketing was handled in the past was beyond terrible. It's obvious that good marketing requires resources (money) and with the tron foundation there are finally enough funds which could back up those issues.

Nothing wrong with being septic though. But deciding to leave the chain without having any evidence on what's going on is in my eyes an hasty decision.

I understand your point of view. A (better) Marketing for the Steem is Ok for me. But wath is the price we paid for?

How much did Tron paid for Steemit??? 20?% of the hole Steem they bought with it. How much they paid? I do not think, it was 1500 Sat for a single Steem.

Often I saw a new Boss in a Companie. Every!!! times it was a bad desicion for the little ones.

I do not think it worth it. Let us see, how long it needs they sell it again.

The Spirit of Steem died with this change for me. Now, it is the Spirit of Tron.

I feel it is important to show you guys I am here and ready to begin building with you.

This is great news. Thank you for responding so quickly.

Steemit has clearly needed better leadership for quite some time and I for one am excited to see it taking shape. My hope is this new partnership between Tron and Steemit will also benefit the STEEM token holders and the users of the Steem blockchain who have spent years of their life putting content on this chain. The temporary steps taken in SF22.2 were in response to those users who expected their witnesses to protect their chain. Your response and willingness to reach out to the witnesses and have an open discussion is exactly what I was hoping for. I hope the meetings next week with the Steemit team go fantastically well. The witnesses are ready to engage in conversation to find the best path forward for our communities.

Edit: as for the meeting, I hope for a Zoom video call or Discord audio call where the top witnesses can directly participate but all in the community can listen in.

Hey Justin, I want to empathise that his SF is not against your or Tron, but simply a protective measure. I'll be there, on 6th March 2020.

Where will it hold? You mean Steemfest?

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SteemFest won't be that early. :)

@justinsunsteemit wrote:

I would like to invite a group of our top 50 Witnesses to our first STEEMit 2.0 Town Hall, which we will hold tentatively on March 6th, 2020 ...

Good to know that you're around and watching. I hope that you'll extend the meeting to the top 60 witnesses though, so that I may at least attend and listen in.

Here's to hoping that a positive collaboration may begin. It's been a long time since we've seen good progress around here and we're not so easily placated by mere promises anymore.

Thanks for the relatively swift response to our witness actions today. I hope the meetings go well this week.

There are more than 60 witnesses? I say the more the better, like Bit Torrent, Bitcoin, etc.

Great, you are already beating the # of posts by Ned & Eli. Communication and some more details and specifics are of the upmost importance.

Great news @justinsunsteemit

A little communication goes a long way. I'm happy to hear that you will be active in joining the town hall meeting and hearing the views/concerns of the community.

Be great to see you there 🙂

@justinsunsteemit, I know about Tron a little bit, however, I don't know you. I've read the articles about the soft fork.

I understand that it was done to protect property and get the large property owners together to figure out a new way forward while keeping the original idea of Steemit alive.

I also understand if negotiations don't go well property owners can hard fork and continue to grow Steemit as intended in the original white paper. I am going to continue reading and studying Justin Sun's leadership skills and how he runs his company.

I didn't like how Steemit ecosystem was over-harvested by the large whales, there was no governance, in fact Steemit almost seemed like a giant money-laundering scheme.

I did actually make some money from posting and working the bid bots. However, the bid bots took all the fun out of my networking and community work, along with very little protection for our fragile ecosystem and poor governance. That's when I left. I'm back because I am a curious cat and I want to be involved because Steemit introduced me to cryptocurrency, which has turned out to be a great investment and way to get paid for social media work and awesome people.

Justin can I come visit the San Francisco office for a tour and to meet some Tron employees? I was there yesterday but I would like to come back to create a cool post with some good photo ops. From a long time Steemian, -@goldmatters


Whoa, snap. You da man!


I LIke it @goldmatters, You Heavy Hitter You !!!!

Ha ha thanks @stokjockey!! Join our Mene Maniac community! :)

Silly me.. I thought you are a bot 😂 i often meet you on splinterlands😁 gotta check the post

Lol no bot here! See you in the arena!!

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

I really appreciate the support man, thank you!

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

Yes, I could easily make it back to the office on pretty short notice

Nice, I'm from Brentwood myself.

I look forward to seeing what a powerhouse people claim you are

I look forward to
Seeing what a powerhouse
People claim you are

                 - ssjsasha

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi Justin. I will be there.

I strongly believe that both the Tron and Steem ecosystems have a lot to gain by working together. I am excited for the potentail that the future holds. There are a lot of concerns that our community members, stakeholders, and witnesses have though which I am hoping can be addressed in the coming weeks.

I look forward to speaking to you on March 6 at the town hall.

If invites don't extend beyond the 50, I trust you'll represent the true core values some of us hold dear.

so happy to see you will be there @timcliff!!

so happy to see you will be there @timcliff!!

Henceforth to be known as the most sensable witness in the top 20. 😎


How many witnesses are there besides the top 20? Perhaps, we need more flexibility in the witnesses, the nodes. Perhaps, Steem should allow for full nodes, partial nodes, as much and as little as each person may want, like Bit Torrent.