Asus ROG Phone 6 - The Best Gaming Smartphone's Newest Iteration

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Asus ROG Phone 6

The Best Gaming Smartphone's Newest Iteration


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If you have been following smartphone developments, you should already know that when Asus release their ROG Phone, it is the best smartphone on the market for the time on most metrics except on few fronts such as camera technology. Gamers are usually not the kind to worry that much about taking great photographs and videos and the camera is still already good enough for most things. Having few weak points is not that big of a deal if the target niche would not care that much about them.

ROG Phone 6 Launch Event

ROG Phone 6 Unboxing

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Definitely cool and powerful novelty, which is sure to please all those who like to play on smartphones. And I wonder how much better this version will be than its previous brother? Because I look Rog Phone 5 even on the 28th place in the ranking of the best smartphones, I wish that the sixth version was more serious