Star Wars Drone - Drones Based On The Most Iconic Movie Of All Time

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Star Wars Drone

Drones Based On The Most Iconic Movie Of All Time









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If you are in the market for a drone then why not do it in style with an awesome T-65 X-WING STARFIGHTER or how about a 74-Z SPEEDER BIKE?

What about a TIE ADVANCED X1?!!

The drones created by Propel are based on the most iconic movie of all time, Star Wars!

When I came across these a few months ago, I figured they would be a great gift for my son and since he is not old enough to operate yet, then I guess it would be a cool gift for dad too. 😀😀

You can tell these drones were created by someone with a passion for Star Wars! The details are pretty immaculate.

Costing $149.95 with free shipping makes these a steal!

These drones travel 35mph, have night time light up displays, and allow for in-air battles if you can convince your neighbor or friend to purchase one.

They also come equipped with push button aerial stunts so you don’t have to be a drone wizard to impress people. 😀

I think this video kind of says it all. . .



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Pros :

  • A reall great controllers which are drone-like robots
  • Its a drone that fully fits in your hand
  • Great design and excellent flight
  • A kind of drone that is designed for speed
  • A good collectors item for Star Wars fan

Cons :

  • A great drone product wherein i see no cons in it

Thanks for the review dude! 👍😀💯

no problem, it is great to do reviews. =)


  • This is best suited for Star Wars fans who want to have collect movie-related figures
  • It can serve as a drone and a toy at the same time. Makes it perfect to both kids and adults
  • This drone is designed with high speed.
  • Its price is resonable considering the product's design and specs


  • I see no cons for this one. I just hope its parts wont be worn off in the long run

Thank you for taking the time to post a pro/con reply! Appreciate it.


  • The drone has amazing design, very solid detailed built in base on the movie star wars
  • It is highly reccomended for all the fans of Star Wars.
  • Equipped with push button aerial stunts
  • Reasonable price base on the specs and designed


  • Not suitable for kids.


  • It has a designed base on the movie star wars
  • It is easy to use, designed with push button feature that can let you make stunts easily
  • The drone transfer data via lightwaves
  • The very first drone that supports multiplayer game
  • You can download the drone app both IOS and Android phones


  • Don’t let your kids play with Drones. It is really dangerous

The very first drone that supports multiplayer game

Really cool huh? 😀👍
Thanks for reviewing!

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Great hunt @rawdawg!