My Statement on Tron's Acquisition of Steemit

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Hello Steemians. As the Head of Communications for Steemit, I apologize for my silence over the last few days. As my teammate @vandeberg said in his post, we’ve been in much the same boat as you all with respect to last week’s announcement that Tron has acquired Steemit Inc.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.40.42 PM.png

Immediate Plans for Steem

I want to start off with the most important details. As Justin said in Saturday’s livestream, there are no hard or immediate plans with respect to the Steem blockchain and the migration of Steem applications to the Tron blockchain. There are many potential avenues for connecting these two platforms in mutually beneficial ways that would also preserve them as distinct entities and we look forward to exploring these opportunities with the Tron Team. We have been given every assurance that the path forward will be collaborative and cooperative.

Conflicting Announcements

As far as conflicting announcements on social media, I believe this is due to the fact that we have not yet had the opportunity to interface with Tron’s teams so that we can share information and strategize as a cohesive unit. Once this happens, I believe that we can present more unified, consistent, and technically accurate messaging.

Steem is a unique technology and a unique community. I think the Tron Team (both marketing and engineering) will need some time to grok the system and understand the unique opportunities that this partnership has to offer, which are many.

Community First

Regardless of the outcome, I stand with the community. I believe that we have not yet scratched the surface of Steem’s transformative potential, and nothing is more important to me than working with you all, the community, and my Steemit teammates to reach that potential.

If you would like to hear more of my thoughts on this matter you can watch my recent interview with @exyle below.

Disclaimer: The views represented here are my own and not representative of Steemit, Inc., other employees of Steemit, Tron Foundation, or any other individuals or organizations. Any financial actions (i.e. trades) you make based on my views are not my responsibility but your own.

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That was a great interview between yourself and @exyle but @andrarchy, in your closing statements you said, "...the founders have moved on."

Look around. The founders. We're all still here, man.

Also, @vandeberg is literally one of the founders and he's still around.

Grok that's the key word...more grokking please!

Think of it this way 1,000,000 grokkers >> handful of founders, even Justin knows this.

Two heads chiseled themselves off of our very own Mount Rushmore. The monument still stands.

Even you @smooth, you are still around here moving on as the current status implies. So invariably, no one is going anywhere. We are here ♨️💯

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I just meant that Ned and Dan have moved on. I absolutely agree that the community is what really matters, and to @smooth's point @vandeberg can be viewed as a founder (I would call him the true architect of Steem). I think that Ned and Dan always had this larger than life presence on Steem that made it difficult for the community to form its own identity and now that they have moved on, I believe we are ready to embrace our roles as the "real" founders of this technology.

I knew what you meant. It's all good. It is different now though. I haven't been afraid to hit that reset button in life. Feels kinda like that.

Damn near impossible to get to know Ned and Dan while they were behind the wall of public figure persona. But when you're surrounded by literally thousands of talented creatives, writers, producers, and the rest of this long list, that public figure persona doesn't really place them on a pedestal, because we all have one.

for the first time in forever I feel like STEEM isn't totally dead... just 50% dead maybe, but that's a hell of a lot better than 0% life !!

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Nedtoshi Dankamoto moved on, and look at how amazing Steem became 10 years later!

dude... this could be really good news

Don't be afraid. This won't hurt a bit.
Choke the Chicken.jpeg

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have some faith (sic pay attention everyone).... funding secured for 1 year!

look at it this way, the chances of a bull market starting within the next 12 months is very very high...and the steemit dev and team got fuel for the ride to catch the next shuttle leaving the gravity well

Grok bro! Grok it...time to onboard a few more lost souls

Steem now has a very exciting ingredient to the mix. Speculative bull markets need something to speculate on and we are all now speculating on the future of steem again.

Far too soon for me to take a position on any of these recent developments. Just going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. Sent my drawing and message like that just to be a freak, because I can, and thought it was humorous.

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This is a major development, emotionally for the steemic inc and the communities

Either way we can be optimistic and we can be supportive and help do what we do best, be a community that supports Steem.

When someone buys say a rare and fast Ferrari even for super cheap, the first thing the owner does not do is to rip out it's V12 engine. The blockchain's autonomy, community, and it's dapp users is that
very engine, there is much much more to be optimistic than not.

I will say I'm happy to see you're enthusiastic about this. As for the business sense side of things I'll say this: I get it.

What do I want, personally? I want things to be fucking awesome around here. I've wanted that for coming on four years and nothing is going to change that. Anyone who is anyone around here put everything they had into this, plus more. Nobody with a brain works towards a goal of failing. The crypto kids of this world want everything to moon for them. As if money grows on trees and everything is supposed to be easy. Anyone who is anyone here knows you can't just howl at the moon all damn night and expect it to come. We're not trying to win the lottery here. Trying to build something great, and a solid future at the same time. Good luck trying to take that drive away from these folks who actually care. It's not going to happen.

