Crypto de Change - Buy gift cards in the UK using cryptocurrency

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Crypto de Change

Buy gift cards in the UK using cryptocurrency



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Buy gift cards for use in stores like Sainsburys, Tesco, Costa Coffee, Cineworld and may more, using cryptocurrency. They also do Playstation Plus and XBox Live gift cards.

This site accepts payment in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge and Dash (select the currency you want using the dropdown at the bottom of the site page).

I have personally used this site and it works. I used it to convert my cryptocurrency into Sainsburys gift cards which I then used to purchase groceries. It's a good way to change your cryptocurrency into something you can spend in the UK without the hassle of using an exchange.


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Hey @rose98734, finally, it is good to see your hunt after your comments and supports. I guess all hunters like you. I am sure you will be a very success hunter. Great hunt.

Thank you very much!

Great hunt. Such a platform will be helpful for people to utilize their crypto money specially during covid-19 pandemics. Nice hunt

I am really sure that cryptocurrency will definitely, take over the market and online shop soon now it is happening. Hurry

Great happy about the fact that they accept bitcoin for payment because crypto is taking over the world
Thanks for sharing this hunt

This is really amazing now we can directly utilize our crypto assets to bought something nice find

Informaive hunt
With this website we can easily buy gifts through cryptocurrencies.


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