JYou - Heart rate detection

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Heart rate detection



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Detect heart rate,Track steps and distance,App message remind and so on.




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Good device, poor app. The information on the app is good but the look of it is poor. Needs more colour and make it easier to see, especially step count!!! Please improve the look of the app

App has definitely issues. Other than colours, connection is unstable. The biggest problem. And you definitely have to add viber as frequently used app, for notifications. Needs better organisation. And to be maintained more frequently.

I have bought recently a watch that is smart watch for Heartbeat reading but I could then it so easily with it. thanks for sharing this is something which is very much Handy in that recent time where it is believed to the activity in aerobic and anaerobic zone.

JYou promises comprehensive vital signs monitoring.
Interesting Hunt! @maikal
Thank you!


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