To see awesome one must be awesome. Or at least not have to much suck. the trick around steem is there are many all around shouting “SUCK”. So if your not careful you fall down a suck hole and its harder to see or be the awesome from down there in the suck well.

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Feel like all parties need a win-win, I really don't think it's anyone taking away what we all have put into Steem thus far.

If you think about it, with this acquisition, Tron can't succeed by diminishing Steem nor do I see Steem growing and winning back old users as well as new ones with awesome apps (openlink/openseed, smt, steemit 2.0, and tons of new functionality like embedded secure decentralized chat) without in same way returning the good creds back to Tron Foundation for being the single largest Steem investor and not just the owner of Steemit Inc.

Being in the alt coin family of crypto, we will likely rise both in value and in our support base when other useful crypto succeed as well. In some ways our success is build into each other's good news, only now Tron kindly loosely join to the hip with Steem (for now).

The steady rise of Steem's price as well as resistance to dropping further is a refection of not just demand but of optimism by a growing community of investors/hodlers/and supporters, even without mooning back to highs of $8+.

One thing I'm certain, on the 10 year anniversary of Steem, it will be either hardly any traffic left (failed experiment) or it will have a much much higher traffic and valuable content then it ever had (as its value reflects its community who have invested proof of brain, creativity, support, leadership, and not just financial resources).

My guess is that if you're here for the long term, then you won't have any issues witnessing the awesomeness come to pass (assuming one stay healthy to enjoy the seeds they have sowed as well as the intrinsic rewards of one's patience).

lol re-assuring yourself?

It looks like we weren't the only blindsided by the acquisition. You can tell @andrarchy was too...

A powerful statement, man! Thanks for that!

And also thanks for taking the time to do the interview today. I think it helped a lot.

Steem on!

My pleasure! Thanks for helping to inform the Steem community and everything else you do!

Thank you, for your reassurance... I admit, I was beginning to get worried. Hoping this 'partnership' will be mutually beneficial & that we do not lose our identity, autonomy, or tokens!

Thanks for sharing your statement during this time of change. I'm new to this passionate Steem community and your words do help during these uncertain times. Many thanks again. We do hope you continue sharing your personal / official statements to fight off "fake news"

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Obviously, the transition could have been smoother, but all things considered it says a lot that the team members have been speaking up even before an official Steemit Inc. blog goes up. I would love to see what the team could do with an ample budget and hoping for the best in this cross-blockchain collaboration. Looking forward to hearing more and all the best @andrarchy! Thanks for doing this interview with @exyle, it's gonna help calm a lot of FUD down.

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Disclaimer: The views represented here are my own and not representative of Steemit, Inc., other employees of Steemit, Tron Foundation, or any other individuals or organizations. Any financial actions (i.e. trades) you make based on my views are not my responsibility but your own.

When will we get this official statement? It is nice to hear from you guys on a personal level, but now we would like to hear from SteemIt, Inc

Guessing this means he owns the wallets holding our Steem.

Regardless of the outcome, good luck to you. You seem a likable sort. If he gets rid of many of you left on the payroll after he brings the site/chain over, I imagine your experience here will enable you some sweet opportunities.

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Great interview guys.

Mark thanks for stepping up digging for some answers, and @andrarchy, after watching the whole interview I have a feeling that every Steem user / investor should feel a bit more safe, so to speak.

Make us proud peeps! Full Steem ahead

So they haven't even talked to you guys...and are already talking about moving all of Steemit over to Tron and doing a coin replacement...
It's like Ned bought Steemit, but a different Ned. An even Nedder Ned.

Justin is actually buying the community via Steemit, so I believe the community will get pampered with beneficial effect.

Sure @joele. As long as this community will be considered an valuable asset. I'm worried what may happen if level of hostility and agression towards Justin will continue and our community will start being considered nothing more than a problem/liability.


In the short time I have in steemit I observe that there are all kinds of people with all kinds of ways to express themselves. So the hostility that I see is nothing new. If Justin has time sailing through these waters he must have noticed it too. I don't think he wastes his time thinking about it. and good that he doesn't. Greetings friend @crypto.piotr.

Hi again @gertu

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

Con todo gusto lo haré. Se que haces muchos proyectos con el corazón abierto. Y apoyas sobre todo a mi comunidad en Venezuela. ten la confianza de pedir mi ayuda con lo poco que puedo dar. Un voto, comentario o reesteem. Es lo poco que pudo dar.

