RoadBee - Location Tracker and Trip Planner

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Location Tracker and Trip Planner


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RoadBee is a location tracker and trip planner used for real-time location tracking of your travel buddies. Just create a trip, share link with your buddies and start tracking their location. No sign up needed.


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If your planning a trip with friends or looking to a add a level of security during travel then RoadBee be is a great easy tool for doing just that with it's real time tracking and no sign up needed, I would like more tools to have no sign-ups.

Nice hunt you shared and its very good I think.. good hunitng

Sounds like a good app to try and having an app that can help us track is a good idea

If a bunch of you are going hiking, the location tracker might be useful, otherwise, most people just meet up in a spot and don't need to track each other.

Like this app a lot and will surely check this out.

Wow! What a great app you have searched. We can happily plan a trip with this. Great Hunt!

You can use it for real-time location tracking of your friends on the go through the great RoadBee app. thank you so much for sharing this with us

RoadBee interesting playstore app. This app is very helpful for recognizing new places or unfamiliar places. Thanks for sharing beautiful hunt.

RoadBee looks quite amazing location Tracker and Trip Planner, thanks for sharing.

RoadBee This is a location tracker application. Share the link with your partner and then their location can be tracked. nice hunt.


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