Drop Source - Create Data Driven iOS & Android Apps w/o Writing Any Code

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Drop Source

Create Data Driven iOS & Android Apps w/o Writing Any Code








Hunter's comment

What is Drop Source?

Drop Source helps you create a powerful data driven app for either iOS or Android without the need to know coding.

Therefore, the unique feature of Drop source is that you can get a functional prototype of iOS and Android app quickly so as to be able to producing your first app on hand.

This has made it ever easier in building app than before. Right away, you can quickly get your app testing on your smartphone for piloting.

Once the app is published, it can appear on the App Store® and Google Play® to sell.

Watch the Video Demo

What I like About Drop Source

  • I can use Dropsource to prototype and build an app quickly to get it published with a few tests.
  • There is no need to do manual coding at all.
  • At the same time, I can learn some of the native source codes during the building process.
  • The drag and drop feature is efficient and fantastic.
  • The visual development of using robust mobile UI elements is intuitive.

Tutorial Tips When Using the Features

  1. Use the Function to design a Prototype with live data
  2. Continue to Build the App seamlessly to the end
  3. Test the app by sending it directly to your smarphone
  4. Download the Swift or Java Code for compiling
  5. Publish by using Drop Source
  6. Send to Apple and Google Play Stores

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Hunter: @rosatravels


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Pros :

  • Simple drag and drop makes it easy to use
  • Can be used to create apps for android and ios apps
  • No need of writing any complex codes

Cons :

  • I Don't see any cons for this .


  • Great opportunity
  • The product will help people of different groups
  • Good discovery of the product


  • Nothing to add here


  • Benefitial for humanity
  • Looks really fun and useful
  • The idea behind this is really well spend time


  • Limited target group

Wow, it looks cool.


  • helps you create a powerful data driven app for either iOS or Android without the need to know coding
  • easy to use, drag and drop
    is very efficient
  • can publish by using apps
  • can send apps to App store or Google play store


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

Yes, a very cool product indeed.

Keep up the hunt!
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  • It is a great powerful app where you can easily do development without writing any code
  • It does reduced time-to-market for both individuals and businesses who do want to innovate quickly
  • It does help eliminate requirement for manual coding by just doing a simple drag and drop
  • You can connect it with REST API within the Dropsource editor making it really easy

Cons :

  • Really easy way to learn. I don't find any cons in it.


  • You can create mobile applications without the need to write code


  • No possibility to fine-tune settings, layout, performances (because you need to know how to code)


  • Perfect for marketing products with an app. One does not need to be fully-comprehensive when it comes to coding since this will make it all easier for them
  • You can publish it directly to the appstore and play store to see how it would actually work in the real setting. Amazing!


  • I see no cons for this one except if you really want to learn about coding. It is still best to learn the basics

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Always wanted to built my own apps, but I never had the know how, but I think some great ideas for cool apps :)


  • You can easily built apps with drag and drop, even someone who has no know how
  • You can easily test the prototype, to see if everything works the way you want it to
  • You might even learn a little about coding


  • Don't see any

Looks like a really easy way to built your own app. See you on your next hunts @rosatravels

Hi~ @rosatravels , Happy SteemHunt~~

Sounds like a cool app, I got excited but too bad I'm not into paid software. These subscription trends are really ridiculous. Paid software is ridiculous. I hope it will last, though.

Not hating, just expressing my disapproval of payments for software :)

Good hunt @rosatravels!

Here is my review on this hunt:

• reduces time-to-market for individuals and businesses who need to innovate quickly

• Use Dropsource to prototype and build rapidly, then test and publish seamlessly.

• it eliminates the requirement for manual coding while still providing access to lean and editable native source code.

• Build truly native iOS and Android apps using native capabilities like push notifications, geolocation & more.


• No cons. It’s easy to learn.

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