I will gladly do it. @cryto.piotr. I know you do many projects with an open heart. And you support especially my comunity in Venezuela. Have the confidence to ask for my help with what little I can give. A vote, comment or reesteem. It's the little he could give.

thanks for sharing your views and i hope that you guys keep up the amazing work and always know that the community is behind to support you guys

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I apologize for my silence over the last few days years.


Oh wait, you can't hear me!

Hey @freebornangel! I just wanted to let you know that your comments are hidden on my end. Is that what you mean by your comment here?

Look here:

This person is on my list.

Ok, understand now:) Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that site existed, so now I can check who my haters are. Wooohoooo!!!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm second only to freebornangel in amount of blocks -(in a survey a few months ago).....but I'm working on getting the top spot.

Maybe I can help you get that top spot lol

I should be ok, I don't have to ask for help, it seems to occurs quite organically.

lolol - and exyle blocked me....


Regardless of the outcome, I stand with the community.

Take a deep breath and think for a minute *(hour) before you write it down

If the community is small, shrinking, not capable of growing, not producing content good enough - regardless of the outcome you will stand with the community?!

You will not actually change something and create a wider user base, a better product, a more appealing platform?

If the new boss has 1 gram of brain all of you will be on the street next month

Thanks @andriarchy for these clarifications and additional informations about the TRON/steemit marriage!

We , the stakeholders are only apprehensive because of possible negatives that may impact negativity to our accounts!

We'll good there should be no problems and the price of STEEM should continue spiking and dipping leaving me plenty of opportunity to make money! If it's an exit scam, then not so much and straight back to 8 cents before even lower! The price will tell us the truth over the next few weeks to months! Hope you all are for real!!

Thanks for clearing up the doubts, I think it will be a good association that can make both projects grow much more successfully and continue on the right track.

Hi God bless you..
I'm new, can you help me in the page?

Thanks for breaking it down, and keeping it factual.


I think Justin will take steemit to heights we can only dream of. BUY STEEM!!😋😎😍😘😘🤩🤗

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Wonder how much Ned made on the sale :)

He swapped steem for TRX.

Shessshhhh! 😂

Any update on the programmatic monthly selling of steem to pay the bills?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts man! And i also want to thank you for all the hard work you and your team have done! We are with you all the way!

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I enjoyed the interview. Nice work guys.

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I watched the first 20 minutes. I would like to have seen SMT and communities without an acquisition.

Excellent interview guys! You both have released the tension of many, including myself!

Excellent news, and good that they have clarified some doubts that the great majority had.

We expect Steemit Inc from some official statement.

Much, much better to hear facts over speculation, doubts and uncertainty. Been staying away from the panic as much as possible..clarification from those more likely in the know is always appreciated @andrarchy.

I am really glad to read that. Thanks @andrarchy!

Counting, now two big names from STEEMIT with the community! Who else, this is great!


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As a newbie, I don't really understand the ramifications, implications, complications and other important stuff that this announcement has, will have on STEEM. I do wish that this brings us a better platform and unites the community even more moving forward. Good luck to the Team and hope to hear more updates and insights on the matter. Thanks!

Thanks for bringing some clarity in the midst of all noise. The interview was great.

Very Motivated

Thank you for the hard work you have been doing during these months, better times will come for the community and that all this is beneficial for both parties, that we work as a team so that we can all progress. Hug.


Great to hear from you Andrew and message really helps community to stay focused! Thanks @exyle for initiating this!

Nice pic!

Glad to finally hear you chime in on this @andrarchy. It's also good to know that people like yourself are working on our behalf behind the corporate veil. I know you'll be working to achieve an outcome to the acquisition that we're all hoping for.

Thank you very much for sharing your thought. Tron keeps repeating this statement over and over. This was tweeted 48 mins ago as I'm writing this comment.


Thanks for standing with community. Hope that STEEM policy will also be in the favour of #steemians.

Thanks for taking the time to do the interview with @exyle and every one of the Steemit Inc team for posting today to give us an update. Definitely helps give me a little more reassurance for what the future holds for the Steem blockchain.

Danke @andrarchy!

This is obviously a good direction bcos Tron has enough money to spend and improve user experience.

Thanks for this update @andrarchy

Thanks for this clarification of how things has gone so far, we hope for mutual agreement & better collaboration with tron, because steem is a great community which is in our hearts. Thanks for this post, and we will follow all matters in this partners & act accordingly.

Good Lord, for real? Justin bought Steemit? Holy moly... No wonder people are saying STEEM will become a TRON token. Ah, is this where we say beggars can't be choosers? 🤔

Regardless of the outcome, I stand with the community.

