Cardmaker: Naturetown - Blockchain game maker on the NEO network

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Cardmaker: Naturetown

Blockchain game maker on the NEO network


cardmaker naturetown.png

Hunter's comment

This is an incredible project.
Using Cardmaker you can create your own blockchain game in a similar style to Splinterlands, ie, a card game.

You can set up your own rules, your own stories, your own characters and enemies, and your own potions.

I'm still not really sure if they've added a bunch of pixel art characters for you to try or not... but I personally really like the art style that they've used so far.

So, what are you waiting for... get on NEO and get game-creating!


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WOW! We can create a game in such a simple way I couldn't believe that it is possible without any developer. I really liked the SM game so it would be fantastic to create a similar game on NEO.

Nice Hunting!

Blockchain is the best way of showing creativity and skill and get good reward. Cardmaker is another amazing game offered by neo network for game developers and creative people to show their creativity and skill. Nice hunt

I never thought that making our game can be so simple like that. Now a days blockchain-based games are getting popular and hope I can try to make an entertaining game on NEO platform.

Wao... I loved the neo network and now this platform offers easy game development for anyone with development skills. It will have awesome impact on economics of Neo network.


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Thank you dearest Mod!

there is so much to do on these blockchains, so much is being built. i hope i get to try this out. great hunt!

Awesome HunT!
I think I am lucky to hold some NEO and I happy to see that new Dapps are coming and I hope this will increase the utility of the Neo Blockchain and will have positive impact on its price.

Thank YOu and Have a GooD DAY!

Nice to see so many new Dapps. Anything to do with gaming should help the masses go to crypto.

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Great hunt dear friend
This is really amazing project to make a game on the blockchain by using cardmaker. Is this required coding skills?

This is brilliant! I really think these games are the future of crypto, because where else can you make your own games and play like this?


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