Jabra Drive - Bluetooth in-Car Speakerphones

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Jabra Drive

Bluetooth in-Car Speakerphones



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Hunter's comment

Hello dear hunters,

It is my first hunt and I hope you like it.

Jabra drive is used for hand-free talking while you are driving a car. This product is very useful for people who travel frequently and make telephone conversations. You can also use it for GPS applications. You will have a clear conversation with the help of noise cancellation. I recommend this product to safer and easier travels.

Main specifications:

Talk time : up to 20 Hours
Standby time: up to 30 days
Easy to use and install
Paired devices: up to 8 devices
Multi connect: Two devices can be connected at the same time




Hunter: @sezenke


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Hello @sezenke
It's great to see a great hunt from you and this is my opinion about your hunt


Jabra Drive is very helpful in my opinion, because we can set up GPS or talk without having to interfere with our hands in control of the steering wheel. Other than that:

  • Talk time up to 20 hours makes this product will last longer
  • Easy to use and install makes this very useful
  • Great idea and cool design from Jabra Drive, because with this I'm sure will reduce the number of accidents


  • None for this hunt

This is the value I give to your hunt

Hello hunter friend, it is a great product that today you have hunted; I define that those useful products for society are somehow amazing ...!
Give me your opinion about: Would the use of this product reduce the statistics that are nowadays of traffic accidents due to the improper handling of the mobile while driving?
To be your first hunt, it's very interesting; I hope you continue like this.
Congratulations hunter friend.

It is nice to hear you like it! I hope so, thank you!
I think it definitely can help to decrease traffic accidents. One of the main reason of accidents is using smartphones.

Have a nice hunt friend :)

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thank you :)

hey @sezenke, does it also play bass sounds? looks really nice, i could do with one.

hey @dj123, I don't think so.. Maybe I can hunt a 7+1 music system for you :)

Pros :

  • Good tool especially for those business guys who always need to talk to somebody during drive, which is danger.
  • With Noise cancellation
  • Also equipped GPS function

Cons :

  • None can be found in this hunt

What a great hunt @sezenke! Apart from the awesome features, I’m loving the sleek design of it!

This design is really good, thanks for the review!

Nice Hunt @sezenke

Pros / Cons


  • The concept is unique. It can connect with your Smartphone to answer the phone.
  • It can be paired anywhere, especially for your car.
  • Reduce accident rate due to telephone. With handsfree, you do not need to release your steering wheel to answer the phone.


  • Nothing.

My Opinion:

  • I have not been able to find the price, can you tell me?

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When I click on the buy button, it redirects to Amazon and the price is $41.95 + $27.98 shipping. I think shipping fee depends on your location :) Thank you for your comment.

Thanks for the information, i ask because when i click that button it's restricted from my area (blocked) @sezenke
Keep hunting.

Status updates feature looking good ! . i like it.

thanks for your kind comment!

Pros :

  • easy to use and pair with devices
  • compact size
  • excellent battery life

Cons :

  • It has been released for over 5 years.
  • sound quality is poor.

Pros and Cons
-Perfect tools for commercial drivers
-Reduce drivers breaking driving laws

-Many wireless headphones can perform similarly, or apps with driving mode

It plays music too, yeah?

I hope so :)

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

All the best buddy. Whatever the hell this is.

Very cool :)

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Interesting find!