I wish everyone had understood this power of the community and stood with the community from the inception ....

Thanks for this update.

Thank you for this position! It means a lot!

Thank you @andrarchy for stepping out and connect with us, even though this is your personal point of view.
You know the community will stand firm with the lean and mean team. ☺️

Please do keep us posted of the official announcements later.

🙏🏼 Both side finds favour and best collaboration solution that benefits both sides.

And it is true. This blockchain is unique because of its unique community; and its full potential yet shown 💪🏻

Great stuff, thanks both!

You said you did not have a chance to interface with the Tron Team directly.
Is there a person responsible for strategy and communication on the Tron Team that you know of? Did you have any contact with Tron representatives yet? (except Justin of course)

Thank you for this reassuring video blog.

38:35 - "it's my wife" .... brilliant :)

Thank you for being open about this. I do hope that there is a lot more transparent communication with what your plans are, going forward.
Silence is the death knell of any project.

Will you do something about the downvote bot abuse, currently affecting this post?


The word that soothes me and other community members in Indonesia (I'm sure also throughout the world) is the implementation of collaborative and cooperative. But another important word to be real is to grow and develop together.

Thank so much for this calming statement @andrarachy.

Isn't the focus of blockchain decentralization? Why are takeovers and contorted algorithms even news in this landscape?

Will there be a community like steemit that is not privy to the tendency of the greed of humans in the future?

I enjoy Steemit and the neutral platform and ideals it represents. I'm just confused as to why there are so many power struggles in a technology that is innately designed to be decentralized.

How can we remove the ability for abuse? What algorithm will stop abuse, even by magnates and whales.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Do they seem eager to get to know us and work together? Or are they just putting on a face? I think that's what we want to know. If it's the former, then I'm excited, but I suppose I won't be convinced easily.

It was great to hear the positive news.

@andrarchy , thanks for this great outspoken mind about the current ups and downs on Steemit discussion. I truly believe it will help and go a very long way since you came out to voice out more clearly.

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Great to hear these strong statements from you. Would love to see more resources flow into further development if this ecosystem. Ecosystems, not companies are the economic future of an interconnected digitised world. That’s where future value - social and financial - will be captured.

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We really really appreciate hearing from you and your perspective in the matter. Thank you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You could easily improve the value of TRON just by becoming a @justinsunsteemit Head (or Director) of Communications too... =) eaassssilyyyy!

But like you said, you need time now for both teams to sit together and talk.

After looking at more information on the STEEM blockchain, I now can possibly explain some of the STEEM purchases from 12 January and following ones =) Some info leaked on that day or before. Anyway, the important now is to follow up with it.

Let's see what "resources" and more capital can do.

But in regards to the interview, really nicely put. This will help a bit the STEEM community. And I would even say, that it should be something more regular. We all know it takes time to do these, but for investors and the community itself its a very valuable point of consideration.

Tron Foundation & Steemit have joined? is this a good thing? will it be easy to transfer from bank account into Tron & Steem? who is Tron? what happens if Google does a hostile takeover of Tron? any thoughts?

Tron Foundation
Steemit Inc: Blockchain


Digital Identity
Accenture: Blockchain


Hanson Robotics
Sophia AI:

ayyy @justinsunsteemit, give this guy and @vandeberg a raise.

Thanks for the statement @andrarchy and for sharing this interview.

Well done, loved the interview! Everyone needs to just relax, and wait and see what happens, I prefer to stay positive and Optimistic for the future of this awesome platform , Appics and all the Tribes! Upped and resteemed.👍👍👍❤

Thanks for the great work of steemit to the community

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It is refreshing to have good news. And not only know all the speculative information that has been handled. Thank you for giving encouraging news.

Thanks for that!

Everything is getting clearer... I think @justinsuntron just wanted to rain a little on VOICE's parade (which is no bad thing). Clearly the guy knows a thing or two about generating media coverage.

Behind the scenes I can't see him taking any steps to destroy Steem and Steemit, he's now got a strongly aligned financial interest in success and he's clearly much more involved than either Dan or Ned had become.

How does the migration work? does steem get swapped for a token?

You will see that it will be a good thing to become part of the greater TRON family. I see a huge opportunity of cooperation and now Steemit is exposed to one of the most active blockchain communities out there.

"I'm going to move into your house, but rest assured, I can negotiate a path where it's mutually beneficial, but I'm going to replace the tapestry, change the paint in this room, oh an that carpet HAS to go."

Anyone else getting that vibe about TRON "moving in" to take over Steem?

Guys, if you will be forced to do anything against Steem community and our decentralized standards, please leave Steemit Inc. and start own company. I'm sure we will be able to pay for your work through SPS