[Steem] Change of the Signup Screen suggestion (Wireframe)

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Hi, @jayplayco here,

As we have for Steem already quite some services that are offering immediate and easy creation of Steem accounts, it would be required to integrate them into the interface of Steemit.com.

I have created a posting in Korean explaining for Newbies how to use these services, but the fastest way would be to have it integrated into the Signup process of Steem.

1. Signup Screen of Steemit.com


This is the current Signup Screen of Steemit.com. I have gathered trusted sources that can be used to create immediately Steem accounts. As a wireframe, this part could be added to the HTML with a link to each source.



We could either keep the Steemit.com signup as it is and add only the four trusted sources.

@steemitblog would be great if you could implement these sources, so Steem newbies have it much easier to join the Steem economy. The best part is, all of these services are for free from trusted sources and Steemians.

2. Implementation

The page would need to be designed based on the wireframe, but the effort itself should be limited for a web designer. The Signup button should lead directly to the Signup page of each service, and if we could manage it a mouseover or click on the service could show some details about the providers (Dapp, Community, witness, etc.)

3. Personal thoughts

I think these kind of implementations are going fast and easy, as it does not touch the blockchain code itself but only the Frontend of Steemit.com itself. It would definitely help a lot of KR users to join Steem much easier and speed up the process also.

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This is actually a great idea, we are also planning to add a registration service this month.

A simple static page won't require much, can probably be coded in less than 1 hour by Inc.

I suppose that Steemit is already working on a solution that is maybe even better, but we will see, as this kind of things are manageable without any hardfork.

solid read
can you please add one more tag #codeonsteem whenever any tutorial or this kinds of read is published

sure. no problem~!

Glad to hear that there are already several methods for signup.

  ·  2 years ago 

we actually implemented the page a while ago and it's open source: https://github.com/steem-driver/steem-signup
Here is the page: https://signup.steem.buzz/