Audi Skysphere - Concept EV roadster

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Audi Skysphere

Concept EV roadster



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Hunter's comment

By extending its wheelbase, the **Audi Skysphere ** concept EV roadster transforms into a GT (grand tourer).

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Thank you very much for sharing a great car, have a good day and a great hunt

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I would like to ride this car,Thank you very much for the exchange ,have a good day and a great mood

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This is really great and interesting. Nice hunt. Thanks for sharing.

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Futuristic car with great look

Yes! @am24it1

Beautiful car, thanks for sharing:)

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¡A beauty of vehicle!, well equipped inside, and out. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this important information.

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It was a great app. Thank you.

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great hunt.

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Very great car thank for sharing this

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Beautiful car

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Its design is very well modeled

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