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Benjamin Franklin was notable for his fantastic performance and unique purposefulness. At the age of 20 he made a plan to achieve goals for the rest of his life forward. Throughout his life he followed this plan, clearly planning every day.

His plan for achieving the goals was called the "Franklin Pyramid" and looks something like this:

  1. The foundation of the pyramid are the main values ​​of life. We can say that this is the answer to the question: "With what mission have you come to this world?" What do you want from life? What trace on Earth do you want to leave behind? There is an opinion that 1% of people living on the planet who do not think about it seriously will not be typed. In other words, this is the vector of the direction of movement towards your dream.

  2. Based on life values, each for himself sets a global goal. What does he want to become in this life, what is he planning to achieve?

  3. The master plan for achieving the goals is the fixation of specific intermediate goals towards the achievement of a global goal.

  4. The plan for one three, five years is called long-term. It is important to determine the exact terms of execution.

  5. The plan for a month, and then for a week is a short-term plan. The more thoughtful it will be, the more often you analyze it and correct it, the more effective your work will be.

  6. The last point in terms of achieving goals is a plan for each day. There are many ways of making up the daily plan of the day, we'll talk about some of them in the next articles.

It is not difficult to make such a plan for achieving the goals. It is more difficult to follow it regularly and persistently. But, as is known from the biography of B. Franklin, the achievement of their goal became possible precisely thanks to a clear planning of life. Let's learn from the great!

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