AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++ - Learn how to code and make android apps on your phone

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AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

Learn how to code and make android apps on your phone







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AIDE meaning Android Integrated Development Environment is an app created by appfour for making android apps directly on your android phone. The app is good for learners like me in programming as it offers step by step learning lessons into java programming, making apps and even games on android. It is also good for experts as they can create, debug and test their apps right on their android phones. The app has in-app purchases which should be made to grant full access to the features of the app. Although I'm still learning, I've come to love some features of the app like the editor; as it really helps me in coding by underlining errors, and identifying wrong syntax in my code and giving me suggestions. I also love the designer, it makes some aspects of coding so easy. I only have to make some few clicks and design the page and layout of an app without writing any code. Its very convenient. So, are you learning how to code or you are an android programmer then get this app today from the playstore.



Hunter: @veektall

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