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Hi dear friends,

This post is especially for people who suffer from the same downvote problem without any reason from @CAMILLESTEEMER and the accounts created by the same @CAMILLESTEEMER,

I think that all users who have had this type of trouble should be united to stop this scam, and find a solution!
I invite you to join this post through your comments, to finally find a solution.

Persons affected by this scam :


Thank you and have a good day!


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I just mute that person so that it doesn’t affect me.

That person could have easily created content and made money here.

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@camillesteemer is like that little rock that gets in my shoe and I gotta stop and take it out before I continue my journey. I notice it but it causes me no harm.

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Yes dear @solominer,

You're right, only I think we have to stop it before it starts to get stronger and stronger.


@aminealaoui unless steem goes to $100 their tiny downvotes dont do anything to affect me. Now people that makes less than $0.01 a post maybe they feel it.

Theres nothing to stop, If someone did I'd be concerned.

It’s like a mosquito bite!

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I'm really frustrated with downvotes. Please help me with solutions

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me too

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The solution is very simple, @steem needs to remove the 15 SP delegation from the account. They have had ample time to take that 15 SP to grow it and to become real members of the community of the Steem Block Chain, but they are nothing more than Steemit and Steem saboteurs.

By removing the delegation the accounts would only have enough Resource Credits for 2 or three votes beyond the free down votes.

Good luck in getting the delegations removed however, because it seems that steemit does not care if people try and sabotage the system. They will just tell you that SMT's will be the cure-all of cure-all for steem and steemit problems. (yeah, I'm a bit jaded after several months of the enabling of this type of activity by the owners of steemit).

I know Cammie is/was after me even though I did literally nothing to her.

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Yes dear @aaliyahholt, it's exactly the same problem for all us, and we will resolve it surly !!!

I would be highly doubtful that Camille is their real name or that they’re a woman. Seems like some butt-hurt loser of a dude to me. 😂 If you ever used a bidbot at any point, that could be why you were targeted.

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I don't have bid bots. Cam is probably a loser who targets innocent people.

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I've created @stateofcamille to identify new camille accounts in introduceyourself! Hope you like it and ty for the mention

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Good job dear @cadawg

Lets do it this way for the moment👍

I’ve got one called @camillesucknuts 😂

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I know. But mine actually does a service 😂😛

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Haha yeah mine just mocks this piece of 💩. Thanks for creating the service!

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No problem lol

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I've found a few new accounts, they created a junk post and used Tag #introduceyourself. They used that tag so as to get upvote of the whale. After claiming the reward, they use to Steempower to downvote on someone else's post. This is a serious problem. Need to carefully give upvote to the Steemian that uses the Tag #introduceyourself. This is not very convenient for all the Steemian.

@anzirpasai yes, and they send steempower from new accounts to @camillesteemer!!

Your right @aminealaoui. You can check the fake account. And you can find the same followers. And they give upvote.

I get like 15-20 of them on every single post. 👎

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I am all for it, just not sure how to stop camilesteemer, it has been happening nearly a year now it is getting worse with between 20 t0 30 down votes

Any account that powers up @camillesteemer should just be deleted.

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Sounds like a plan

@gguy773 yes but each account has less than 20 SP

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And if @steem (steemit inc) removed their 15 SP that is delegated to them most if not all of this type account would have less than 1 SP. So the problem would be pretty much resolved by that one simple act of removing the delegation.

It’s a good idea, but it’s depent on steemit politics!!

I know it doesn't take any value away, but if doesn't look good

@gguy773 I see dislikes all the time on YouTube. Even for great content. So seeing downvotes now makes it seem more real to me... not a giant circle jerk.

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Yes, for that I think we have to be united to find a solution, and maybe witnesses and #steemitteam can help us in that direction!!

@aminealaoui I'd rather witnesses not tamper with accounts.

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@solominer yes, you're right.

But anyway, it's better to stop them, even though I know it's very difficult.

All in here. Whatever it takes.

The @CAMILLESTEEMER pile of shit is invited to come see me in the real world. But the Fake Cowardly Anonymous wanna be will never do so.

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It would be good if we could delete all the accounts that down vote this post, because it seems to be the same accounts I have a problem with, we both have had 16 down votes since this post. My last post I have just as many down voted as upvoted

Yeah, they are fucking annoying ignorant faggs.
Don't give a shit about retarded downie from third world country.
He's probably frustrated for not gaining any traction

Thanks for your kindness mention..!


good post bud but this is bernie sanders and his bots doing all this with his girlfriend camille
you will never stop these people since steemit not only does absolutely nothing about it but even protects them since if anyone else does this we would more than likely get reprimanded
iflagtrash and so many others were downvoting me 100 times a day for a long time
these are sorry excuses for subhumans nevermind human beings lol
they have so much steem power and can constantly take your rewards away but that does not bother me since im not here for rewards
good luck to you but fighting beanie and the bots and marky mark here is like trying to fight the govt in the real world
good post and have a great evening

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Unfortunately nobody cares. I have already addressed this issue several times. Such destructive accounts should be excluded from the blockchain. This little boy has about 800 accounts and there are more every day. Each individual account down vote exclusively. This problem has been around for months.

Yes dear @seo-boss,

Maybe now that there are a lot of people affected, we can have more ideas and more influence!!!

I would like to have @steemitblog (steemit team)opinion on the subject !!

The witnesses should also take the time and check the accounts, then they see that only destructive elements are at work here. This should violate the guidelines of this network and the troll accounts should be kicked out. There is a solution to every problem. Why not for this?

Yes but really there are much more complicated topics and they have found solutions, just a complaint from all affected people.

More complaint and union between us,The solution will be easy.

Lets try this time :)

You can't remove accounts. That breaks the entire principle of the blockchain!

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Nothing is impossible if there is a will. The solution: give eveyone a private blacklist. If a downvote troll is on the private blacklist, then he is banned from any activity related to your own account. In principle, the mute function would have to be extended.

Yes but we can reduce the effect !!

New list have been updated. The matter have been contained as yesterday.
Further over 100 x accounts are on the list.
There are solution to it and they are constantly being destroyed.

All solutions are welcome, I personally am committed to fix it !!!

Any real reasons for downvoting my post recently with three acounts?
If you're thinking I have something to do with camille, you're pretty much wrong there, and probably didn't notice that was anti-fraud post as well.

Nah, the answer is more apparent than you think.

Downvoting bots are why I sold half my steem. Almost sold all of it but the awesome community convinced me to stay.

Steaming Pile of Camel Shit......

@camillesteemer ----> A Poser.....

I wish the The Real Anonymouse would find out this bag of shit coward is using their name to do this petty bullshit. They would destroy the little keyboard coward.

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