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Create priceless memories



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Priceless App allows family members to create and join a group in-app, family members can pick other members, create a video message to be viewed at a specific date in the future. Think about what you feel when you get a video message from your grandmother after she has gone. Priceless memory.


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This is a good and safe way to create wonderful memories with your family and loved ones.

Memory with family always gives happiness. This app is here to make moments priceless with your family. It is a nice concept.

I don't think it is going to work because these days people only use whatsapp and creating groups is very easy and free over there.

Nice Hunting
Priceless app help us in creating price less memories with our family.

The best app for creating a priceless moment with your family and loved ones. These moments are the key to your happiness.

It would be good to have a message from family members in the future after they die.

One thing about cherished memories is, you have to keep them save

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